Science Doesn’t Sleep (8.26.08)

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Creative Commons License photo credit: law_keven

So here’s what went down after you logged off.

According to new analysis of satellite imagery, cows tend to face “moo North” – indicating that they somehow sense Earth’s magnetism.

The goblin shark is so strange-looking – and you can check it out in this video from Japan.

Victory for the caveman! According to new research, Neanderthal technology was no less advanced than early human technology. (So, they didn’t go extinct because they were dumb) Also smarter than you think: goldfish.

Now you can decide for yourself whether CERN is about to destroy the Earth: they’ve published all the techincal details online, at the Journal of Instrumentation, and it’s free to read without a subscription.

What happens when our technology becomes smarter than we are?

Science Doesn’t Sleep (6.23.08)

Creative Commons License photo credit: zionorbi

So here’s what went down since you logged off.

I think I prefer “gastropod mail.” A visual artist in the UK has put a snarky twist on the term “snail mail” by attaching computer chips to actual snails; your e-mail is delivered just as fast as your snail can make it across its tank.

They take the idea of “universal suffrage” literally. Scientists at NASA have developed a software that will allow astronauts aboard the International Space Station to cast their ballots from space.

It washes our clothes and refines 99% of our gasoline – yet we had no clue as to its chemical structure. Until now.

Space weddings. Yes, you read that right.

Touché, GEICO caveman: researchers have discovered tools in Britain that indicate Neanderthals were more sophisticated than we thought.