Prehistoric Monsters: Quetzalcoatlus!

Prehistoric Monsters: Quetzalcoatlus [6.11]
The mighty Quetzalcoatlus! Check out more photos
from the event in our Flickr set.

In just a few short months, our new wing will be ready for prime time – and it will debut with a brand new, football-field sized paleontology hall that will feature dozens of new dinosaurs.

Excited? Us, too!

This summer, we’re giving members – new and renewing – a sneak peek at what’s coming soon in a series of evening events jam packed with fossil fabulousness.

The first event, Prehistoric Monsters: Quetzalcoatlus, was held this past Saturday, June 11. More than 700 people got up close to this prehistoric beast – with a wingspan that puts a modern jet fighter to shame. We also had a kid-friendly lecture with Dr. Bakker, live animals, and a fossil dig pit.

Didn’t make it? See what you missed.

Met the Quetzalcoatlus? Share your pics with us on Flickr or Facebook!

Sounds pretty awesome, right? Join us for the next event and be the first to see the enormous, ram-snouted Mosasaur, Tylosaurus– one of the prehistoric sea monsters that will populate the Museum’s new paleontology hall when it opens Summer 2012!

Not a member? No problem! Join or renew now and get access to all the fossil fun this summer – and be one of the first to see our new paleontology hall when it opens to the public next summer! New and renewing members will also get three extra months of membership free!

Watch the new wing go up – in less than 3 minutes!
Can’t see the video? Click here.
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5 thoughts on “Prehistoric Monsters: Quetzalcoatlus!

  1. How many T-Rexes will be on display? I believe LA Museum of Natural History has 3 on display, so HMNS will have at least 4?

  2. Hi Steve, Sorry for the delay. The final count isn’t totally set yet – but we will have 2 – 3 T. rexes among the dozens of new dinosaurs on display in the new paleontology hall.

  3. Hi Steve, Thanks for your comment! I did some checking, and we need to update this post and our other online materials. The footprint of the entire building is the size of a football field – of which the paleontology hall is a 30,000 square foot part. Thanks for helping us catch that.

    As for the T. rexes – like I mentioned earlier, the final count isn’t set yet. Thanks again!

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