Kat Havens

My Bloody Valentine: A Darker History
February 7, 2020 · 2 Comments

I am no fan of Valentine’s Day. A simple Google search of “I hate Valentine’s Day” will prove that I am not alone in my aversion. I don’t know why I hate it. I just do. I prefer to celebrate the Ides of March, which is exactly one month and a day after Valentine’s. Give […]

Dinosaurs for Dinner: A Thanksgiving Tradition
November 25, 2019 · 2 Comments

Oven roasted or fried? Stuffed or unstuffed? How do you prefer your dinosaur? Did I say dinosaur? I meant turkey…or did I? In truth, that turkey on your table is or was in fact a real-life dinosaur. Turkeys are theropods, just like the meat-eating dinosaurs you so love to visit at the Museum. Paleontologists have […]

The Magic and Mystery of Stonehenge
October 25, 2019 · Be The First To Comment

“But, nobody knows…nobody knows”. This is the refrain from my brother who sits across from me as we sip pre-brunch cocktails. The topic of discussion, you ask? The new special exhibit Stonehenge: Ancient Mysteries and Modern Discoveries at HMNS. It prompts a memory that he clearly finds rather amusing. According to him, “…but nobody knows” […]

The Origins of Money and Why It Was Invented
March 11, 2019 · Be The First To Comment

Let’s talk about numismatics. Whoa, hang on now, don’t leave…it may sound overly academic and boring, but trust me, it’s not. Numismatics is all about money, specifically the study or collection of coins, paper currency, and medals. I mean who doesn’t like money? We can all relate to money on some level. Am I right? […]

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