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Featured in Alltop

When you’re looking for great web sites and blogs online, you can idly search over time, tripping through the blogrolls of your favorite bloggers, making random discoveries from e-mail forwards or news items on up and coming sites…or you can go to Alltop.

Alltop bills itself as “an online magazine rack of popular topics.” Whatever you’re interested in – they’ve got a page devoted to it, that aggregates all the best blogs and headlines for you, all in one place.

Dads, Nintendo, Interior Design, Baking, Extreme Sports, Twitterati, Wine, Heavy Metal, Animation, Sailing…it goes on and on.

If you’re interested in a topic and you can’t find it on Alltop – I’d like to hear what it is. In fact, they’d probably like to hear what it is, so they can start developing a new page for it.

In short, it’s a pretty awesome spot to find information online, and one that I’ve been using for some time – for research, exploring, catching up on news, and procrastinating in general.

So I was pretty thrilled this morning, when I discovered that this blog, BEYONDbones, was just added to the science category. You can find us at We’re in there with some pretty amazing sites – the fascinating SciGuy, LiveScience, Science Friday, NatGeo News and more. Because:

Alltop. We're kind of a big deal.

And by “we,” I mean the amazing bloggers from all corners of HMNS, who provide fascinating news, projects, perspectives and ideas here daily – and especially all of you. Whenever a comment or question comes through, it totally makes our day – it’s a hugely big deal that you choose to spend a little bit of your time with us each day, whether for for research, exploring, catching up on news – or procrastinating in general. Thanks for reading! And, as always, please leave us a comment to let us know what you think, what you wonder about – and what else you’d like to see here at BEYONDbones.