Help us help you: Name our new paleontological pal and win a guided tour of the new Hall of Paleontology!

May 10, 2012

By now you all should be acquainted with our new mascot:

T-Rex Trying to fit in!

He’ll be hanging out with us for the indefinite future, and it occurred to us that it might be polite to give him a name.

Well, that hasn’t gone smoothly, as you might imagine. In fact, the entire process reminds me of the infamous family shutout of ’92, when my sister was incubating and my two name suggestions — Maleficent for a girl, Pooch Patrol for a boy, naturally — were vetoed without so much as a vote.

Although in hindsight I think “Annie” does have a nicer ring, I’m dedicated to making this naming exercise a touch more fair. And that’s where you guys come in!

Here are the contest details: Leave a comment either here or on HMNS’ Facebook page with your suggestion of a name for our new spokes-dino. The top five submissions (read: our most favorite) will be selected by our online team, and then put to a vote on Facebook. The winner will get a guided tour for four of the new Hall of Paleontology — with more than 3 billion years and hundreds of species to cover, don’t you think you want a docent?

The power of social media is yours to harness, so use it!

The name nomination contest ends Friday at 5 p.m., so get your thinking caps on and come up with something our tireless T. rex can be proud of — just don’t ask him for a high five.

Authored By Caroline Gallay

Caroline was the Digital Media Editor at HMNS from 2012 to 2013. She was responsible for telling the Museum’s story online. You could find Caroline on the site profiling characters around the museum and making sure you knew what the what was going on around this crazy/awesome place.

32 responses to “Help us help you: Name our new paleontological pal and win a guided tour of the new Hall of Paleontology!”

  1. Marsha Rains Roberts says:

    I posted it on your FB wall, but I’m adding it here too. Doug! As in, you dig up fossils, dug…DOUG! It’s perfect!

  2. B. Bliss says:

    Tex the T-Rex

  3. Jennifer Robinett says:

    I pick the name “Tex”. I think this properly describes him as a “tough guy” and represents his home Texas!

  4. Anna says:

    Terry Tyrannos. A tribute to the Greek origin of his name. Good luck to all! 🙂

  5. Ed Truitt says:

    Mr T. Or maybe “King”. Or (last but not least), “Late for Dinner”.


  6. Valerie says:

    ROARY, the T-Rex!

  7. Jennifer Eargle says:

    TALISMAN: anything whose presence exercises a remarkable or powerful influence on human feelings or actions.

    It is a mascot, lucky charm….. So if Talisman is too much, I suppose CHARM or LUCKY would work, but TALISMAN sounds strong!

  8. Kerry moody says:

    Thomas The Great State of Texas’ T-Rex

  9. Rebecca says:

    I like Winston. Not a name you’d expect of a tyrant king, but you also wouldn’t expect to find a tyrannosaurus with feathers, cuddling with his mate, or trying to catch a butterfly! Plus, wouldn’t it be wonderful to wonder in the world of Wyrex and Winston? 😉

  10. Jessica Bullard says:

    Todd or Churchill for a boy. Tina or Gladdis for a girl.

  11. Book Kvetch says:

    This T-Rex looks like a SKOOTER! Is she a girl T-Rex? Then, GIADA is fitting.

  12. Christi Evans says:

    How about Cratos? Kratos is a minor Ancient Greek god or demon. His name comes from the Greek word for “power” or “strength”. But spelled with a C instead of K since it can reference the word “crator” Aka the The Chicxulub crater.

  13. Catherine Pfent says:


    After Davy Crockett – he came to Texas and made a big scene just like our new dino will!

  14. Angie Zamora says:


  15. Joe Arenales says:

    Trex the T-rex!

  16. JB Burgdorff says:

    Chomp Chomp from Super Mario!

  17. Rob says:

    T Rex Nicknames:

    Bone Star (could be followed by Nate, Tate etc)

    Tex Rex

    Stretch (Armstrong)

    Space City Smitty

    Hermann Mark

    Just ‘Hermann’

  18. Carolyn says:

    Sam, after Sam Houston, our city’s namesake.

  19. Nancy Hurt says:

    How about Bones, Boomer, or Rex Harrison (anyone remember him).

  20. Jean-Marc says:


  21. David McGarrigle says:

    I thought of some names:

    Mr. Tyrant
    Mr. Rex or Ms. Rex
    Mr. King

  22. Rin says:

    Treggiey the the T-rex!

  23. James says:

    Tommy T-Rex.

  24. Kaeleigh says:

    Sir Chompikins the T-Rex. Chompy for short.

  25. Shannon says:


  26. Yinan says:



  27. Jon says:

    Elvis…the King (Rex)!!!

  28. Katy says:

    I rather like Theodore Rex. (Affectionatly called Theo)

  29. Bob says:

    Soon2b Oil

  30. Justin says:

    Horace, or Caesar

  31. Caitlyn says:

    Sam! As in Sam Houston!

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