Shutterbugs, unite: Wikipedia loves you! [free stuff]

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Wikipedia Loves Art at HMNS.
Creative Commons License photo credit: karlrobin

The always spectacular Brooklyn Museum has an all-new round of awesome for us in February: Wikipedia Loves Art – a world-wide, museum-based, photo scavenger hunt. It’s a take-off on Valentine’s Day that shares the love among photographers on Flickr, anyone who’s ever used Wikipedia (read: everyone) and museums across the globe.

The goal: to create free content that can be used to illustrate educational articles across an almost unimaginable range of topics in everyone’s favorite online encyclopedia. If your photos are chosen for use on Wikipedia, you’ll get full credit in the caption – even better, you can win great prizes!

As it turns out, Wikipedia loves science, too – and your friendly local science museum is participating! Check out our goal list as well as our photography guidelines and get ready to start shooting! All that’s required is the ability to identify an object and take a snapshot that shows it off – anyone with a point and shoot camera and a free Flickr account can participate. (To sign up for Flickr, go here and click “Create Your Account.” You can also take a tour first to explore.)

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Creative Commons License photo credit: GcD^3 pictures

More details: the Wikipedia Loves Art Flickr page; the Brooklyn Museum’s announcement; and the HMNS meetup post in our group pool on Flickr.

You can shoot at HMNS any time in the month of February – but we’re also hosting a Wikipedia Loves Art meetup on Sunday, Feb. 15 from 6 – 9 p.m. The meetup will include free accessto the permanent exhibition halls as well as conservatory and entomology exhibits at the Cockrell Butterfly Center for all registered Wikipedia Loves Art photographers. Before coming to the meetup, please be sure to register online . Check in will be at a table in the Grand Hall.

Hope to see you at the meetup! And Happy Valentine’s!

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2 thoughts on “Shutterbugs, unite: Wikipedia loves you! [free stuff]

  1. Wow. I wish I would have heard of this before the event instead of after. I would have been there in a heartbeat. Maybe this is something HMNS can do again sometime?

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