Vote for your favorite Houston Museum

Whale vs. Squid
A scene from my favorite
Houston museum.
Creative Commons License photo credit: me and the sysop

Houston is home to an amazing variety of museums – from the traditional art, science and history museums to the National Museum of Funerary History, these are some of the places that make Houston such a unique and fascinating city.

And now – you can vote for your favorite! Click2Houston has new “Best Museum” poll – and even if you don’t vote, it’s worth a visit just to check out the variety of museums we have right here in town.

Perhaps not surprisingly, I voted for HMNS – where else can you travel the cosmos, walk with the dinosaurs, explore a tropical rainforest and go on an African safari, all without leaving Houston? But I might be a little biased.

What about you? If you vote, come back and leave us a comment. We’d love to know who you voted for – and what makes that museum your favorite.

Science Doesn’t Sleep (7.2.08)

Before Machu Picchu
Creative Commons License photo credit: icelight

So here’s what went down since you logged off.

It survived the ravages of nature for hundreds of years…but the footprints of tourists might be too much. UNESCO is considering whether to make Machu Picchu an endangered world heritage site.

SmartEnergyViews – a new blog devoted to energy efficiency. (Thanks, ScienceBuzz)

The Earth’s magnetic field is changing – fast. This indicates “the possibility of an upcoming reversal of the geomagnetic field.”

McCain vs. Obama, MAOA vs. 5HTT. Whether or not you vote may be influenced by your genetic makeup.

Science Doesn’t Sleep (5.13.08)

Little brazilian monkey

Uh oh…I think he can see us.
Creative Commons License photo credit: betoinorge

So here’s what went down after you logged off.

Two things I am constantly impressed by: kids’ talent and Google’s genius. Put them together, and…Google asked students to develop a new logo around the theme “What if…?” It could illustrate whatever they were curious about – and lots of the finalists had some very scientific questions about the future, like, “What if I could make another sun?” So, check out these kids’ very cool art and vote for your favorite in each age group – the winners will appear on the Google homepage on May 22.

CritterCam isn’t the only way to safely and accurately observe wild animal behavior – scientists also use “camera traps” – which are placed in the wild and motion activated. They mostly take one image – but one scientists has rigged them to take a series of photos, which can be played as a short movie. It’s an amazing way to see what animals are like when we aren’t around.

NASA has found something really cool, specifically: “the discovery of an object in our galaxy that astronomers have been hunting for over 50 years.” Aliens? Bad Astronomer says no, and I’m inclined to agree – what do you think it is?

Would you volunteer to be struck by lightning?

And, don’t foget to let us know what YOU would ask a paleontologist. You ask the questions, we’ll get the answers.