Name Our New Corpse Flower!

Lois Update! [Corpse Flower]
Hi, Lois!

You remember Lois the Corpse Flower, right? Of course you do. Because no one could forget our favorite stinky plant!

As it turns out, the fine folks at CultureMap – the home of @CorpzFlowrLois tweeter @stevenjthomsonreceived a Corpse Flower as a gift after Lois’ twitter identity was revealed.

Now, as Zac, our horticulturist, will tell you – corpse flowers are tricky beasts. They are rare outside their native Sumatra for a reason. They require constant, skilled care. And, of course, a habitat capable of maintaining jungle-like humidity levels.

As much as the CultureMappers loved their new flower – their lovely offices do not yet boast a greenhouse. So, they donated it to the museum, making theirs a much happier plant – and giving Lois a new roommate.

It’s going to take a lot – of time, and sass – for this little-sister leaf to live up to Leave-Em-Wanting-More Lois.

And there’s just no way for that to happen as long as our newest corpse flower remains nameless.

Lois, as you may know, is named after the mother of Eddie Holik – the former director of the Butterfly Center who acquired her 7 years ago.

We thought we’d give you the honor this time.

Help Us Name Our New Corpse Flower!

Here’s how:

Leave a comment on this post with your suggested name. You have until July 15 to get your entries in, and you can post as many as you can think of – just don’t forget to fill in the “email” field, or we’ll have no way to contact you if you win.

On July 18, we’ll post the finalists here on the blog. Be sure to come back and vote for your favorite!

July 25 – the first anniversary of Lois’ bloomday – we’ll announce the winning name for our new corpse flower!

What’s In It For You?

Bragging rights! And, a private tour of the HMNS Greenhouses (not generally open to the public) with Soni and Zac, our horticulturists + a museum membership (which has some pretty cool benefits).

Ok, ready? Go!

new guy1
I need a name!

1,165 thoughts on “Name Our New Corpse Flower!

  1. Maybe Flo (or Florence). Because you will probably hit the “Flo” after you catch a “whiff” of it!

  2. I think Lucy or Lucille might be cool. As in Lucille Ball. Cause your balls are liable to retract after you catch a whiff of this thing!

  3. My daughter and I like the name “Daphne” a nymph who preferred to undergo transformation rather than suffer the embrace of Apollo.

    We also like “Leola” which goes well with Lois.

  4. Morticia ,, I hope with all my might that the Lois’s new baby sister is named after Morticia Gomez. She is such a goddess of death! I CAME I SAW I SNIFFED!!!

  5. Layla (or Leila) – it kinda goes with lois but sounds like a younger sister. But perhaps one that is a bit gentler and quietly observant (at first appearances) but quite spunky, perky, and excitable when you get to know her. A good compliment to a strong determined leader like Lois. I think the 2 will provide a nice balance for each other – keeping them both on their toes (or bulbs rather). I also think Layla/leila has a beauty to its sound but one that’s somewhat uncommon (like this flower).

  6. Libitina..Roman myth name of a goddess of corpses and the dead. “Libi” or “Tina” for short. Perfecto! :)

  7. or it could be something completely wacky – like Sheboygan, something that just has a really unsual spelling or fun sound. like: ebulient, snuffleopogus, gubernatorial, kabuki, ecesis (which is rather appropriate actually)

    or better yet: Tallegio – a stinky cheeese from italy that only gets more pungent as it comes to room tempature yet is still appetizing and intriguing. You can’t help but be drawn in despite its intense smell.
    Per wikipedia “Taleggio (IPA: [taˈleddʒo])…has a strong aroma, but its flavour is comparatively mild…”

    Or the stinkiest of all cheeses that follows the requested for more accents- Epoisses (one of Napoleon’s favorites, classified as the “king of all cheeses”, and supposedly banned from public transport vehicles all over france according to a hotel blog – fact not checked).

  8. “Scent-tennial” as in it only seems to bloom every 100 years and when it does – LOOK OUT!

  9. this name is cool but is really brings it out they twins and they should so be name realted or sound alike but mean diffrent like stinky its stinky corpse its a corpse and orseana its just a name to me that brings out

  10. I think that the baby sister of Lois should be named Priscilla. That way her big sister could call her Prissy if she got on a high horse. Besides, Priscilla makes me think of a frilly, sweet little girl…doesn’t matter how she smells…she is still a little girl.

  11. since her big sister name is roseville high corpse her little sister name should be rosie so their like twins but names are diffrent

  12. Siole’ (pronounced so lay) It’s Lois spelled backwards with a little flavor added.

  13. Her name is Bloomhilda. She is mysterious like broomhilda, but will bloom when you call her Bloomhilda.

  14. I kinda like Corptisha.It is a one of a kind name for a one of a kind young lady.

  15. Erna, Ernesta or Ernestine; all meaning ‘battle to the death’ or ‘serious business.’

  16. I like the idea of naming the flower after Dan Duncan. If it is female, it could be Danielle

  17. I vote to name her Azrael or Azraella (if you want it to be more feminine). Azrael was known as the angel of death…flowers themselves are beautiful and angelic and the death takes care of the corpse correlation.

  18. From the perspective of a born-and-raised Houstonian, and someone who reported on the events every day of the oil spill last year, I think you should name the new flower Macondo or Maconda.

    Lois’ blooming marked the end of a poignant era: on July 15 of last year, the Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico was capped and our recovery on the Gulf coast and in the oil and gas industry could begin.

    Countless engineers, professionals, business owners and residents in the Gulf Coast and Houston area worked day in and day out to find a way to cap the insidious well after the tragic event. It took the highest levels of science and the passion of many people at this time in 2010 to overcome what happened and I think that is no coincidence that the new flower will bloom within 10 days of this milestone.

    My vote is to name the new flower in honor of the event that changed history and brought out the true spirit and comradery of our community, which I am proud to be part of, in the face of the worst of the worst.

    Just a suggestion.

  19. Looks like I may have missed this by a few days. The name should be MORT. This is the french name for EXTINCT.

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