Texas Pride! [Exhibition Final Week]

August 29, 2011

Texas Pride!
Now THAT is some Texas pride!

This driver was spotted on the road in – where else? – Houston, Texas’ most awesome* city.

And, in case you’re counting, that’s a Texas flag + an Alamo silhouette + a reference to the Come and Take It Cannon.

This driver has TEXAS PRIDE.

We think this driver (and you!) should come see our current Texas exhibition – to learn the significance of these powerful symbols – before it closes Sept. 5, 2011!

Not from around here?

If you’re not from Texas, you may be wondering why everyone makes such a big deal about Texas history.

In short, it’s epic. And fascinating. But don’t take my word for it – here are a few Texas facts to pique your interest:

It’s BIG. The fabled King Ranch in Texas is bigger than the state of Rhode Island. Texas is as large as all of New England, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Illinois combined.

It’s BEAUTIFUL. Brazoria County has more species of birds than any other comparable area in North America – and Texas has a total of 6,300 square miles of inland lakes and streams.

It’s ONE OF A KIND. Just one example: At the time of entry, Texas was the only state to enter the United States by treaty instead of territorial annexation.

It’s HISTORICALLY SIGNIFICANT. As any Apollo 13 fan knows, the first word spoken from the moon on July 20, 1969 was “Houston.” There are more than 700 local history museums, 40,000 recorded archeological sites and more than 2,000 sites listed in the National Register of Historic Places. And, there are approximately 11,500 historical markers in the state  – marking the events you can also explore in our exhibit!

And it’s a lot of FUN. This applies to both the state itself – and the exhibition that chronicles it’s history, here at HMNS through Sept. 5!

Still not convinced?

You can preview the exhibit in our Texas! The Exhibition set and learn more about the cast of iconic characters that populate the exhibit and our state’s history in our Texas blog series.

Win a Chance To See Texas FREE This Weekend – and win $50 from Kroger!

Texas exhibit sponsor Kroger wants to make sure you see Texas! The Exhibition! Leave a comment below with your favorite Texas history fact or historic person and you’re entered to win $50 to Kroger and 4 tickets to see Texas! The Exhibition this weekend!

Our lucky winner will be randomly selected Friday, Sept. 2 at noon – so get your comments in soon!

*Established through a very scientific survey of my own opinion.

Erin B
Authored By Erin B Blatzer

Erin is the Director of Business Development at HMNS. In a past life, she was a public relations and online marketing dynamo at HMNS.

49 responses to “Texas Pride! [Exhibition Final Week]”

  1. Jennifer Doubrava says:

    I love that the state flower is the bluebonnet. I LOVE bluebonnets and I love seeing them all over the state every Spring!

  2. Russell Rentfro says:

    “You may all go to hell and I will go to Texas” Davy Crockett

  3. Alison Fritz says:

    I really admire Stephen F. Austin… He came to Texas and was one of the first to colonize the state and if it weren’t for him, I don’t know if Texas would even be a state or part of the United States!

  4. Mayra B says:

    Texas has had six flags fly over it (Spain, France, Mexico, Republic of Texas, Confederate States, and the US). That is pretty diverse and a nod to our multicultural heritage.

  5. Kelly Gurgos says:

    I LOVE that Texas was it’s own country! How cool is that?!

  6. Kelly Groff says:

    The first word spoken from the moon, July 20, 1969, was “Houston.”

  7. Karina Martinez says:

    I was born in Iowa but have lived in Texas for the last 7 years. No where have I seen more people with so much pride in their state. I’ve always felt so welcome here and have really developed a lot of Texas Pride. I’ve been across most of the country but Texas definitely feels like its own country. There’s absolutely nothing like it.

  8. Brian G says:

    I like this quote from Sam Houston:
    “Texas has yet to learn submission to any oppression, come from what source it may.”

    And this dovetails nicely with the fact that there have been eight changes of government since the 1500’s

    Spanish 1519-1685, French 1685-1690, Spanish 1690-1821, Mexican 1821-1836, Republic of Texas 1836-1845, United States 1845-1861, Confederate States 1861-1865, United States 1865-present

  9. Patricia Joynton says:

    I love the names from Texas politics, everything from Ma Ferguson to Kinky Friedman.

  10. Kelly says:

    Ann Richards–can Texas have a
    patron saint? Can it be her?

  11. Alton Freeman says:

    I like that Texas is big enough to hold all of the big personalities of Texans.

  12. Amanda Davis says:

    Stephen F. Austin State University was the first public university in Texas and educated people to become teachers.

  13. Susan Green says:

    I love that the Battle of San Jacinto was won because the Texan army attacked during the Mexican army’s siesta. As a mom, it just goes to show how much you can accomplish during naptime.

  14. James says:

    Our wonderful state is named after the Indian word “Friends.”

  15. Anna F. says:

    Carol Burnet, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Janis Joplin are just a few of our Famous native Texans! 🙂

  16. Heather says:

    I love that Texas is home to the first city of 1 million+ residents (Houston!) in the United States to have a gay mayor!

  17. The Monarch butterfly is the Texas state insect.

  18. Zac says:

    As I am not a native Texan (born in Oklahoma) I have always loved the Lyle Lovett song, That’s Right You’re Not From Texas, but Texas loves you anyways!

  19. Stacia says:

    My gggg-grandfather Thomas Plaster who was one of the operators of the twin cannons at the Battle of San Jacinto! He also had Sam Houston stay at his house! So awesome…

  20. Alexandra says:


  21. Angelo Gonzalez says:

    My favorite Texas quote is from Sam Houston: “You may all go to hell and I will go to Texas.”

  22. Angelo Gonzalez says:

    Oops, I meant Davy Crockett, not Sam Houston

  23. Tanya says:

    What other state can fly their flag at the same height as the United States flag??? None… only Texas!! And people wonder why we are so Texas Proud…. How many other states can claim so much!

  24. aimee says:

    jane long at fort travis! and i love how santa ana was captured – outed by his own men when el presidente was trying to subterfuge by wearing a private’s uniform – then having to sign a peace treaty. go texians!

  25. Ralph Garza says:

    Just a few of my favorite facts are that the San Jacinto Monument is taller than the Washington Monument, We’re the home of Dr Pepper, and it takes at least 12 hours to get from El Paso to Beaumont. Also, what other state has a town called Cut n Shoot?!?

  26. Fred Facker says:

    I love that Texas is larger than France!

  27. Meghan C says:

    Galveston county is home to two of the biggest human casualty disasters in the us. The storm of 1900, and the Texas City disaster.

    And the Flagship is/was the only hotel built entirely over water in North America.

    As seen here in an Amanda Palmer video.

  28. Elizabeth says:

    Why am I proud of living in Texas? Two amazing women come immediately to mind: Ann Richards and Barbara Jordan.

  29. Ruth Boren says:

    Yesterday was Houston’s 175th Birthday! Happy Birthday Houston. The best city in the best state!

  30. Amanda says:

    My grandfather worked for NASA on one of the Apollos. I loved going to Space Center as a kid and am very proud of all the work that is done at our facility here.

  31. Jessica Miller says:

    God bless Texas!

  32. Jessica Miller says:

    Texas comes from an indian word meaning “friend”.

  33. Rick Fast says:

    Davy Crockett…he is my kids favorite and has become mine too…seemed so down to earth…trivia: they say he may have survived the battle at the Alamo and been executed after the fact.

  34. Ed Shull says:

    I am just glad you guys let me move here 😉

  35. Lisa Morris says:

    My family just moved here and learned that Sam Houston was once the President of Texas! So much history! Would love to learn more.

  36. Cyndi Hanlon says:

    the Battle of San Jacinto. Sam Houston defeating Santa Anna

  37. Maribel Guerra says:

    My favorite fact is that the King Ranch in Texas is bigger than the state of Rhode Island!!!

  38. keeli says:

    no reason to ever cross state lines.

  39. Deb Dousay says:

    “TeXas, OH TeXas,, ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY STATE” YeeeeHiiii***

  40. R Dousay says:

    Texas, The ONLY State Flag allowed to fly same heighth as US Flag!

  41. Keeli says:

    No real reason to ever cross state lines. curiosity gets best of some!

  42. wayne holland says:

    In April of 1856 ships loaded with camels began landing at the Port of Indianola in Lavaca County. The ships belonged to the U S Government which was undertaking a “transportation experiment” overseen by Jefferson Davis, the U S Secretary of War who suggested the project.

  43. Stacy says:

    Texas is home of the beautiful Bluebonnets! The season is short but they are oh so awesome to see.

  44. Chris Quinto says:

    Texas is home to Palo Duro Canyon, the 2nd largest canyon in the nation behind only the grand canyon

  45. Jay Roussel says:

    I’ve got to see this before it’s gone!!

  46. Lori says:

    I’d LOVE to win!! And my favorite historical figure in Texas, would have to be Sam Houston…of course! (I’m near Huntsville!)

  47. Chris Denbow says:

    New Texans and Hmns members here and we want to know more about our adopted state. Thank you!

  48. Jason F says:

    The size of Texas. El Paso is closer to Needles, California than it is to Dallas.

  49. Erin B says:

    This contest is now closed! We’ll be notifying the winner by email – so check your inbox!

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