Rent the Museum: Make any event YOU-nique at HMNS

What could make exploring HMNS even better? Doing it with a meal in your hand!

When hosting a special event at HMNS, anything is possible. For those who choose to forgo the traditional cocktail hour followed by a seated dinner, a cocktail style party is a great option.

Cocktail style parties serve as an exciting way to get guests active. This type of event contains food stations rather than a plated meal. Also referred to as “food bars,” these stations promote movement, since guests can choose which station they would like to visit and come and go as they please. This concept allows more freedom for partiers to move around exhibit halls, compared to a traditional dinner.

“But what’s a food station?” you ask. Well, picture any meal that you would normally eat plated, but transformed into a portable and customized dinner.

Take the classic pasta bar, for example. Party goers choose their type of pasta, pick their sauce, and have it cooked and placed in a martini glass. Carving stations that offer a choice between chicken and beef are popular. Other food station ideas include a mashed potato bar, quesadilla bar and even a macaroni and cheese bar.

But don’t forget about dessert! An entertaining option for sweets is having an ice cream bar. Guests pick their flavor and toppings and have their favorite sundae treat prepared before them. You could also have a crepe bar, an espresso bar, or just a classic “candy bar (get it?)”!

Let your creativity take action and choose HMNS as your next party destination. For more information on hosting an event at HMNS visit

Still not quite sure what to do? Here are the top three reasons to have food stations at your event!


Just to be clear, with food stations you can still totally have enough seating for all of your guests. But now, you don’t have to worry about having them all assigned! This way your guests are free to mix and mingle, dance, grab some food, talk to grandma for a bit, get some more food, make small talk with your weird relatives, then make a quick escape to get more food and more food and more food … which brings me to the next reason.


Are you always hungry? Do you secretly love buffets, but hate that you have to get up in front of everyone for your second (or third … or fourth) plate? When you have food stations, it takes the pressure off so you can grab as much or as little from any station ALL PARTY LONG. 


You’re pretty hip, so why wouldn’t your event reflect that? Cocktail style parties with food stations are all the rage, so show your guests how awesomely cool you really are.

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