Shaken, Not Stirred




Summer is fast approaching and the Education staff at the Museum has been preparing for months already.  I’m so excited about one of our newest camps; Master Spy Camp. I’ve been working on the curriculum and have found so many awesome activities and fun things to learn about.  The kids are going to have a blast! 

Working on this curriculum got me thinking though, who is the coolest spy ever?  Of course James Bond is the first thing that pops into most peoples’ minds.  I could agree with that, but only if we’re talking Sean Connery.  Check out the official SIS website, where you can learn about the real organization where the fictional Bond worked. 

Then, there’s also the amazing Spy Kids.  Doesn’t every kid want to be like them?  But as soon as I settle on the Spy Kids, I remember Jason Bourne, probably the slickest and coolest of the bunch. Last, but not least, we can’t forget everyone’s favorite funny man Austin Powers

I think we need a vote.  What do you think? Feel free to leave a comment with your pick for the coolest spy.

 If you think spy science just might be your thing, check out this cool activity where you can practice different ways to construct circuits and make alarms.