What’s 100 years old, fascinating and closing this weekend? Titanic, of course!

If you haven’t made it to HMNS to view the incredible array of artifacts recovered from the RSS Titanic’s wreck site more than 3 miles beneath the ocean, you should be suffering from some serious FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out.)

Titanic | James Delgado appearance

We extended our Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition through Sept. 23 due to popular demand — and guess what? It’s Sept. 17! I know, we don’t know where the time went either.

But we do know that more than 300 artifacts from the ship and its passengers, their compelling human stories, and a true-to-life retelling of the night’s events on April 15, 1912 are a sight to behold. So behold it, before it’s too late!

Tickets are available in-person at the box office or online right here.

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