You heard it here first…

…And now the Houston Chronicle has done a lovely feature story on our very own Steven’s discovery of a new dinosaur dig site in Malta, Montana. (Or, rather, the Chronicle has re-printed a feature that was written by Eric Newhouse of the Great Falls Tribune, who visited us on-site.) From the article:

“It was exciting,” said Cowan, 22. “Mark (Australian paleontologist Mark Thompson, now working with the Great Plains Dinosaur Museum) said they appeared to be ribs. He came back and found a scapula (shoulder bone) and a few other tendons showing in the rock.

“About 10 feet away, we found another bone jutting out of the rock. Based on the position, the head may have fallen off and rolled down the hill, but we’re hoping that the legs and torso are still in the stone.”

Read more about Steven’s discovery of the new dig site, Marco, in his recent blog post, and about the exciting events of the Museum’s week in Malta here.

The Chronicle also featured news of the Leonardo exhibit and the transfer of fossils from the Dinosaur Field Station to the new Great Plains Dinosaur Museum. Fascinating stuff; be sure to check back soon – more photos and video from the week are coming.

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