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5 Of The Most Magical Objects In Our Collection

Pictured above is a Campa Shaman's hood, the fourth object to be discussed in our 5 Of The Most Magical Objects In Our Collection series ( click HERE to see the other blogs in the series). You may have noticed that the hood has the body parts of a number of birds and small animals sewn to it. These body parts are believed to contain the spirit of the animal and increase the spiritual powers of the shaman when he's wearing…

5 Of The Most Magical Objects at HMNS

This weeks entry in our "5 Most Magical..." series will discuss our cippus displayed in the Hall of Ancient Egypt. A cippus is essentially a magical amulet designed to protect Egyptian households from either negative spiritual influences or real-world perils such as scorpion stings and snake bites. The two figures seen at the front are the gods Horus and Bes. Horus was the God of Kings. He was a falcon-headed warrior whose roots run deep in ancient Egyptian history. His…

5 Of The Most Magical Objects In Our Collection

As we continue this month's weekly series 5 Of The Most Magical Objects In The Museum (see first article HERE) we will venture to the dark corners of our special exhibit Out of the Amazon: Life on the River to take a look at what is basically a shaman's toolkit. Last week we featured ancient Egyptian incantations designed to guide the spirit of a deceased person through the afterlife. This week we will discuss objects designed to protect the living from mysterious an…

5 Of The Most Magical Objects At The Museum

Listicles are always fun to read, and they're fun to make too! In keeping with our "5 of the most..." Series I've decided to write up a list of the most magical objects in our collection. But there's a problem.... magic is kind of a vague term. I mean, are we talking about turning a pumpkin into a carriage here? Or are we talking about religion? Well, religion itself isn't magic. defines magic as "the art of producing a…

HMNS at Hermann Park

5555 Hermann Park Dr.
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HMNS at Sugar Land

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Sugar Land, Texas 77479
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George Observatory

21901 FM 762 Rd.
Needville, Texas 77461
(281) 242-3055

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