which is a meteorite?

May 14, 2008

Erin B
Authored By Erin B Blatzer

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10 responses to “which is a meteorite?”

  1. Matt says:

    Hi..I have a rock that looks like the meteorite, its heavy for its size, magnetic, and has a black coating, with some exposed rust on one section..I dont see any holes, im guessing its either a meteorite or iron slag..I would need an expert to look at it, do I need to make an appointment for you to examine it?..Also, I believe I found some Green Jade in its raw form here in Houston..It was in a load of fill material that a dumptruck delivered..Im not sure where he got it, but I assume it was from a dig pit in Houston, has any Jade been discovered in Houston that you know of?..thanks for your time..Matt

  2. Jenni says:

    I also have a rock that is very large I found on top of the mountains that has all the signs of a meteor. I was wondering if I could send a picture to someone to see what they thought it was.
    Thx, Jenni

  3. James Wooten says:

    You could send a picture to me at jwooten@hmns.org, and I could see if it resembles my samples

  4. Caleb says:

    hey, i have a collection of a few different types of magnetic rocks or meteorites i found in the Mojave desert. I will admit to being a beginner in meteor hunting but i am learning as i go. I have been doing my home work i guess you can say, and im sure i have at least 3 in my collection. i can send pics! can anyone help me out?

  5. Erin F says:

    Hi Caleb, You can send your pictures to blogadmiN@hmns.org and we’ll forward them to James to see what he can tell you about them. Thanks for your comment!

  6. Gord M says:

    Hello I was cleaning my yard and i found on my yard 4 black rocks.
    I have lived here for 10 yrs and have never seen anything of this type near or around my yard or neighborhood, When i picked them up they left an impression in the yard where they were laying. The holes in the ground were all on an angle
    They were within 2 or 3 ft of each other
    Then i looked at them a bit closer and noticed molten lines on one side only.
    I then got thinking that they could be possible meteorites.
    I dont believe they are slag, but if they are then how did they get there.
    So i did some searching and did all the tests asked, and they did do just that
    Magnetic, Melted edges, Very heavy in comparison to a rock of the same size. etc.

  7. Gord M says:

    Would like to know whom i may contact in regards to my findings
    I also have pics i can send as well
    Posted Apr 15 12:07pm

    Thank you; Gordon M

  8. Fayza says:

    Please send photos to webeditorAThmnsDOTorg.

  9. Drew Zimny says:

    i know this is very late but, what happened with the suspect meteorites from the front yard?? i’m curious that scenario sounded very promising, to me. I’m mostly curious about how you were received by the professionals that you were that you were recommended to contact/ delivered to. I’m going to publish an article very soon, mixed opinions thus far.

  10. Leeroy says:

    Hi I found a what I fought was a very odd looking rock last week, but after looking on line. And doing the four tests they instruct you to do, I seriously think this could be a meteorite. I’m wondering if theres anyone I can send a few pictures off too, just to confirm weather or not it is. Many thanks.

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