A Museum staffer gets our mouths watering with science-inspired sweet stuff: Meet Jillian & Co.!

You’ve probably seen those scrumptious sweets we’ve posted over the last few months: A butter-cream (and bronze) mummy here, a delicious chocolate-dipped dinosaur there . . . well, there’s a story behind those geeky goodies, and it starts right here at HMNS.

HMNS cookies courtesy of Jillian & Co

One of our membership staff, Jillian Villa, runs a successful pastry business when she’s not making sure the Museum experience runs smoothly for our members. Jillian & Co., which Villa runs with her mother, specializes in custom confections for a variety of events — from baby showers to paleo parties.

We can say from experience that the Villas’ creations are as delicious as they are attractive — something of a feat in the field of impeccable-looking sweet stuff.

To learn more about our talented staffer and her work at Jillian & Co., click here

Need an excuse to order mass amounts of chocolate-dipped goodness? She’s a popular choice for Party Smarty birthday parties… just sayin’. We’re trying to help you get your fix.