Sugar Land Scouts: Enroll today in Citizenship and the Environment!

Sugar Land scouts — we’ve got great news!

There are still spots left in two classes that have sold out at HMNS’ main campus: Citizenship and The Environment both have space during the weeks of June 11 and July 23.

Tiger Trails - Geology Belt Loop

Citizenship teaches scouts how historic events, people and places have shaped our nation. Participants will take a virtual tour of the Lincoln Memorial and learn the history of the former prison building that now houses HMNS Sugar Land. Kids will watch five of the greatest speeches in American history and place them in context with current events, discuss the international diplomacy and learn about governments around the world.

The Environment allows participants to study air, land, water and life and how humans impact all of it. Scouts will conduct experiments that investigate oil spill cleanups, animal adaptation and learn about resources for environmentally-friendly consumption.

Both classes earn Eagle-required badges — two in Citizenship and one in Environment, so enroll today!

In honor of our spectacular summer programs, we’ll leave you with this: The last installment of our T-Rex Trying for HMNS series!

T-Rex Trying to Show Camp Spirit

The votes have been tallied: Your new mascot is called…

Tiny the Tyrannosaurus rex!

You all sure appreciate a sense of irony — Tiny won our naming contest with 104 votes over Tex’s 85. The remaining nominated names trailed behind, with Huey coming in at 19 votes, Sam with 10 and Amigo with eight.

We’ve gotta say, we were pulling for Tiny all along. Just look at him; it’s perfectly paradoxical:

T-Rex trying to crack a geode!
Tiny the T.Rex is having trouble cracking this geode. He should come to HMNS’ geode-cracking station!

The winning name was first nominated by Katy Yeager Huggins, who won four passes for a guided tour of the new Hall of Paleontology. Congratulations, Katy!

Tell us: What do you think of Tiny the T. rex?

What’s in a name? Prizes, for one thing! VOTE for your favorite moniker and grant the submittor a guided tour of the new paleo hall

You’ve made your nominations, and the academy has deliberated. We even put the top five names you guys submitted for our new T-Rex Trying mascot in crisp ecru envelopes and everything. We hired a calligrapher and borrowed ball gowns! I’ve gotten carried away, haven’t I?

T-Rex Trying to catch a butterfly!

Well this much is true: We’ve selected our favorite five name suggestions, and now it’s up to you to pick the winner.

Our favorite picks were *drumroll please*:

  • Tex 
  • Huey 
  • Tiny
  • Amigo
  • Sam

Whether the names were inspired by our city, our state or our sense of irony, we loved the outpouring of responses we received. So don’t stop now! Log onto the HMNS Facebook page and vote for your favorite; the winner will get a guided tour for four of the new Hall of Paleontology.

Help us help you: Name our new paleontological pal and win a guided tour of the new Hall of Paleontology!

By now you all should be acquainted with our new mascot:

T-Rex Trying to fit in!

He’ll be hanging out with us for the indefinite future, and it occurred to us that it might be polite to give him a name.

Well, that hasn’t gone smoothly, as you might imagine. In fact, the entire process reminds me of the infamous family shutout of ’92, when my sister was incubating and my two name suggestions — Maleficent for a girl, Pooch Patrol for a boy, naturally — were vetoed without so much as a vote.

Although in hindsight I think “Annie” does have a nicer ring, I’m dedicated to making this naming exercise a touch more fair. And that’s where you guys come in!

Here are the contest details: Leave a comment either here or on HMNS’ Facebook page with your suggestion of a name for our new spokes-dino. The top five submissions (read: our most favorite) will be selected by our online team, and then put to a vote on Facebook. The winner will get a guided tour for four of the new Hall of Paleontology — with more than 3 billion years and hundreds of species to cover, don’t you think you want a docent?

The power of social media is yours to harness, so use it!

The name nomination contest ends Friday at 5 p.m., so get your thinking caps on and come up with something our tireless T. rex can be proud of — just don’t ask him for a high five.