HMNS in the news: Newly discovered mineral has ties to our permanent collection

Did you know that HMNS has a link to a big bit of science news that hit last week?

A brand new mineral was discovered embedded in the Allende meteorite, called panguite.

Allende meteorite fragment
A fragment of the Allende meteorite

The Allende meteorite collided with earth in Chihuahua, Mexico in 1969, and since 2007 has been under scrupulous study by a CalTech geologist named Chi Ma.

Using an electron microscope, Ma has discovered nine new minerals in the meteorite, including panguite.

Panguite is one of the cooler discoveries because it existed even before the earth had formed, and was one of the first solid materials in our solar system to come together. Instead of primordial goo, panguite is primordial rock!

The best news? We have samples of the Allende meteorite in HMNS’ permanent collection and currently on display at HMNS Sugar Land and the George Observatory.

To learn more about panguite and what it means to scientists hoping to gain new understanding of the conditions that gave rise to our solar system, read more and visit one of our satellite campuses to see for yourself!

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