Celebrate the maybe-end of days at HMNS Dec. 21 with Grupo Ka-Che!

An end-of-the-world party is nothing new. People have been looking for excuses to party like there’s no tomorrow for millennia. But come Dec. 21, we’re throwing a cocktail party of a different color.

You’ve probably heard by now that the ancient Maya, who developed one of the most advanced calendrical systems in the world (in addition to impressive advances in mathematics, architecture and writing), predicted the end of a 5,125-year, 13-baktun Maya “long count” on Dec. 21, 2012.

Will Prophecy Become History? Find out at HMNS Dec. 21!This modern date projected by the ancients has been the center of much hoopla. Luckily, HMNS is here to elucidate things. Our special exhibit, Maya 2012: Prophecy Becomes History, examines the history of the real Maya, with special attention paid to the Maya calendar, inscriptions of the Dec. 21 date and what it all means, if anything.

Know how it ends on Dec. 21 at HMNS, where our esteemed exhibit curator will be on-hand throughout the night to answer any burning last questions. Traditional Maya dance group DANZA CHIKAWA will perform, along with live music by beloved local and award-winning group Grupo Ka-Che. (If you were fans of Mixers & Elixirs, we know you were fans of their energizing brand of Latin fusion).

Admittance to this once every 13-baktun event includes access to our special Maya exhibit (the only dedicated exhibit in town); admission to a special planetarium film, 2012: Mayan Prophecies; and all the fabulous food truck fare and countless cash bars you’ve come to expect. To book your tickets before it’s too late, click here!

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