Fan yo self: Power down and cool off with these energy-efficient methods

My air-conditioning has been out for a week. Fortunately, the week it nefariously chose to go on strike has been a rather cool one, but I’ve still had to employ some less energy-intensive procedures to keep cool.

The first is the use of fans. Pretty straight-forward stuff. And because using the stove and oven to cook heats the room up, I wait until late evening to cook. I also drink more chilled water throughout the day to regulate my own temperature. If it’s nice out, I open windows in the room to create a cross breeze.

Power downEven though I’ve implemented cooling methods that are efficient and cost-effective, I must admit that I’m looking forward to getting the air conditioner fixed. But knowing what I know now, perhaps I’ll go the natural route more often. What will you power down to save energy?

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