Dinosaur dialogue: Watch our own David Temple talk paleo on Great Day San Antonio

David Temple, Associate Curator of Paleontology We don’t know if you’d heard, but our new Hall of Paleontology is kind of a big deal. It has many leather-bound books, and smells of rich mahogany contains more than 60 brand new mounts, including a few that are ground-breaking in the field of paleontology.

One of those, Wyrex, we’ve already told you about. The other … well, the other you’ll have to wait until Monday to see.

In the meantime, though, to whet your whistle, here’s a segment from Great Day San Antonio featuring our very own Associate Curator of Paleontology, David Temple.

Check him out as he previews what’s in store for visitors to the new paleontology hall.

And don’t forget to check back in on Monday when we’ll reveal the top five picks of our T-Rex Trying naming contest! Will our spokes-dino be called be Elvis? Huey? Talisman? Megan?! You’ll decide (after we narrow it down to our favorites, of course). So check back for the results and then get to voting for your favorites at the HMNS Facebook page.

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