Is anyone else out there? [Life in the Universe]

Are we alone in the universe? Is there intelligent life out there?

If you escape from the city lights and stare up at the night sky, you will see hundreds of stars. With a telescope you can see thousands, and with the help of the Hubble and computers we can see millions of stars.

Our sun has eight (nine if you’re sentimental like me) planets circling it. Not every star is going to have planets, but others will have multiple. How many million of unexplored planets are there out in the universe? Also remember that most of the stars we can see are located within our own galaxy, and that there are countless other galaxies with countless other stars and planets.

With so many billions of planets and moons, I personally believe there is at least some form of life out there in the universe. And although these may just be simple life forms, there is also a good chance that there is intelligent life somewhere in the universe.

For those of you who stare up at the night sky and wonder about the universe, we have a new planetarium show just for you, opening today.

Life in the Universe first explores our own solar system and discusses the possibility and likelihood of whether there could be simple life hidden somewhere beneath the surface of a planet or moon. Second, it delves into the galaxy and universe around us, discussing whether or not we might be alone in the universe, and why we haven’t been able to find anyone else so far.

For those of you who are interested in whether or not little green men might soon invade, or just want to learn more about the solar system, the galaxy and the universe that we live in, come on down to the Burke Baker Planetarium and check out Life in the Universe.

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2 thoughts on “Is anyone else out there? [Life in the Universe]

  1. Hi there,
    i always wonder if any other life form wik come down on earth one day, i think yes cos think about the universe is endless , we are so little .
    us humans exist for a reason if i could explain to someone it will take time to explain it .
    i think our 6th sense is very weak if we dont practice now for the future.
    i know a disent amount of secret but one of them is that in our brain has only 5% of things loked up in our brain but one day when you need that information the things that you know is going to unlock and you will say them.
    I know very much about ki or chi and qigong everyone of us have the power they just have to take time and practice. I wish we can visit a different planet one day

  2. Em Im doing a homework is there any life in the universe and all that i read sez there is life but how can i prove that!!

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