Who run the (math and science) world? GIRLS! Join HMNS Feb. 16 for Girls Exploring Math and Science 2013

Remember when Beyoncé asked, “Who run the world?” We totally think she was on to something.

Join HMNS on February 16 for GEMS 2013, an entire day dedicated to the answer to that question — Girls Exploring Math and Science.

Join us Feb. 16 for GEMS: Girls Exploring Math and ScienceIn partnership with the Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council, HMNS will host an open house with local professionals on-hand to answer questions and discuss their careers in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math. We’ll also have a variety of STEM-related activities and games, as well as informational booths on topics ranging from Mars rovers to human organs to optical illusions to the science behind skin care.

GEMS is open to girls of all ages as well as friends and family, so bring the whole crew!

What: Girls Exploring Math and Science (GEMS)
When: Saturday, Feb. 16; 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Where: HMNS Main Campus, 5555 Hermann Park Dr.
Cost: FREE with museum admission! (Click here for a coupon for discounted general admission!)

Student booths have just been accepted for GEMS 2013. Contact educationquestions@hmns.org for more info or to learn how you can participate.

GEMS is generously supported by Air Liquide and KBR.

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2 thoughts on “Who run the (math and science) world? GIRLS! Join HMNS Feb. 16 for Girls Exploring Math and Science 2013

  1. There should be events happening so that girls start taking interest in math and science subjects more. Liked your event. Hope it went well on Feb 16th.

  2. Americans are falling beinhd on science and math because politics play a big role in it. Many scientists and mathematic experts are being held back by strict politics and laws. If our politicians put away their diffences and work together, we would have one common ground for science and math research. And we would have the same or more budgets for our scientists and math experts to work with. Whenever different party takes the office, they either slice the budget down to barely nothing. Or the politicians ask the scientists and math experts to go in different directions for the research. Therefore, our generation and future generation are moving away from science and math major because of this reason and many others. I believe if Americans want to be back on the superiority seat in science and math, there should not be limit on the budget and restrictions on what they can do and what they can’t do. If America fall beinhd on science and math, America may end up trailing Europe and Asia for a very long long time.

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