Houston Press Web Awards: HMNS Best Flickr Pool!

Last night, we accepted the Houston Press’ Houston Web Award for Best Flickr Pool!

We were in some great company – including MMM…Cupcake Truck (Best Use of Facebook to Promote a Business – enjoy their cupcakes at Mixers & Elixirs next Friday!), Swamplot (Best Real Estate Blog), and Tweet of the Year (“Houston is the greatest city on Earth, if you know what you’re doing.” from @gunsandtacos – we couldn’t agree more.)

Read about all the winners here.

Of course, a Flickr pool is nothing without the people who contribute – their photos, their support and their presence at meetup events. It’s an amazing community, and I am constantly blown away by both their talent and their generosity.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our Flickr pool – this award is yours! If you’re new, we hope we’ll see your shots in there (and your faces at the HMNS meetups)  soon!

So many people!
Our first HMNS Meetup!

To say “thanks, y’all!” and hopefully inspire you to bring your camera the next time you visit, here are a few of our favorite shots from pool contributors and museum meetups from the last few years – but you should definitely take some time to go swimming there yourself – people post photos from our exhibits and the surrounding areas. You just never know what you’ll find.

You can also see what inspires the photographers who wander our halls and get some tips on museum photography in our Flickr Photo of the Month series.

Fancy a bite?
Fancy A Bite? from Flickr user BoldPuppy
Empress Josephine Tiara
Empress josephine Tiara by Flickr user simplybetrue
Julia Butterfly (Dryas iulia) 1
Julia Butterfly (Dryas julia) 1 by Alter Ego 1975
Cheesy Dramatic Dinosaur Shot
Cheesy Dramatic Dinosaur Shot by Flickr user cybertoad
Wage and Icebat wanted in on the Dig Pit
Wage and Icebat wanted in on the dig pit by Flickr user sulla 55
navigational spacer
navigational spacer by Flickr user eschipul
HMNS-Sugar Land Exhibits
HMNS Sugar Land Exhibits by Flickr user nuwansamaranayake
DPP-HMNS 0029 by Flickr user P&N Design
oooh by Flickr user soonerpa
Trilobite by Flickr user laanba
Houston Museum Natural Science
Houston Museum of Natural Science by Flickr user Pixeltopia
081 by Flickr user just some dust
Ceremonial costumes
Ceremonial costumes by Flickr user Mauro Luna
2007_0224_163800 by Flickr user emmiegrn
20100725_P7252568 by Flickr user etee
Hope of Humanity
Hope of Humanity by Flickr user jjsala
Frozen fountains
frozen fountains by Flickr user Graustark
Untitled by Flickr user Skinny Orange Cat
George Observatory
George Observatory by Flickr user Shadow Hunter

These are really just a few of the amazing shots in our pool – go take a look around!

I’d also like to say a special thank you to Laurie, known as laanba and/or photine online. It was her idea to organize the first meetup here at the Museum, as part of her monthly Assignment: Houston meetups (the first photo in this post is from that event). She’s a talented photographer, a great friend, a wise sounding board, and the community would not be the same without her. You can see her photos in our last Flickr photo of the month post, her photostream, and her photoblog. Thank you, Laurie!

All photos posted here with permission. Click the image to see the original + creative commons information. Photos of special exhibitions were taken during specially organized meetup opportunities; please join the HMNS Flickr group for notifications of upcoming events and read the photo guidelines for information on areas of the museum that are not photo restricted.

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10 thoughts on “Houston Press Web Awards: HMNS Best Flickr Pool!

  1. Thank you so much Erin for agreeing to that very first meet-up. It has started many wonderful opportunities for photographers in the Houston area (I still marvel that I got to photograph the Terracotta Army.) I have enjoyed working with you and I am proud of the leadership that HMNS has taken in the online media community. This award is well deserved.

  2. Thanks, Imelda! The next one is coming up this fall – we’re hosting an exhibit on the Civil War!

  3. I will add my congratulations to the list. You guys really rock, and I am so looking forward to the next meetup (minor correction: in these here parts, it’s called “The War of Northern Aggression”.)



  4. Congratulations for the award and I feel honored that one of my photos was chosen for this post, thank you!

    The Flickr meetups are really fun and I even wish they would be more frequent. Thank you, Erin and Laurie, for all the work you put into these events!

  5. Wow, that’s so very cool! I was tickled to death to see myself in the group photo. Considering how infrequently I make it to meets, it was really unlikely I’d be in any pictures 🙂

  6. So very awesome that you got the award – thank you a zillion times over for all that you do to support the Houston community, especially us photographers! (And I agree – Laurie rocks!)

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