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A Penguin’s Perspective: Gus Reviews our New Giant Screen Film Penguins 3D
July 21, 2017 · Be The First To Comment

By Gus the Penguin   Squawk squawk squawk’n squawk squawk. Squawk squawk’n Penguins 3D squawk squawk squawk. Squawk squawk squawk squawk squawk’n sqauwk squawk. Squawk squawk squawk’n squawk. Heeeeeeeeeeep, Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! Squawk squawk squawk squak’n squawk. Squawk squawk squak’n Squawk squawk’n squawk squawk; Squawk squawk squawk squawk’m squawk. Squwak’n squawk squawk sqauwk.  Squawk squawk squawk squawk’n squawk, squawk […]

Body of Evidence: Advanced CSI at HMNS
July 20, 2017 · Be The First To Comment

  Crime scene investigation can be exciting, and a great way to create a love of science in young people. HMNS has a brand new camp experience this year that allows kids to participate in the investigative process in an engaging hands-on fashion. Many topics are explored, including forensic archaeology, bloodstain pattern analysis, and forensic […]

Why Paleontology Can Be A Little Morbid Sometimes.
July 19, 2017 · Be The First To Comment

Often times the most unfortunate catastrophes can produce the finest, most well preserved specimens for scientists to uncover. Just think of Pompeii: a deadly volcanic eruption buried a Roman city in scolding ash, and in the process created a veritable time capsule for Archaeologists a millennium later to investigate. But it not just archaeologists, paleontologists […]

Make Your Summer Sparkle! Summer Jewelry Trunk Show: ft. Rebecca Lankford July 21
July 18, 2017 · Be The First To Comment

  Fridays in the summer just got more interesting. Between 10 a.m-4p.m we will hold our summer trunk shows. Receive 20 % off, plus membership discount, on the featured designer of the day. The first trunk show will be Rebecca Lankford on July 21st, 2017.     Locally renowned Houston artist, Rebecca Lankford, uses hand […]

HMNS Weekly Happenings
July 17, 2017 · Be The First To Comment

BTS – Gladiators: Heroes of the Colosseum   Gladiators locked in mortal combat for the entertainment of the crowds in Rome’s Colosseum. “Gladiators: Heroes of the Colosseum” takes us into the violent arena of the Colosseum and behind the scenes to the world of the gladiators. Theirs was a world of specialized training, discipline, regulation […]

Second Chance Sunday! Remembering When We Were All Tied Up With Some New Additions
July 16, 2017 · Be The First To Comment

The Beyond Bones Blog has been up and running for almost ten years now, and that’s great! But our readership rates haven’t always been as high as they are now. It’s been a long process, getting word out that HMNS has a lot of cool stories to share, so there a lot of great old […]

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Katydid!…Did she?

Olive – a Giant Long-Legged Katydid from Malaysia – was with us for only a few days, however, she left us with a precious gift; her eggs! Now, will those eggs hatch? We’re keeping our fingers crossed over here that we’ll soon be seeing some cute little katydid babies! This insect has quickly become my […]

HOW TO: Pin a Butterfly

Have you ever seen a piece of art or craft that you think to yourself “I could do that!” but of course you never act on it?  Well, some people do act on that impulse and I’m going to show you how to do just that.  Every now and then I get a phone call from […]

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Digging in the dirt: Getting to know the Dimetrodon of the Texas Permian Red Beds

happy new year 2018 sms · July 21, 2017, 6:25 am

I got this website from my pal who told me on the topic of this website and now this time I am visiting this website and reading very informative posts here.

La Malinche: The Spanish Doña Who Was A Maya Slave Who Was An Aztec Princess

Laurie · July 20, 2017, 11:13 am

Malinche seems to be popular right now. The Houston Symphony and Chorus, within the last few months, just premiered a wonderful "Conquest Requiem" by Gabriela Lena Frank - all about Cortes, Malinche, and their son, Martin and the conquest. Check it out. I've also heard noises about someone writing an opera based on her story.

Jumping spiders – cute, fuzzy, and friendly

Alex Dupre · July 18, 2017, 8:40 pm

I love jumping spiders they are so cute and serious it almost seems like they are super friendly and love people and are not scared I play with them all the time I keep one for several years and she was super friendly I found her in my bed a couple times looking at me and it was so cute she sadly passed awe a couple months ago but I see them all the time at work and I find little baby's and watch them jump at food that is so much bigger than them it really cute and funny

La Malinche: The Spanish Doña Who Was A Maya Slave Who Was An Aztec Princess

Chris · July 15, 2017, 11:15 am

Thank you for the compliment! I have been waiting for the same thing. There have been a number of foreign film series made but nothing has been done by American film makers yet as far as I know. But I think that's because Cortes is such a controversial figure. Our society doesn't want to romanticize him, but it's so tempting to considering the Epic adventure he and his men were embroiled in. I honestly think that it would take a whole film series to accurately portray development of his tragic character, from glorious adventurer and warrior to despotic killer.

George · July 15, 2017, 4:22 am

Very good article, Mr. Wells. I've been waiting for Hollywood to make a quality blockbuster about the conquest of Mexico for a long time. To me, the topic has always seemed too broad and expansive to condense into a worthwhile 2-hour movie; but I think your excellent article can be developed into the perfect script. If you have not yet been approached by someone in the movie business, you should approach them.

We Don’t Mean To Bug You, But We Have To Tell You About Our Awesome Entomology Collection!

Cathy Purvis Freeman · July 13, 2017, 4:58 pm

Do you know WHERE I can purchase DECENT butterflies?? I have ordered at least 5 from EBay, but they have just arrived too dried out to work with. I HAD collected a Monarch from the grille of my car, and it was pretty easy to work with. Do you sell them, or could you point me in the right direction?

Raime · July 7, 2017, 2:58 pm

This was a lovely article, Nancy! I think that the next time I visit, I will have a new appreciation for the collection in the "lab" downstairs. My favorite part of the exhibit are the snacks!

Huehueteotl: The Old Fire God Of The Aztec

Lois Pierce · July 4, 2017, 5:25 pm

I love this piece. I am glad you did this piece on it.

Insect Insight: Eastern Lubber Grasshopper

Anthony · July 2, 2017, 9:16 pm

Hi Erin, I encountered these little critters this weekend while I was in San Antonio, FL, for a retreat. They have been quite docile towards me, letting me come near to take a few pictures and really not caring that I'm walking by. However, after a few days I've noticed that some of the males now "post up" as it were on a sidewalk near what I assume to be eggs. When I walk by, they no longer shy away meekly or ignore me, but immediately turn to face me and then rapidly jump and CHASE ME. I've had about three different males do this now and I'm just curious if this behavior is related to their mating patterns?

Secrets of the Silk Road: Trade

Pirooz in China: Defeated Persian army takes Refuge | Kaveh Farrokh · July 2, 2017, 5:36 pm

[…] (i.e. the Tocharians) first entered the region thousands of years ago (Picture source: Houston Museum of Natural Science). Several Western researchers however suggest that the person depicted above is a […]

Aztec Crime And Punishment: Results Of The International Conference For The Codex Xolotl

Jerry Offner · July 2, 2017, 3:18 pm

I forgot to mention the difference between rows two and three. In row two, the facts of the case showed that the adulterer had killed the adulteress's husband. According to the prescribed punishment, she was garroted and the man was burned at the stake as salty water was splashed on him from time to time. In row three, both adulterers were stoned (in the marketplace), having been caught in flagrante delicto.

Jerry Offner · July 2, 2017, 3:09 pm

This is a good observation that needs further comment. Stoning for adultery is attested in several early sources in Northern Mesoamerica, making it very unlikely that the punishment was introduced only after contact. This occurred especially when the couple were caught in flagrante delicto and the legal process became a judicially supervised crowd action in the marketplace (column 3, row 3--the bottom row). Participants could then easily pick up stones to hurl on their way to the site of the punishment. This vivid participatory punishment would leave a lasting impression on a community. We also know that punishment in Nahuatl could be expressed by the diphrasism "in tetl in cuahuitl" or "stone, wood" and adulterers (and those convicted of other crimes such as theft) could be referred to in Nahuatl as "struck by stones" or "crushed by stones." A variant of punishment with stone mentioned in several sources, including a pictorial representation, is having one's head crushed between two stones. Garroting is also shown in Column 3, row 2 where the woman is garroted. Finally, there were a number of other punishments for adultery among the Aztecs, so it is not a matter of both societies zeroing in on one particular type of punishment. And stoning in the ancient Middle East jurisprudential schools and traditions was used for a number of offenses in addition to adultery.

Join us for the August 21 eclipse

amy green · July 2, 2017, 1:33 pm


Insect Insight: Eastern Lubber Grasshopper

Susan Rudd · June 30, 2017, 12:24 am

I do not like these pests. I spend hours in my flower beds planting flowers and tending to them, some of which are not cheap. One type of my lillies that kind of grow in a clump were just covered with them. There were so many, I could barely tell the plant was green! The lubbers were still quite young at that time. We have a calla lily my BIL gave my MIL for Mother's Day. It is all of a sudden dying when it was just about to bloom purple blooms,and I can tell the leaves have been chewed on. I am constantly pulling these buggers off of it. I have killed many of them. Some flowers don't come back, and that is a lot of work to let a grasshopper eat them! It hurts my heart to kill them, but I have never seen so many, and I am not about to let my beautiful flowers fall prey to these pests.

Aztec Crime And Punishment: Results Of The International Conference For The Codex Xolotl

Bryan · June 29, 2017, 9:26 am

Fascinating article. In Figure 9. Mapa Quinatzin, leaf 3, column 3, is this depicting burning at the stake and stoning? It seems an interesting coincidence that adultery was punished by stoning in both aztec culture and biblical fertile crescent culture.

Join us for the August 21 eclipse

phyllisbohner · June 28, 2017, 10:20 am


Insect Insight: Eastern Lubber Grasshopper

Erin M. · June 27, 2017, 11:29 am

HI Bobbie! Yes, they can cause your dog and cat to get sick, if eaten or chewed on!

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