Corpse Flower Watch: Day 12

Today, Lois measures just about 64.25 inches. Her vertical growth has slowed to only .75 inches since yesterday – this, plus the bright purple streak that appeared on the her right side and the fact that the bracts have fallen off completely (see image below), indicate that blooming is imminent!

And, we have some great news! The Cockrell Butterfly Center will be open around the clock for the Corpse Flower Watch until after Lois has bloomed – come by any time to see her! You can get tickets here.

7.12.10 Amorphophallus titanum
The bracts have fallen! See a full set of photos of the
Corpse Flower’s growth here.
Date Height
July 1 31″
July 2 34″
July 3 37″
July 4 41″
July 5 45″
July 6 49″
July 7 53″
July 8 57″
July 9 60″
July 10 62″
July 11 63.5″
July 12 64.25″
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7 thoughts on “Corpse Flower Watch: Day 12

  1. I live very nearby and am becoming quite obsessed with watching Lois. So, I think the around the clock idea is great! thanks

  2. I would love to see what type of phytoliths this plant produces– that bract would be a perfect part to check.

  3. So, is it blooming/stinking yet? I haven’t seen an update published since morning and the webcam is a lost cause for me.

  4. Hi Rebecca,

    Thats a great idea! I’ll save the bracts and look in to that.

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