Check out your new HMNS with a video tour of the new Dan L Duncan Family Wing and Hall of Paleontology!

The Dan L Duncan Family Wing is complete, and, as of Saturday, our brand new Hall of Paleontology is open to the public. And we’re all incredibly excited about it!

zachOur hunky horticulturist is thrilled about the new and improved HMNS.

After years of hard work behind-the-scenes, months of planning and plenty of press, we’re ready to show it off to you. Come take a peek inside the new and improved HMNS — and hear straight from the staff what makes it so darned special:

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14 thoughts on “Check out your new HMNS with a video tour of the new Dan L Duncan Family Wing and Hall of Paleontology!

  1. I’m a member who saw the new hall on May 25. Stunning. But why the stupid video? What does that have to do with anything. Glad my good contact at HMNS was not in it to be embarrassed!

  2. We’re sorry you feel that way, Bob! We have had an overwhelmingly positive response. We are always looking for creative new ways to show off the museum and our staff – especially their fun side!

  3. I visited the new Paleontology Hall on 5/31/12. It was terrific. I also talked to Rich Hutton, who had a lot of information about the Hall. I was impressed by the various exhibits, but also by the staff; many of whom (security included) also had bits of information to share about the exhibits. I’m sure it took a tremendous amount of effort to bring the new hall to this point. So, a bit of celebration seems appropriate to *me*. The obvious joy of the “dancers” in the new…er…digs made me smile. Sometimes a bit of levity is appropriate.

  4. Will we be able to actually see the video with the staff speaking? The dancing is worthless. I want to hear the useful information that the HMNS has to share with us.

  5. We (age range 60-15 years old) went to the HNSM on Monday, June 4th and had a great time! The new Dan L Duncan Family Wing and Hall of Paleontology are fascinating and a wonderful addition to the HNSM. Having been to the exhibit, I can understand the excitement of the dancers in the background of the video but found it a bit distracting and not a true representation of all the wonderful things this exhibit has to offer. My personal opinion: If we could hear what the various specialists were saying and then have “spots” of flash dancing in the background, maybe it would appeal to a larger group of viewers. Great effort, great fun, great team!!

  6. Im sure we’ll hear from the curators later but right now, I think it’s time to just celebrate! I loved it!

  7. I LOVELOVELOVE the adorable video! Museums are FAMOUS 4 their stuffiness & it’s about time HMNS showed the world: Houston is NOT a stuffy place, NOR are its FABULOUS MUSEUMS! We are long-term members, & my husband & our 14 y/o son made it down, last minute, that last members nite, w/NO RESERVATIONS (online sed “sold out” but I told them just GO UP THER & ASK nicely if they’ll let y’all in!!!) &, but OF COURSE, the kind ppl @ HMNS allowed them IN & THEY LOVED THE NEW HALL OF PALEONTOLOGY!!! HMNS is an INCREDIBLY FUN way to grow minds!!! And, 4 that, WE THANK U ALL!!!

  8. Not living in Houston I’d hoped to learn about the new paleontology hall. I think Margie’s suggested to intersperse some content from those speaking with the dancers celebrating the new hall would have been a great blend.

  9. I love the video you guys! Y’all deserve some time to celebrate the MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENT of opening the new wing! And I am sure some more information videos are on their way, but until then I say LET’S DANCE!

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