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Megalodon: The Ultimate Shark

This week at the Museum, we are putting the finishing touches on a reconstruction of the jaws of the Megalodon, the largest shark the world has ever known. Our reconstruction, which is approximately 10 feet tall and 11 feet wide, would have fit comfortably in a 60 foot shark that weighed in the range of 100 tons. To put this in perspective, the Megalodon would have been about the same length as 1 ½ yellow school busses and would have…

A Few Amazing Pieces In Our Hall Of Paleontology That Most Visitors Don’t Notice

Every year thousands of visitors pass through our Morian Hall of Paleontology. Within the labyrinthine halls of this massive space they encounter some of the most famous ancient creatures known to science: Tyrannosaurus rex, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Megalodon, Mastodon and many others. The space is filled with so many gigantic wonders that it's easy to overlook some of the small but equally interesting pieces on display. So in this blog I will endeavor to help these little guys shine tall. Here's…

Our Marine Biologist Stephanie Reviews “The Meg”

My Thoughts on “The Meg” by Stephanie, the non-fictional Marie Biologist   Caution!! This contains Spoilers!!   Don’t get mad at me if you read this before watching the movie.  I warned you.     -First and foremost. Megalodons are extinct….. -No shark will continue to try to eat the metal hull of a submarine once they find it’s inedible and could cause ouchies.          -Right from the beginning, you know Jonas Taylor and Suyin will “get…

13 Freaky finds at HMNS

Tentacles, bodies and skeletons, oh my! No matter how beautiful or how vital to the history of natural science and life on Earth, some things are just a little freaky. Check out this short list of our top 13 strange, weird and scary artifacts housed in the permanent halls of the Houston Museum of Natural Science.13. Stone handsSculptor Harold van Pelt carved this hand from a solid block of a special mineral. The sculpture is an exact replica of his…

HMNS at Hermann Park

5555 Hermann Park Dr.
Houston,Texas 77030
(713) 639-4629

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HMNS at Sugar Land

13016 University Blvd.
Sugar Land, Texas 77479
(281) 313-2277

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George Observatory

21901 FM 762 Rd.
Needville, Texas 77461
(281) 242-3055

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