April Fools! [4.1.11]

April 1, 2011

Happy April 1! If you’ve been following the Museum on Twitter for the last several weeks, you may have noticed our series of #TXfact tweets. Like:

If you brought every cow in TX to the city of Houston, cows would outnumber people by about 8 to 1. #TXfact http://ow.ly/3YCQs

Today, we’re having a little bit of April Fools fun by taking the spirit of everyone’s favorite internet meme, Chuck Norris Facts, and combining it with our natural Texas pride!

Of course, the tweets aren’t factually true…but I think most Texans will agree they’re pretty accurate.

You can follow along today by following the #TXfact hashtag – we’ll be updating this post with tweets as they go out.

Create your own April Fool’s #TXfact and tweet it to us – we’ll include them here, too!

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RT @hmns: Texas’ state bird – the mockingbird – doesn’t just imitate sounds. It actually uses sarcasm. #TXfact http://ow.ly/4rceE
Chris Welsh

RT @hmns: Originally they were called “roadwalkers” – but they couldn’t get to Texas fast enough. #TXfact #RoadrunnersAreAwesome

“Don’t Mess with Texas” isn’t just a reminder. It’s a threat. #TXfact http://ow.ly/4rcKN

@hmns Davy Crockett’s pet raccoon messed with Texas. We all know what happened to him. #TXfact

RT @hmns: Scientists have discovered that the sun only shines in Texas. Luckily for the rest of the world, we share. #TXfact http://ow.l …
Kristin Bird

Before deciding to build his city in Camelot, King Arthur scouted real estate in West Texas. #TXfact http://ow.ly/4rgMt

RT @hmns: Bluebonnets don’t grow at the roadside. Roads grow at the bluebonnet-side. #TXfact http://ow.ly/4rhoH

Texas Lege considering a bill to standardize the font for all documents and signage in the state. Their first choice: COMIC SANS #TXfact
Ed T.

the texas power grid is impervious to EMP attack due to a reinforced coating from the polarized spinal fluid of alamo heroes #TXfact @hmns
Emily Kelsch

lol @hmns: The San Jacinto Monument used to be the tallest, free-standing structure in Texas. Until Yao Ming arrived. #TXfact http://ow. …

With recent expansion of its permanent exhibits, @hmns rocks more than all of Cleveland, Ohio. #TXfact
Vincent Aurelio

@hmns @watchkeep Texans learn to divide by zero while still in the womb #txfact
Juan A. Rios

@hmns All the greats weren’t born in Texas, they just got here ASAP. #TXfact

Little-known fact: Stephen F Austin opened Texas’ first cupcake bakery in 1830. #trendsetter #TXfact http://ow.ly/4rhe8

@hmns In Texas, Chuck Norris is just an average guy. #TXfact

In Texas, the thesaurus lists “tall tales” as a synonym for “fact.” #TXfact http://ow.ly/4rhhy

@hmns the native Texas mosquito, aedes texicanus, is known to grow as large as a 747 #TXfact
Todd Tisch

RT @hmns: At 268,581 square miles, Texas is just barely big enough to contain all the awesome. #TXfact http://ow.ly/4rhjC
Tanya Soto

@hmns The Red imported Fire Ants in West Texas build mounds bigger than the skyscrapers in Houston! #TXFact

To: @hmns RE: #TXfactHopefully there are no yankees following you – they’d actually believe this stuff!

In Texas, 10 gallon hats actually hold 100 gallons. #TXfact http://ow.ly/4rhmC

@hmns #TXfact : Disneyland really wants to be the happiest place on Earth, so they are moving to Texas!!
David Herriott

1845: TX becomes state, upsets Union’s Awesomeness Equilibrium. Other states don’t restore balance until…never. #TXfact http://ow.ly/4rhz0

@hmns Only in the great state of Texas do plants have a Texas-sized attitude and fame! #corpseflower http://ht.ly/4rzgd #TXfact
TAM EdComm

@hmns: There is actually something in Texas that’s “bigger’n Dallas”. Houston#TXFact
Jim Baker

On Sept. 14, 1836 at 10:01 am, Texas General Sam Houston realized that he had lost his pocket watch. #TXfact http://ow.ly/4rhHz

@hmns In Texas, “hotter ‘n hell” is a valid unit of measurement. #TXfact
Fazia Begum Rizvi

Texans can lead a horse to water – *and* make it drink. #TXfact http://ow.ly/4rhJF

The Texas state bird is the mockingbird. Because it just can help but make fun of the other states. #TXfact http://ow.ly/4rhZV

@hmns 20% of auto wrecks in Texas are caused by cockroaches on the road. #TXFact

The Texas Pterosaur was the original Angry Bird. #TXFact
Ed T.

Erin B
Authored By Erin B Blatzer

Erin is the Director of Business Development at HMNS. In a past life, she was a public relations and online marketing dynamo at HMNS.

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