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Fabergé Eggs: Easter Eggs Fit for a King (Literally)
April 19, 2019 · Be The First To Comment

In Russian Orthodox tradition, Easter is the most important celebration of the year, even more so than Christmas. It’s probably for that reason that the Russians took the ancient tradition of decorating Eater Eggs to a whole new level near the end of their Imperial Age at the turn of the 20th century. Beautiful, Easter […]

Why Notre Dame Cathedral’s Future is Secure Thanks to Its Past
April 18, 2019 · Be The First To Comment

By Dr. Michael Tinkler, Associate Professor of Art and Architecture, Hobart and William Smith Colleges The good news from Paris this week is that medieval builders worried about church fires. Remember, all light before Edison involved open flame – whether torches or candles. Candles in churches today are mainly symbolic, but reading inside churches called […]

Is Monarchy Better than Democracy?
April 12, 2019 · Be The First To Comment

The other day as I was walking past the beautiful displays of sporting arms from the 16th to the 19th centuries in our new special exhibition Art of the Hunt, I found myself completely awed by the beauty of the utilitarian devices being exhibited. It seems like everything made during the age when monarchs ruled is so beautiful. […]

New Name, Same Deceptively Educational Fun: Summer Camps @ HMNS
April 8, 2019 · Be The First To Comment

By Jayme Schlimper, Overnight Program Manager and Curator of Education Collections HEY EVERYONE LOOK HERE I HAVE SOMETHING SUPER IMPORANT TO TELL YOU! Xplorations camps at HMNS are no more! Just kidding! Did I scare you? Don’t worry we’ll still be having camp here, with all your favorite topics, but now we’re calling ourselvesSummer Camps […]

That Time Beer Saved the World
April 6, 2019 · 1 Comment

Long ago, in a galaxy that is actually the one we’re in now, the ancient Egyptians had a myth about a time when beer saved the world. In honor of National Beer Day, I thought I’d share this interesting historical tidbit with you on today’s edition of Beyond Bones The story begins with the sun […]

The Butterfly Effect: Visiting The Amazing Monarch Preserves of Mexico
April 3, 2019 · 1 Comment

By Jeff Cummins, Butterfly Rearing Coordinator at HMNS It’s the beginning of April, spring is in full swing, and I’ve seen the first of the migrant monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus) females searching my garden for milkweed on which to lay their eggs. I know these are migrants, meaning they are the same individuals that spent […]

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Katydid!…Did she?

Olive – a Giant Long-Legged Katydid from Malaysia – was with us for only a few days, however, she left us with a precious gift; her eggs! Now, will those eggs hatch? We’re keeping our fingers crossed over here that we’ll soon be seeing some cute little katydid babies! This insect has quickly become my […]

Butterfly Pinning How To

Have you ever seen a piece of art or craft that you think to yourself “I could do that!” but of course you never act on it?  Well, some people do act on that impulse and I’m going to show you how to do just that.  Every now and then I get a phone call from […]

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That Time Beer Saved the World

K · April 12, 2019, 3:16 pm

The story I heard of beer saving the world parallels yours. During a drought in Egypt ( among the curses supposedly sent to persuade the Pharaoh to free the Hebrews) that the lack of food was threatening the social structure of Egypt. What they did have were warehouses of rotting hops and oats. from this they made beer. The beer had enough nutritional value ( Guinness the equal of a Pork Chop in every can) to keep people alive, maintain society and save western civilization. A friend had this story told him by his probation officer way back when over a misdeamour marijuana prosecution. He started the story by stating "drink beer it saved civilization.

The Butterfly Effect: Visiting The Amazing Monarch Preserves of Mexico

Trey Crumpton · April 5, 2019, 9:15 am

Hello, Is there someone I can speak to about using photos from Jeff Cummins’ blog post http://blog.hmns.org/2019/04/the-butterfly-effect-visiting-the-amazing-monarch-preserves-of-mexico/ for a Monarch Migration Interactive we are creating as part of our new Backyard Ecology Installation? We would certainly give credit. If this is a possibility, are there hi-res photos available? Thanks for your time! Trey Crumpton Exhibits Manager Mayborn Museum Complex Baylor University One Bear Place #97154 Waco, Texas 76798-7154 (254) 710-1190 www.maybornmuseum.com

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