Meet Audrey! [Corpse Flower]

Meet Audrey!
Say hi to Audrey!

Your votes are in! Our no-longer-little corpse flower is now named AUDREY! And as @CorpzFlowrLois reports, it’s possible that Audrey’s estimated age and Lois’ growth cycle may result in twin blooms sometime in the next several years! (Insert staff-wide, sterotypical shout of “TWINS?!” followed by synchronized fainting.)

We announced the new name yesterday, on the anniversary of Lois the Corpse Flower’s much-anticipated 2010 bloom. All five of our finalists were on hand to hear the name revealed. The final tally – which takes into account the Facebook/Twitter poll, plus votes  submitted on this post – is as follows:

Audrey: 336
First submitted by Julianne Maddox. As the winner, Julianne will go on a provate tour of the HMNS Greenhouses with our horticulturists!

Delilah: 301
First submitted by Mel Cody.

Clark: 152
First submitted by Carol Davis.

Hermann: 96
First submitted by Ed Truitt. See his photos of Audrey here.

Violet: 39
First submitted by Alicia Leighty

Meet Audrey!
Our finalists wait for the big announcement!
Meet Audrey!
Julianne, our winner, with Zac, our horticulturist and R. Clayton McKee.
You can see some of his photos of Audrey here.
Meet Audrey!
A closeup of Audrey’s leaf. This will open up and spread out over
the next few weeks, allowing Audrey to collect energy from sunlight,
and build up her corm – in anticipation of eventually blooming.

Come see Audrey for yourself!
She will be on display in the Butterfly Center through Labor Day – after which, she’ll return to her regular home in the HMNS greenhouses.

Adopt Audrey!
Unlike Lois, who is already a bloomer, Audrey is a baby corpse flower – and she needs some proiud parents! You can support Audrey’s growth by adopting her – for $20, you’ll help us maintain Audrey’s tropical environment and support the educational science programs of the Houston Museum of Natural Science – and get to attend an exclusive Adoption Party. So that’s pretty cool. Adoption details.

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