Mourning the Dearly Departed

August 24 is the last day to see our Geopalooza exhibit. This exhibit features a great many geological treasures: meterorites, trilobites, agates and of course geodes.

To commemorate the departure of this exhibit, and to see if our readers are as adventurous as I hope you are, I am posting these two related images. One is a small handfull of cut and cabochoned gemstones (left), and the other (below) is the GPS coordinate of where this cache can be found. That’s right – I have hidden a small amount of gemstones – and if you can find them, you can have them.

The gems are not buried. They are currently residing on public property. Finding them will not require dismantling fixtures or machinery. By my reckoning, they are a very short walk from the GPS coordinates listed. All that is needed to make these gems yours is a GPS unit.

I will even give you a hint and say that after you have found your gems, you will be close enough to the Museum that you can come compare your stones to the crystals in Geopalooza or the Mineral Hall. The number of paces needed to complete the “short walk” is indicated in the title of the blog, both in number and very close to heading (direction) you should walk. If you find the gems, leave us a comment below to let us know – and perhaps we can hide another set for someone else to find. 

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5 thoughts on “Mourning the Dearly Departed

  1. Hi Bryanna,

    As far as I know, they are still there! No one has claimed them – or let us know about it if they have. David is the only one who knows exactly where they are – and he’s in north Texas right now, on a fossil dig – but I will have him check to make sure when he gets back next week.

  2. Incidently, if you don’t change the unit setting, you wind up near Tomball in a community named Rock Creek….. Right next to a big lake….

    I couldn’t find it at the – er – more correct location, but I might have been looking in the wrong spot…. All I could find was something resembling a bear eating honey…..

  3. Just found out what happen to the MOURING THE DEARLY DEPARTED Treasure Cache placed by David Temple last year. It was in Hermann Park on the North Side near Hermann Drive. The cache was lost in Hurricane IKE in September when the tree it was hidden in fell over. The Park & Recreation Dept of the City of Houston came in later and shredded the fallen trees in the park, thus the MOURING THE DEARLY DEPARTED Treasure Cache is DEARLY DEPARTED.

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