Name Our New Corpse Flower: Voting Time!

New Corpse Flower: 7.18.11
I want YOU to Vote!

Wow! Over a thousand people contributed name ideas for our new little corpse flower – thank you all for participating!

Whether you were inspired by an old television show, a comic book couple, an animated stinker, Greek mythology, the space program, literature, world languages, current events, a very hungry musical plant, people in your life, or Lois herself, we were thrilled to see some incredibly creative names for our new addition. It was difficult to choose!

Our panel – made up of HMNS Staff and @CorpzFlowrLois – has selected the top 5 names from over 1500 that were submitted. Now, it’s your turn!

Help decide the name of our new corpse flower – vote for your favorite!

There are two ways to vote:

1. Click here to vote on Facebook.

2. Vote via Twitter by sending a tweet to @hmns with one of the following hashtags. Your vote will be automatically counted in the Facebook poll – so check that link to see the scoreboard!


If do not have a Facebook or Twitter account, you may also vote by leaving a comment on this post. (Comments left on other posts will not be counted.)

The winning name will be announced on the anniversary of Lois’ bloom: Monday, July 25 at 10 am!

Not sure what name will fit our new plant best?

Our yet-to-be-named amorphophallus titanum is on display in the Cockrell Butterfly Center starting today!

You can also check in on our new corpse flower online!

The Corpse Flower Webcam is now available – use the hashtag #HMNScorpseflower to join the conversation there!

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108 thoughts on “Name Our New Corpse Flower: Voting Time!

  1. I think Hermann is an appropriate name not only for being in Hermann park, but also because Hermann will be a “Munster” of a name for an eerily smelling flower.

  2. I vote for Clark.

    Since Lois, a girl’s name, was already used, I think it’s fair to try a guy’s name. That leaves out Audrey, Violet and Delilah. Hermann sounds less like a first name and more like the last name of the hospital donor, which doesn’t seem appropriate for a corpse flower!

  3. Lois and Clark — I can’t help but think of Lois Lane and Clark Kent, or a play on Lewis and Clark.

    I vote Clark.

  4. AUDREY. That’s my daughter’s name, and there’s not many Audrey’s around.

  5. AUDREY, of course! My daughter just appeared in the musical Little Shop of Horrors. To name our new little plant for another famous and remarkable plant would be so appropriate, and gives her a big name she can GROW up into! 🙂

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