Corey combines a lifelong love of science with a passion for teaching. She specializes in kid’s tours and has been at HMNS since 2012. She enjoys music, physics, ceramics, and storm photography. When not in one of our special exhibits, she can usually be found explaining about mummies in the Hall of Ancient Egypt or dinosaurs in the Hall of Paleontology.

How to Make a Hot Glue Caterpillar

                    It seems a strange mix, but hot glue is a wonderful medium to work into a caterpillar design.      Materials:                   –  Hot glue gun                 –  Wax paper                 –  Colored glue sticks                 –  Scissors (optional)     **Note: I use a fine tip glue gun.  You can […]

The Flying Boats Of The Yami People

  If I were to ask you to pick an object or image that represents your culture, what would you pick?  Despite the way it sounds, this is not an internet quiz, but an anthropological question: how do you describe a culture in an image? (from     Many cultures across time and geographic […]

Gladiator Fashion: How To Spot Your Favorite Fighter

  Source: Wikimedia Commons. Author:  Jimmy Walker Like any good sports fan in human history, as a typical Roman during the era of gladiators you were expected to know all the pertinent information for your favorite fighter. This would include keeping up with the current rankings of your favorite fighter, knowing the advantages and disadvantages […]

Floriography: The Language Of Flowers

  Image courtesy of Wikimedia commons                     With Valentine’s day fast approaching, stores are filled to the brim with extra flowers, candies of all sorts, and bizarre varieties of stuffed animals to proclaim one’s undying love to significant others.  Every year at this time, as I look down entire rows of stores covered […]