Stare into the Face of Death!

While doing some research on our live animals, I came across a very educational video on one of our most dangerous animals–the Egyptian Spiny Mouse!  Now, normally we do a very thorough amount of research before obtaining a new critter in our collection.  Apparently, we overlooked a minor detail of Acomys cahirinus:  “They are a rather ferocious rodent.”  

Tony Vecchio, Oregon Zoo Director, pointed this out in a short video made upon arrival of this life-threatening mouse. 


Dangerous Mice at the Oregon Zoo

After watching this video, you can now see why Chris and I are thanking our lucky stars that we still have all of our digits (and even our lives!) after many reckless encounters with our very own Egyptian Spiny Mouse :mrgreen:

Ferocious, man-eating, Egyptian Spiny Mouse!

Egyptian Spiny Mouse

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One thought on “Stare into the Face of Death!

  1. Love it! Our intern, Jessica, looked at the video and said “Aww…they look cute!” To which Steven replied, “That’s why you’d be the first to die.”

    Beware the Spiny Mouse!

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