Name That Plant! [Win 2 Butterfly Center Tickets]

Name That Plant!

There are a couple of reasons our Cockrell Butterfly Center is famous for it’s butterflies. One, they’re amazing. And two, they’re in the name.

They would be sad indeed, though, without all the tropical plants that live in the Center, which provide both food, and a place for butterflies to lay their eggs.

Even beyond the plants our butterflies need for their habitat, our Butterfly Center staff maintain a diverse array of species that are worth a visit all on their own. The plant pictured above is one of them.

Which one, you ask? The answer will be revealed in a post from Zac, our horticulturist, as soon as someone guesses correctly! Leave your guess in the comments here to enter – and be sure to include your email address, so we can contact you in you win.

What do you win? The first person with the correct answer gets a pair of tickets to come see the plants (and butterflies) in person. Now…go!

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30 thoughts on “Name That Plant! [Win 2 Butterfly Center Tickets]

  1. We have a winner!

    Here’s the answer, from Zac, our horticulturist:”

    “Kelly came very close with Ironwood, however it wasn’t quite specific enough, there are many trees commonly called Ironwood.

    So, the prize goes to: Corrie Kennelly, with her answer ‘The tree of life guaicum – Lignum vitae.’ She used the correct scientific genus!”

    Congratulations, Corrie! Check your email for instructions on picking up your prize. We’ll have a post from Zac in the next few days with more information on this fascinating plant.

  2. Name for new corpse flower…”Nellie” shortened from the latin name Cornelia(us)

  3. Esproc…..Siol…..Rekinom…..Rewolf..Unusual name for an unusual plant Please see my 4 names above

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