June Flickr Photo of the Month: Bananagrams

This month’s featured photographer is Sulla55.

On Valentine’s weekend we had several of our photographer friends from Flickr come to the museum to participate in Wikipedia Loves Art, a contest aimed at illustrating Wikipedia articles. We had over 40 photographers arrive and split into teams to see who could get the most and best shots of our artifacts. Sulla55 created this shot to depict the event. Here’s what Sulla55 had to say about the image.

I created this shot in honor of the ‘Wikipedia Loves Art’ event at the Houston Museum of Natural Science on February 15, 2009. Many thanks to Erin for arranging this opportunity, and for the Museum for being so photographer-friendly. I used Bananagrams tiles (similar to Scrabble) and my HO scale miniature photographers. Not a very complicated set-up: I used an Ott light and the top of my microwave. 🙂

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Sulla55

The photos submitted from the Wikipedia Loves Art event were amazing. I only wish we could show every photo on our blog – but you can check them all out here. Erin and I want to give a big thanks to everyone who came and made this event such a success.

The winning team was Assignmenthoustonone. Thank you to Sulla55, Stephaniedancer, Mockbird, Kinjotx, Skarsol and Jjsala for submitting and sharing such beautiful photos. Each member won a yearlong free family membership and four tickets to see our Terra Cotta Warriors exhibit.

If you’d like to be invited to future photography events at HMNS, join our HMNS group on Flickr.

We heart local photographers

On Valentine’s weekend, the Museum hosted a meetup in conjunction with Wikipedia Loves Art – a world-wide, museum-based, photo scavenger hunt organized by the Brooklyn Museum. It’s a take-off on Valentine’s Day that shares the love among photographers on Flickr, anyone who’s ever used Wikipedia (read: everyone) and museums across the globe.

Forty photographers showed up to hunt all over the Museum for photographs needed to illustrate Wikipedia articles. Their images are flooding into the Houston Museum of Natural Science pool on Flickr – and they are stunning! (Seriously, go check them out.) A few people stayed after for this quick snapshot – but there were many others who donated their time to help Wikipedia. A huge thank you to everyone who was there!

Thank you to all of our Wikipedia Loves Art rock stars!
Bottom row from left to right (click on their names to visit their photostreams):
Paul, Jean, Erin,
Stephanie, Laurie, Gwen, Deji
Second row from left to right: Unknown, Stephen,
Cortney, Sandy, Gini
Photo Credit: The Amazing Sarah G

It’s not too late to participate in Wikipedia Loves Art! You can read information about the contest here as well as the Museum’s photography guidelines – be sure to submit your photos before Sunday!

Founder Jimmy Wales loves Wikipedia Loves Art

Wikipedia Loves Art has caught the eye of Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales (you can check out his bio on – of course – Wikipedia).

In the video below, he shares his thoughts on the contest, and how the public perception of Wikipedia has changed, even over just the past few years.

In case you missed our announcement last week, Wikipedia Loves Art is a world-wide, museum-based, photo scavenger hunt. It’s a take-off on Valentine’s Day that shares the love among photographers on Flickr, anyone who’s ever used Wikipedia (read: everyone) and museums across the globe.

You can participate by shooting pictures of the items on the HMNS goal list any time in the month of February – but we’re also hosting a Wikipedia Loves Art meetup on Sunday, Feb. 15 from 6 – 9 p.m. The meetup will include free access to the permanent exhibition halls as well as conservatory and entomology exhibits at the Cockrell Butterfly Center for all registered Wikipedia Loves Art photographers. Before coming to the meetup, please be sure to register online. Check in will be at a table in the Grand Hall.

More details: the Wikipedia Loves Art Flickr page; the Brooklyn Museum’s announcement; and the HMNS meetup post in our group poolon Flickr.

Hope to see you there!