The LaB 5555 launch had a serious bite: Read patron reactions and add your own!

LaB 5555 launched Friday with the help of some 700 patrons who gathered to geek responsibly and boogie among bones for a paleontological party dubbed “Skin & Bones.” Each LaB 5555, held monthly from here on out, will feature a scientific theme with one hour of educational pre-party time, live music, local food truck fare, cash bars and more. For a full schedule, click here.


Don’t call it a comeback! Feel the love for LaB 5555

We’ve revamped our after-hours, adults-only geek chic event and re-dubbed it LaB 5555. This new monthly mixer boasts scientific themes, great live music and noms from Houston’s best food trucks. Geek responsibly with us at LaB 5555!

Storified by HMNS · Mon, Jun 25 2012 11:06:11

@jiroshi getting his learning on at the #lab5555 party @ Houston Museum of Natural Science
Everybody get your learn on (you know the words)
True story: A freaking dinosaur almost knocked over my cocktail. Rudeness. :) only @hmns.Joel Luks
Grooving to the group Collide. #lab5555 Brannan
Don’t worry, it’s just a love bite. Come check out our awesome dinos by Erth dinosaur petting zoo!
I have it on good authority that @IndyBrewing Stash IPA will be at LaB 5555 2nite at @hmns. No need to drink Heinies w/ the dinos anymore.The Ferm
(Also, me with a coprolite!) #lab5555
Look at these pretty patrons
Looks like a success!!! :) RT @hmns: Don’t call it a comeback!! This dance floor is poppin’ Denise
Hey @hmns, thanks for hosting such an awesome event. Looking forward to next month already! :) #lab5555Rachel R.
Food truck pizza with pears and arugula… nom. #lab5555 Brannan
Pumped for Dancing w/ Dinosaurs tonight @HMNS w/ my Babe-osaurus Rex!Nathan Eguia
Don’t call it a comeback!! This dance floor is poppin’
Drinking in the @hmns at #lab5555. I saw dinosaurs!Kalley Powell
Dancing with dinosaurs! @sarahkmayes #lab5555 @ Houston Museum of Natural Science Durrett
Y’all, somebody here is WEARING A DINOSAUR. #lab5555
This party don’t stop. 15 minutes left and you can’t slow us down!
Last night was a blast, one of the best nights I’ve had in a while! #lab5555 #HMNSRachel R.

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