The Mythology of Love [Museum Store]

You know what time it is? Valentine’s Time. And whether you’re a devotee of Cupid or a this-holiday-was-invented-by-Hallmark humbug, our museum store has a range of gifts you’ll love giving – or receiving.

Check out these these heart-warming selections – each was chosen based on an ancient cultural belief or historic tradition associated with the material from which it’s made – meaning your gift will be much more than just jewelry. It will be a story that you’ll both remember forever.*

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Amethysts are a guy’s best friend! Greek and English legends attribute many virtues to this stone, thought to aid the warrior in victory and make a man shrewd in business.

The Greek word amethystos translates to “not drunken.” Amethyst was considered to be a strong antidote against drunkenness or lovesickness; wine goblets were often carved of this stone.

Amethysts are also a perfect way to make your woman feel like a queen on Valentine’s! February’s birthstone was associated with royalty by the Europeans – this stone is featured in the British Crown Jewels.

Mythology of Love
Shop local! These gorgeous amethyst earrings are set with
24kt gold vermeil by local designer Via Vandi. Earrings: $280. Members: $252.
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Give the stars: in Roman mythology, diamonds are splinters of stars that the god Eros used as arrow tips. You can put them to a much more romantic use.

Mythology of Love
Handmade by Houston designer Rebecca Lankford, this 14kt gold necklace features
two sweet details: a lovely heart, and 3 multi-color raw Indian diamonds.
Necklace: $430.  Members: $387.
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Venus is the Roman goddess of love – and also the brightest natural object in the night sky. Show your significant other how much they brighten your life.

Mythology of Love
Washington glassblowers Glass Eye Studio create this stunning recreation of the galaxy’s
most romantic planet from Handblown and dichroic glass. Paperweight: $135. Members: $121.50
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Butterflies flirt. In their courting dance, each partner moves away in various directions yet always comes back to the other. This behavior has made these insects symbols of love, especially in Japan.

Late Roman artifacts often portrayed Prometheus making humankind while Minerva stood nearby holding aloft a butterfly, which represented the soul.

Show your soul mate how much they mean to you with these naturally collected butterflies – which come from butterfly ranches that support rain forest conservation.

Mythology of Love

“Purple haze” butterfly specimen box by Houston artist Todd McKamy. $145.00. Members: $130.50.
“Ascia buniae” butterfly specimen $25.00. Members: $22.50.
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Pearls are associated with Greek Aphrodite, goddess of love – you can’t get much more romantic than that.

Or maybe you can: according to Arabic mythology, the pearl was created when a moonlight-filled dew drop fell into the sea.

Pearls were also associated with the Moon in Hindu culture, where they were symbols of love and purity. Hindu texts say that Krishna discovered the first pearl, which he presented to his daughter on her wedding day.

Mythology of Love
Handmade in Thailand, this stunning bracelet features freshwater pearl and leather.
From Nakamol Design. Bracelet: $46. Members: $41.40.
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Imagine that you’ve been parted from your true love, stuck on a long sea voyage, thinking of nothing but her – and fish – for months. You’re heading home, and you want to bring her something that will express the depth of your long-held affection.  it might look something like this:

Mythology of Love: Sailor's Valentine
Evoke old-style romance with a mirror inspired by traditional Sailor’s Valentines!
“Sailor’s valentine” style mirror: $24. Members: $21.60.
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She’s the center of your universe – why not give her something associated with the Sun? Rubies belong to the Sun according to the Jyotish, an ancient Asian Indian classification of gems and astrology. They are also said to grant the bearer great success in love.

Mythology of Love

Rubies, oxidized sterling silver chain, 14kt gold. Handmade by Houston designer Rebecca Lankford.
Earrings: $380. Members: $342.
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Love Bugs: Personal Interface

Sick of those,, and commercials? You’re preaching to the choir. Another muzak version of “This will be (an everlasting love)” and I’m going to throw my TV out.

Dance like no one's watchin...
Creative Commons License photo credit: antkriz

Go green this Valentine’s by turning OFF your computer and come interface with some cuties without perusing any profiles.

This Friday night from 6 – 10 p.m. HMNS will work its magic to create a flirty, fun atmosphere where love can blossom. It’s Love Bugs!

Dance to the rhythms of Grupo Ka-Che, Houston’s hottest salsa band, who will be sure to pack the house with singles and couples alike. Grab some light bites, a drink from the cash bar, and make your move.  Grab that cutie and take them to the Cockrell Butterfly Center for a romantic stroll through the butterfly sanctuary.

Finding love online has its place, but on Valentine’s we’re going to do it the old fashioned way: in person. The band and the people are going to be smokin – come feel the heat this Friday at the Houston Museum of Natural Science!