The Wiess Energy Hall has a new addition!!

Tapestry of Time and Terrain is a map in our geology section which illustrates the topography and geology of the United States. Included is a colorful geologic time scale.

Topography, shown in digital shaded relief on the map, tells scientists about natural hazards, events in the Earth’s history and natural resources, including land, water, hydrocarbons, and minerals.

Color on the map illustrates geologic time.


The map shows rocks of the same age in the same color. Rocks contain information that helps geologists understand the Earth and its natural history. The colors reveal the geologic story of continental collision and break-up, mountain-building, river erosion and deposition, ice-cap glaciation, volcanism, and other events and processes that have shaped the region over the last 2.6 billion years. This information helps petroleum geologists determine where and why fossil fuels can be found in locations throughout the lower 48 states.

The online map is a great interactive teaching tool which can be used to enhance learning of earth science. In the Rock of Ages section of the site, details of each geologic age reveal the dramatic story of the continuous shaping of the United States. There is even a physiographic puzzle which can help children become interested in geology at a very young age.

Visit the Wiess Energy Hall at HMNS to see our colorful new addition!


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2 thoughts on “The Wiess Energy Hall has a new addition!!

  1. The Houston Geological Society will give A Tapestry of Time and Terrain Maps free to teachers who attend a workshop related to the map. Watch the web site and go to Education/Teachers/Teacher Workshops for future dates of workshops.

  2. Man! Wish my earth science teacher in 8th grade had had access to something like this! Very awesome job, way to go Claire!

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