Name Our New Corpse Flower!

Lois Update! [Corpse Flower]
Hi, Lois!

You remember Lois the Corpse Flower, right? Of course you do. Because no one could forget our favorite stinky plant!

As it turns out, the fine folks at CultureMap – the home of @CorpzFlowrLois tweeter @stevenjthomsonreceived a Corpse Flower as a gift after Lois’ twitter identity was revealed.

Now, as Zac, our horticulturist, will tell you – corpse flowers are tricky beasts. They are rare outside their native Sumatra for a reason. They require constant, skilled care. And, of course, a habitat capable of maintaining jungle-like humidity levels.

As much as the CultureMappers loved their new flower – their lovely offices do not yet boast a greenhouse. So, they donated it to the museum, making theirs a much happier plant – and giving Lois a new roommate.

It’s going to take a lot – of time, and sass – for this little-sister leaf to live up to Leave-Em-Wanting-More Lois.

And there’s just no way for that to happen as long as our newest corpse flower remains nameless.

Lois, as you may know, is named after the mother of Eddie Holik – the former director of the Butterfly Center who acquired her 7 years ago.

We thought we’d give you the honor this time.

Help Us Name Our New Corpse Flower!

Here’s how:

Leave a comment on this post with your suggested name. You have until July 15 to get your entries in, and you can post as many as you can think of – just don’t forget to fill in the “email” field, or we’ll have no way to contact you if you win.

On July 18, we’ll post the finalists here on the blog. Be sure to come back and vote for your favorite!

July 25 – the first anniversary of Lois’ bloomday – we’ll announce the winning name for our new corpse flower!

What’s In It For You?

Bragging rights! And, a private tour of the HMNS Greenhouses (not generally open to the public) with Soni and Zac, our horticulturists + a museum membership (which has some pretty cool benefits).

Ok, ready? Go!

new guy1
I need a name!

1,165 thoughts on “Name Our New Corpse Flower!

  1. I would like to name it Karma after my wife. We really enjoyed visiting Lois last year and it will always be a favorite memory of mine. Plus “Karma the Corpse Flower” has nice alliteration.

  2. Submissions are now closed! We’ll post the top five contenders plus instructions on how to vote for the final name on Monday. Thank you all for participating!

  3. Millie. My grandmother was Millie and her best friend was Lois. They were roommates, “grown” in Texas and two very colorful southern flowers.

  4. Ella, meaning “beautiful”, from the umbrellalike foliage
    Cormy/Corma, from the underground corm
    Spike, which it is now, just a 12″ tall, fat green spike
    Bud/Buddy, a buddy for Lois
    Hal, from amorphophallus

  5. 1. Thelma
    2. Stink-er-ella ( like Cinderella)
    3. Stink-a-bell
    4. Casey( to represent the little girl Casey Anthony that passed away)

  6. The Lorax…..Dr Suess character
    I entered yesterday, but do not see it on the list of entries

  7. Name her Marie Antoinette for, ” she will soon lose her head”.

    If it is a male- “Earl” he’s gotta die.

  8. What does “Your comment is awaiting moderation” mean? This site is very user unfriendly. I sent my suggestion several hours ago for names for the new flower and got this awaiting moderation message.
    Joyce Parker

  9. Sharon – My reason: Captain America’s girlfriend is named Sharon Carter and Superman’s girlfriend is Lois Lane. Both of these superhero’s are American Icon’s. :-)

  10. Bellatrix. The name Bellatrix is Latin for female warrior. It is the name or the star also known as the amazon star

  11. Morticia as in The Addams Family.
    She always held a large bloom when she slept.

  12. Phewnelope — kinda like Penelope, with just a little extra “aura”

  13. My choice for name: AROMELLA
    A combination of Aroma (distinctive odor) and Ella (Spanish for woman)

  14. How about Clarice? Probably smells about the same after you eat a big bowl of fava beans!

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