Member mania over the new Hall of Paleontology: Read their feedback and get here yourself!

Since our new Hall of Paleontology opened to museum members on Friday we’ve received an outpouring of responses from museum-goers of all ages. It was starting to make our head spin, so we compiled some choice reactions here to share with you! See what your fellow Houstonians are saying about what’s being called one of the nation’s top paleontology exhibits:

Pretty cool, huh? And we’re making updates and perfecting the exhibit as we hear your feedback. One of the latest additions is a swath of real, touchable hadrosaur skin! So come see us for the first time or the 15th — you can never learn too much.

The paleo hall opens to the public June 2. Can’t wait ’til Saturday? Become a member today!

PS — we’ve got another T-Rex Trying for HMNS for y’all. Check him out!

T-Rex Trying to reconnect!

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4 thoughts on “Member mania over the new Hall of Paleontology: Read their feedback and get here yourself!

  1. The stunning exhibits, the new information, the witty (although hard to see) write-ups – it was exhilirating and fun and better than anything I imagined!

  2. We went to the first day opening May 25 & were simply mesmerized! Amazing exhibit! Hats off to HMNS! My grandson, as well as myself enjoyed the feeling that we weren’t barricaded from the exhibits. The only thing I would request, as I mentioned to a young man, that represented HMNS, as we were the start of the hall some of the exhibits were out of reach for those of us in wheelchairs. Some mirrors in the tops of those cases would probably remedy the situation. All in all- fabulous! Thank you HMNS for brining new life to the museum in the form of life gone by 🙂

  3. We went Friday night and were just blown away by the quality and comprehensiveness of the exhibits! We’ll need to come back at least 3 more times to be able to really take everything in. Can’t wait to bring our family when they’re in town for Thanksgiving….great job!

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