Crime Lab Detective Now Open at HMNS at Sugar Land

Today’s post is by Adrienne Barker, Director of the Houston Museum of Natural Science at Sugar Land. 

Saturday September 3rd marked the opening of the Houston Museum of Natural Science in Sugar Land‘s latest exhibtion – Crime Lab Detective. One of my colleagues and I, Kathy Treibs, visited it on Labor Day to check it out.

Crime Lab Detective [HMNS at Sugar Land]
Crime Lab Detective is on display at the Houston Museum of Natural Science at Sugar Land
now through May 6, 2012!

The exhibit is set in the home of the Johnsons who discover they’ve had a break in while on vacation.  As you enter the exhibit you see where the crime occurred and can take a look at the broken window, disturbed dirt outside and broken items inside.

Stopping at the first kiosk we saw a news report on the crime. 

After picking up a Crime Lab Detective Notebook, we headed to a second kiosk where we saw recordings of interrogations of suspects.  From there we were off to solve the crime!

Crime Lab Detective [HMNS at Sugar Land]

We walked through six different stations focused on various aspects of the crime.  From a teacher’s standpoint, Kathy discovered that students will have many opportunities to examine different types of scientific evidence and use problem solving skills to identify the criminal.  It will easily lead to many post-visit activities in science and career exploration for all grade levels.

We agreed that the crime is more difficult to solve than one might expect and a fun challenge to adults who don’t use these skills everyday.

Crime Lab Detective [HMNS at Sugar Land]

Catch our future messages as we take a closer look at fingerprinting, blood analysis, DNA, handwriting samples, and trace evidence including fibers and soil.  This is a great exhibit for everyone, especially those who like the challenge of criminology and solving the mystery.

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