Emails from the other side: our Museum Mummy reaches out

As the Digital Media Editor, I get a lot of strange emails. Some are from spambots offering awkward praise for our blog. Others are more direct, like “What is a Digital Media Editor even for, anyway?” and “Why isn’t everything free, everywhere, always?”

But the strangest — and most exciting — email I’ve received lately was from none other than Ankh-hap, the Museum Mummy.

You’ve probably run into Ankh-hap in his corner home in the basement, tucked underneath a set of stairs. He’s so far been the star of our meager Egyptian offerings, but all that’s about to change — and he got wind of it.

Here’s what the ruling Museum Mummy had to say:

Emails from the other side...

Before I could even get back to him with an honest neighborhood pedi recommendation, there was more:

Emails from the other side...

It was clear that Ankh-Hap had heard about the new Hall of Ancient Egypt, and I had to craft the perfect tactful response. The correspondence that’s followed has been nothing short of enchanting. Check back here on Mondays this month for more Mummy Mail!

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