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Artifacts from the Historic POMPEII Eruption have Arrived in Houston
February 12, 2021 · Be The First To Comment

For centuries, the story of what happened to the ancient Roman city of Pompeii has captivated the world. The city lost and buried by the ash and volcanic debris of Mount Vesuvius remains a testament to nature’s fury, a tragic time capsule of life some 2,000 years ago. Opening to the public at the Houston […]

The Science Behind Myths
October 16, 2020 · Be The First To Comment

You’ve likely stumbled upon a myriad of articles with titles similar to this “Big meanies use science to debunk the Loch Ness Monster myth”, or “Loch Ness Monster Hoax” and so on. Unfortunately, this blog here today is not going to help convince you of the existence of any such monster, but it may help […]

From the Curator: The Purple Sea Snail – Upside Down Wanderer
October 8, 2020 · 1 Comment

If you have ever been to a beach where a Portuguese Man-Of-War jellyfish has washed up onto shore, you might also have seen the glorious Purple Sea Snail close by.  These light-as-air snails live their entire lives upside down and attached to a living Portuguese Man-Of-War. The purple and blue colors of the air sack of […]

From our Collections: You Should See Me in a Crown – The Queen Conch
August 27, 2020 · Be The First To Comment

So what is a Queen Conch?  First, they are Mollusks also commonly referred to as Sea Snails. They were once commonly found around the Florida coast and in much of the Caribbean Sea in great quantities. However they have been on the Endangered Species List for many years, and it is against the law to […]

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