Name Our New Corpse Flower!

June 30, 2011

Lois Update! [Corpse Flower]
Hi, Lois!

You remember Lois the Corpse Flower, right? Of course you do. Because no one could forget our favorite stinky plant!

As it turns out, the fine folks at CultureMap – the home of @CorpzFlowrLois tweeter @stevenjthomsonreceived a Corpse Flower as a gift after Lois’ twitter identity was revealed.

Now, as Zac, our horticulturist, will tell you – corpse flowers are tricky beasts. They are rare outside their native Sumatra for a reason. They require constant, skilled care. And, of course, a habitat capable of maintaining jungle-like humidity levels.

As much as the CultureMappers loved their new flower – their lovely offices do not yet boast a greenhouse. So, they donated it to the museum, making theirs a much happier plant – and giving Lois a new roommate.

It’s going to take a lot – of time, and sass – for this little-sister leaf to live up to Leave-Em-Wanting-More Lois.

And there’s just no way for that to happen as long as our newest corpse flower remains nameless.

Lois, as you may know, is named after the mother of Eddie Holik – the former director of the Butterfly Center who acquired her 7 years ago.

We thought we’d give you the honor this time.

Help Us Name Our New Corpse Flower!

Here’s how:

Leave a comment on this post with your suggested name. You have until July 15 to get your entries in, and you can post as many as you can think of – just don’t forget to fill in the “email” field, or we’ll have no way to contact you if you win.

On July 18, we’ll post the finalists here on the blog. Be sure to come back and vote for your favorite!

July 25 – the first anniversary of Lois’ bloomday – we’ll announce the winning name for our new corpse flower!

What’s In It For You?

Bragging rights! And, a private tour of the HMNS Greenhouses (not generally open to the public) with Soni and Zac, our horticulturists + a museum membership (which has some pretty cool benefits).

Ok, ready? Go!

new guy1
I need a name!
Erin B
Authored By Erin B Blatzer

Erin is the Director of Business Development at HMNS. In a past life, she was a public relations and online marketing dynamo at HMNS.

1,165 responses to “Name Our New Corpse Flower!”

  1. Carol says:

    Clark! As in Lois Lane and Clark Kent! 🙂

  2. Molly Van Metre says:

    Louise for the new Corpse Flower! And good luck with her.

  3. CAROL MAYNOR says:

    a diritive of the name Lois or Louise in French

  4. Jill says:


  5. Charlie Ursell says:

    She should be named Goldie.
    Sumatra was known in ancient times by the Sanskrit names of Swarnadwīpa (“Island of Gold”) and Swarnabhūmi (“Land of Gold”), due likely to the gold deposits of the island’s highland. (Ref: Wikipedia)

  6. Sarah says:

    Lilo – short for Little Lois, plus it’s a darn cute name for the darn cute addition to the HMNS family : )

  7. Geraldine Barbeau says:

    Lila — just sounds good together — Lois and Lila, like sisters.

  8. Jill says:

    How about “Thelma”

  9. Kelly says:

    How about Gertrude or Gertie for short?

  10. Melissa says:


  11. Bob says:

    Louis (or Lewis), baby of Lois!

  12. Abigail Hofbauer says:

    Morticia (because it is a corpse flower)
    Florence (because it is an inflorescence)
    Arioa (as in aroid family)

  13. Marvin England says:


  14. Bob says:

    (After all, who said the flower offspring had to be a little sister? We had Lois: Isn’t it time for a boy’s name?)

  15. Christie says:

    Margot … as a tribute to Margot Kidder of Lois Lane fame!

  16. Constance says:

    Atlas – a Titan arum should have a Titan-worthy name. This flower reaches for the heavens, so should share the name with the Titan who supported the heavens!

  17. Christie says:

    How about Eddie as tribute to the former director of Butterfly Center whose mother Lois is named after …

  18. Matt Fuller says:

    Serendipity = )

  19. Christie says:

    Jack (because that’s my baby’s name and wouldn’t it be cool to be able to tell him there is a plant at the museum named after HIM!)

  20. Betty says:

    I love the name Sophie

  21. Stephanie says:

    Gertrude (the adored warrior)

    Artemis (of the moon!)

  22. Renee says:

    LOLA! just popped in when I saw the baby leaf…

  23. Mark Roth says:

    “Clark” was the first name that popped into my head! Since there were others with the same suggestion, I’ll offer up the name “Lane” instead.

  24. Sherry says:

    How about Aroma

  25. Kathy says:

    Louie …Goes well with Lois has a certain ring to it.

  26. Cathy says:

    Hyacinth. Hy and Lo!

  27. Nora says:

    How about “Malodora”?

  28. Michelle says:

    Female – Eloise
    Male – Milo

  29. George says:

    I am liking all the names being sent in that are spinning off Lois( Lilou,Lilo).

    Since it was suggested the new plant was a little sister to Lois ,how about Louisa (after louisa may alcott of Little Women fame)or even Lolita. If sticking with the L’s, I am a big fan of Layla or pehaps Lotus to be somewhat redundant….. However,if gender does not come into play then my male name suggestion is Leroy (after the boy on Art Linkletter Show)!!!!!!

  30. Kathryn says:


  31. Kathryn says:

    Corpi…short for corpse…with a female spin on it…

  32. Merrianne says:


  33. Richard says:

    How about Fleta? (fleet – uh)

  34. Jennifer says:

    Leiche – which is German for Corpse, and reasonably close to the sister name.

  35. Tim McClelland says:


  36. Nancy says:


  37. Rachel says:

    Libby, the name of my first flower.

  38. Lonnie says:


    Lilith (somewhat mythical/classical) or

    Poppy – which I think would be fun.

  39. Stephanie Unger says:

    Well, it’s 101 degrees today, and MARGARITA is sounding pretty good right now..

    … tall, green and VERY cool!

  40. Nicole says:

    I get a whole Bride of Frankenstein vibe from this flower, so I was thinking Elsa the name of the actress who played Bride of Frankenstein in the movie.

  41. Renee Evans says:

    ANASTASIA Annie for short

  42. Ashley Hare says:


  43. Pamela says:

    Pippi or Lenore

  44. Ricardo says:

    Whoever said Morticia was in the right path (And read my mind), but I propose:
    MORTY. Perfect for a Corpse flower.

  45. Pamela says:


  46. Pamela says:


  47. Jon says:

    Lane, as in Lois Lane.

  48. Joanne says:

    Newbie – a newcomer & a novice

  49. Pamela says:

    Esperanza. (hope)

  50. Betty says:

    Charlotte, it’s elegant, sophisticated. A flower should be a girls name.

  51. Jessica says:

    Lori please. 🙂 Thanks!

  52. Debra Cortez says:

    How about “Amor” (means “Love” in Spanish) because the Corpse Flower’s name is Amorphophallus Titanum and we will “lovingly wait” for this new baby to bloom.

  53. Susan Caracio says:


  54. Karen says:

    I think the name needs to be something mysterious like Cruella!

  55. Dave says:

    I’d have to say Morticia as well. Morticia took care of flowers as the matriarch of the Addams Family and her name comes from the latin word meaning “death”. What a fitting tribute to have her live on as a budding corpse flower.

  56. Kristen says:

    My boys think it should be Aphrodite – because we thought Lois was beautiful, and we know she will be too.

  57. Wil says:

    Ki: The Earliest Sumerian earth Goddess.
    Inanna: A personification of the morning and evening star.

  58. Rock Griffis says:

    Lilith … just fits.

  59. Holly says:

    Let’s name the new corpse flower Pomona, after Pomona Sprout, the herbology professor and head of Huffleuff house at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry.

  60. Georgia says:

    Sue, because it’s short and sweet.

  61. Vernell says:

    Floora. As the smell will floor us.

  62. Morticia Addams (from the Addams Family) says:

    Morticia for the corpse flower sounds very appropriate.

  63. gabriel says:

    diaper flower (because it smells like a diaper!)

  64. angelo says:


  65. sheila says:

    stinky peep (because you are so stinky and only give us a quick peep)

  66. Barbara says:

    How about Agatha! It means good and honorable as was Lois.

  67. Pamela says:

    Female gender: ISIS
    Male gender: OSIRIS, God of the dead

  68. Robyn says:

    What do you think of “Morticia” from The Addams Family? I think it pairs nicely with the corpse theme.

  69. Sharon says:

    Ruby…the rich red/purple color of Lois AND my sweet Mom’s name, too!

  70. Susan says:

    Seymour D. Stinker

  71. Sandra says:

    How about Lane? Lois and Lane

  72. Kellyn says:

    Stella or Atticus

  73. Amsal says:

    I think we should name it jewel because A:it so contradicts what it is I mean, come on it’s a CORPSE flower and B: Lois has been like a jewel for the museum, bringing in visitors.

  74. Lonnie says:

    Thought of some more…

    How ’bout “Esprit” (de Corps, of course…), or

    Maybe “Windy”, in honor of the odor, or

    “Little Ghoul” (little girl : ) )

  75. Casey & Annette says:

    How about Azrael the Angel of Death?
    Or Dorian, as in Dorian Gray. The guy who had the portrait of himself made and he couldn’t look at it or he would die.

  76. Carolyn Maxwell says:


  77. Julianne says:


  78. EdT. says:

    One suggestion is “Cormella” (A mashup of “Camilla” and “Corm”) or “Cormicopia”

    Going with the “Munsters” theme, how about “Hermann”? (after both the Munster and the Park)

    Last, but not least: “Sam”, which could be either male or female, but also is a reference to that dude on the horse sitting in the circle next to the Museum.


  79. Joe says:

    Kayrizzma – Kay for short

  80. Katie Clark says:

    Sam because it is a gender neutral name – it could mean Samuel or Samantha. 🙂

  81. Julie says:

    How about “Karl” for Karl Lagerfeld since he is the head designer/creative director for Chanel? (just to be funny) 🙂

  82. Katie Clark says:

    How about the name “Javier” for Javier Colon – the winner of NBC’s “The Voice” since he has a “perfumy” last name. 🙂

  83. Fabian says:

    ok.. so i and others will not win as this was someone else’s suggestion.. but i have to agree and Clark is the first thing that pops into my head when i think of Lois.
    I vote Clark.

  84. Christine Reed says:

    Loleafta–a take off on Lolita, Lois, and “leaf”, meaning pretty little sister leaf!

  85. aimee says:

    Tallulah or Penelope – my two sassafrases

  86. Kim says:

    Curt S.C. Flush

  87. KT says:

    Flora (Roman Goddess of Flowers) or Chloris (Greek Goddess of Flowers)

  88. ceb says:

    Lil’ Stinker

  89. Deborah says:


  90. Muriel Christensen says:

    Lilly or Lily is a good name

  91. Ryan says:

    Mildred or Muriel… they just go with Lois! or “Thelma and Lois”!

  92. Mikel Stroud says:


  93. Josh says:

    Thunder Cat! or Spartacus

  94. Jean says:

    How about Amanda? Since horticulturist Zac takes such good care of Lois and you just got the new plant and Zac just got engaged, name it after his fiance.

    AMANDA or Mandy

  95. Mary says:

    I think Lois should have a brother. Simon, Otis or Eddie.

  96. Definitely “Morticia” a la “Adams Family”!

  97. Michelle Michon says:

    Bella…cause the flower is beautiful even though it stinks. 😉

  98. Lindsey Alexander says:

    I think our new little corpse flower should be named Juliette <3

  99. Iryna says:

    I like all of the Lilou versions and Tallulah (could be Talie shortly)

    ‘dead flower’ in Latin is ‘flore mortuam’.. hence, Flomor, Ream(pronounced like Reham), Remor, Lorea..

  100. Kerri says:

    Marla! Like in Fight Club. 🙂

  101. Stella says:

    Claire (As someone mentioned earlier, a flower should have a feminine name. And it is Lois’s little sister. Not to mention, this girl name sounds similar to Clark.)

  102. Yvonne says:

    I like the name FLORENCIA in honor of the place of birth of Odoardo Beccari, the man that found her. Florencia means “flowering, in bloom” and is strong; a good name for a Titan.

  103. Meliza says:


  104. Elta says:


  105. Adam says:

    Stinky McDeath. Gender neutral, sounds nice with Lois.

  106. Robin says:

    Lazarus – He rose from the dead!

  107. Angela Rabius says:

    Lela, or of course Clark.

  108. Bonnie says:

    I like Lurch (from the Addam’s Family). The flower is going to be huge and I think that will match well.

    I also like Emily because that was the name of the corpse bride in Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride.

  109. Lisa says:

    Lex (as in Lex Luthor, but keeping with the “L” theme.

    Rose… ah, the irony!

  110. Trudy says:

    How about “Bela” for Bela Lugosi, the most famous corpse of all – Dracula.

  111. Dawn says:

    Call her Zani after the horticulturists who cared for her sister so well and now are caring for her. (ZAc, soNI)

  112. rae says:


  113. Susan Ellis says:

    Elvira because her bloom will be dark and sexy!

  114. Penelope says:

    Rosella its my favorite name and it won’t smell quite like a rose but is as anticapated and cared for:)

  115. Jeff says:

    Hope sounds like a good name.

  116. Erica says:

    Aggie the corpus flower

  117. Krystal says:

    My vote is for the name Clark! I agree with who ever else picked Clark. Clark would be awesome & very clever!!! 🙂

  118. Victoria says:

    FEMALE: Joan, after my mother and her namesake, Joan of Arc. 😉

    MALE: Robert, after Robert PLANT of Led Zeppelin. get it..?

  119. JT says:

    C’mon, this one’s obvious – either Ima (after Mrs. Hogg)..!

  120. Tammy Ward says:


  121. ultima says:


  122. Ariel says:

    Pepé Le Pew

  123. Jessica says:


  124. Jessica says:


  125. Clarity says:

    Emily, like Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride. Both beautiful!

  126. Vicky says:

    Vicki because Lois Lane is to Superman as Vicki Vale is to Batman.

  127. Jessica says:


  128. Jessica says:


  129. gille says:

    Hortense. Comes from the Latin meaning gardener and shares hort- from horticulturists which her keepers are.

  130. Gary says:

    I ♥ HANK!

  131. Catie Sari says:

    She’s born in the south so give her a southern name like Missy. Or you could name her Sissy since she’s a little sister.
    There’s also Bella,
    Cheyenne (shy-Ann)
    Lupe (loop-aye)
    Nitza (neet-sa)
    Xanthe (shaun-tey)
    Gabby or Gabriella
    Theresa (ter-ee-sa)
    Taima (time-ah)
    Jenelle or Jenny

  132. Catie Sari says:


  133. Bren says:

    Setesuyara, the indonesian goddess of the underworld!
    Because the flower originates in indonesia and smells like death.
    Settie for short.

  134. makenzie says:

    beauty queen charlene

  135. Courtney says:


  136. Alexandria Dominique says:

    I defiantly love Morticia from the Aadams family, but also LILY from the munsters and Lydia from Beetlejuice. All Awesome names

  137. Cheryl says:


  138. Edie says:

    Luisa (spanish for Lois)
    Bella (pretty in spanish)

  139. Clois says:

    Still honoring Lois. C for corpse.

  140. Racquel says:

    Deadpan Lily

    Morticia and the Beanstalk

  141. Nena Sledge says:


  142. Sara says:

    Bertha. She needs a name with clout.

  143. I think….

    Thelma… of Thelma and Lois fame.. (ok.. I know Louise..but still)

    because they were best buddies and went over the edge together.. like two Corpse flowers.

    Besides… my students would think it was so cool.. and I would really really like to see back inside the greenhouses..
    Thanks for giving us an opportunity to name the new corpse flower…
    Cynthia Parish West Brook High School Environmental Sciences

  144. Alfonchito Lloren Damian says:

    I would love to name her Lucy

  145. B says:

    I agree with Elta.


    The new plant should be Lois’s sister or daughter or niece or something, so why not stick with the whole Superman theme and name her after another one of his lady loves?

  146. Brandy says:

    Leila “amazing”
    Belle “beautiful”
    Lola “strong woman”
    Adelaide “Nobility”

  147. mike says:


  148. Racquel says:

    Flower of Eden



  149. anthony says:

    Esmerelda (Eh-SMELL-relda). 😀

  150. Mary Gomez says:

    Aashka (aash-ka)meaning “Blessing”, because we a blessed we got a sister from a rare plant.

  151. Aaron says:

    Allen – after the founding brothers of Houston, Augustus and John Allen.

  152. Priscilla says:

    Chloe, because it means “young green shoot” in Greek 🙂 It’s the name for new plants.

  153. Junz says:

    Rigo- as Rigor Mortis (Latin meaning “stiffness of death”)
    Mantai- For the Mantawai, Sumatra Natives sharing a piece of their culture

  154. Tom says:

    I think “Hank” is a great name! Simple, cute, and appropriate since the last one was a female name, leading people to think (incorrectly) that “Lois” was a lady. These plants (like most flowering plants) are actually hermaphrodites.

  155. Erica says:

    You can name it Aggie, Missy, tweety, Erica Syptak, pinky, bulldog, smurfit, Reeces, or Texas Aggie

  156. Riki Weinstein says:

    I was beaten to the punch— I vote for Clark (as in Clark Kent), too.

  157. Brock says:

    Lawrence – Lois and Lawrence will make a good pair.

  158. John says:

    Hi. Hi and Lois. (Created by MORT Walker, an added plus)

  159. Constance says:

    Lois II. Like Broadway’s Audrey II, but without the man-eating behavior problem.

  160. Brock says:


  161. Anna says:

    I love the name Coco for the new flower.

  162. Martha says:

    Salma. Corpse in Italian is Salma, and it’s a great name. Fiesty.

  163. Larissa says:

    HerMieNeS for HMNS

  164. Karen W says:


    (or Karen!)

  165. Audrey says:

    I think you should name it Audrey, after me 🙂 Ok, not really, but she should be named Audrey because she smells like a corpse – it’s bad breath after eating the dentist…

  166. Kevin says:

    Strictly speaking, corpse flowers aren’t just ‘female’, right?
    I like “Clark”. 🙂

  167. M says:

    Fleur La Peu

  168. Stephanie Jordan says:

    Zac 🙂

  169. Zach says:

    Eddie! Would be a nice tribute.

  170. Michelle says:

    Fleur- means Flower. Above all, this beautiful girl is a flower after all.

  171. Toya Gibson says:

    Apungah……deriving from the word Pungent…Come in guys….yall know that a pretty funky name 😉

  172. Deborah says:

    Juanita after the famous “Ice Maiden” corpse from Peru found in 1995.

  173. amitabha says:

    Orpheus or Ophelia- referencing the Underworld

  174. Erica says:

    Erica Syptak
    Texas Aggie
    Miley Cyrus
    Julianne Hough
    Miranda Lambert
    Taylor Swift

  175. Carrie says:


  176. Melissa Fitzgerald says:

    Lola. Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets.

  177. Melanie says:

    How about Adda – A pretty name with a Sumerian translation meaning carcass, corpse or skeleton. After all, this baby is indigenous to Sumatra.

  178. Varina Rush says:


  179. Alton Freeman says:

    Carrie Ann (carrion flower)

  180. Erica says:

    Erica Syptak

  181. Virginia says:

    Eleanor and call it Ellie for short.

  182. Stacy Pentecost says:


  183. Robin says:


  184. Andrea says:

    My daughter suggested Stinky….

  185. Shirley says:

    The name should be one of a kind, just like the plant. Name the plant: Cleo

  186. rew says:


  187. Bertha says:

    I have several names:
    Lady Madison
    Tracie Dawn
    Miss Stinky Winkie
    Lady La La

  188. Estelle says:


  189. IsItArt says:

    imoto ((little sister)- Japanese )

  190. Patricia says:

    Patty Tom because it is a hermaphrodite.

  191. Shannon says:

    Steve… after the donator @stevenjthomson

  192. Jana says:


  193. Matt says:


  194. Matt says:


  195. Deeanna Burns says:

    Morticia – because she is morbid but beautiful

  196. Kris says:

    Gladys, Sadie, Loretta, Bertha

  197. Graciela Moore says:

    Libitina – from Roman mythology, goddess of death, corpses and funerals…but might be a little to intense?

    Petrichor – (Greek) the name for the smell of rain on dry ground from oils given off by vegetation…a little deceiving, but good name for a plant

    Bau – Malay word for unpleasent smell

    Moncarca – Spanish for Monarch butterfly

  198. tara says:


  199. Anna says:

    I’m thinking Janine, Muriel, Agatha or Betty

  200. Saraj says:

    Violet! Then when she blooms we can make plenty of “You’re turning violet, Violet!” jokes.

  201. Lann says:

    Siol- Lois’ name spelled backward. You could nickname her “Sis”.

  202. Stacy says:

    I think the name should be LuLu. Little Lois. LL.

  203. Christina says:

    Tinkerella or Stinkerella

  204. Nicole says:

    (after a very cool, yet misunderstood musician from Houston)

  205. yessenia says:


  206. Dennis says:

    Hana (花,flower)

  207. Erica says:

    Erica S.
    Erica Syptak
    Texas Aggie

  208. Lizbeth says:

    I like Morticia!

  209. Mike D says:

    Annise Parker

  210. Gypsy says:

    Lani or Loni?

  211. Cathy G says:

    Phoebe! The off the wall character from Friends that sings ‘smelly cat’ … “Smelly plant, smelly plant, what are they feeding you? smelly plant, smelly plant, it’s not your fault”

  212. Sandy says:

    Sprout, because that’s how she started.

  213. Sandy says:

    Stinker Bell! of course.

  214. Gordana Vickers says:

    Lileth !!

  215. Angela S says:

    Sam- as in Sam Houston; or Allen- as in the Allen Brothers- original Houstonians; or Tex (since blooming flowers seem to get international attendtion).

  216. Natasha says:

    The Corpse Bride
    Tim Burton

  217. Lindsey Alexander says:

    It is just such a pretty name.

  218. Shelley E. says:

    Jane (Jane Doe- unidentified corpse)
    I do like, “lil’ stinker”. Maybe that can be her nickname!

  219. Sarah Watson says:


    Kamiko, since “Lois” means “superior” and so does Kamiko.

    Amorphophis. Or Titanium. Since parts of that are bases of the scientific name for the corpse flower.

    Carissa, which means a sweet smelling flower… oh, irony! XD

  220. mary martin says:

    STAR–because a Star is……born. Stars burn brightly and then fade- some to be reborn

    Corpseacopia –because it blooms to overflowing

  221. Bernard says:

    How about Gilruth, after the first Space Center director, in honor of the last shuttle being launched and essentially, the Center closing which is an important chapter in the history of Houston.

  222. Junz says:

    Manny for short (Mantawai)

  223. Amy Berger says:

    Daisy (my daughters choice)
    Lillian (after my daughter Lily)
    Jane (after my other daughter and it fits “Lois & Jane” like Lois Lane

  224. Tiffany Tunstall says:


  225. F. Gray says:

    Odora or


  226. Bob Mueller says:

    Louise for the new Corpse Flower! Hopefully she survives, our 4th offspring did not survive, but our momma Lois still has three living offspring.

  227. Jenn says:

    LORIS! My dear friend and I were obsessed with Lois. My friend’s name is Lori. Since Lois bloomed, Lori has been known as loris. I’d love to honor my friend Lori, and honor the love 2 Houstonians have for hmns by naming the little sister of Lois LORIS!!! Team zac forever.

  228. Sarah says:

    Mona. Its been my favourite name for ages!

  229. Gracie says:


  230. Von says:


  231. Susan in Sugar Land says:

    I wanted to rearrange the letters of Lois for her little sister’s name. When I read Soni I knew Soli was the name for the little sister of Lois! It sounded so much better than Isol.

  232. Jaimie says:

    I think since Zac took such good care of Lois, it should be named after him. Zac Jr.

  233. Claire says:

    Eleanor or Lenore

  234. Laura says:


  235. Cunningham says:


  236. Jean says:


  237. Cordelia says:

    As was one of Lois’s biggest fans (I visited her more than 40 times) I’d like to see her named Cordelia.

    The name is of Latin origin and the meaning of Cordelia is “heart”. Literary: in “King Lear” (1605), Shakespeare portrays Cordelia as a lovable, virtuous woman of rare honesty. Lois was lovable (quite a thing of beauty) and rare.

    Those who haven’t heard the name before or heard of King Lear tell me the name sounds like a flower.

  238. amy robinson says:


  239. Shirley Thomas says:

    Bela – like Lugosi!!!!!

  240. Kim K says:

    My first thought was Morticia! I think that’s a great name for a corpse flower and I see a few others have suggested it too. My second choice would be Matilda… Just sounds fun!

  241. sherelyn says:

    Astrid. Kind of a trivute to NASA

  242. Fran says:

    How about Lucy Lane? Lois Lane’s sister

  243. Jennifer Kelly says:

    Fredrick! It sounds so distinguished, and we need a boy, we already have a girl.

  244. Mary says:

    Lola! As in “what ever Lola wants, Lola gets”.

  245. Katie says:

    I’d like to suggest Kalma. Finnish goddess of death and decay, her name means “the stench of corpses”.

    Could there be a more fitting name?

  246. Jenny says:

    Lucy since it’s the name of Lois Lane’s little sister.

    And she’s liable to be as entertaining as Lucy Ricardo. 🙂

  247. I loved Lois and even visted her several times when her “stink-o-meter” was at an all time high. But I couldn’t help to feel like I was in a scene from “Little Shop of Horrors”. So with that in mind I would love to name our new seedling AUDREY if it is a girl (AUDREY II if you want to be just like the 1986 movie) or Seymour if it is a boy. I wonder if the flower on “Little Shop of Horrors” smelled too. It must have since it ate blood!

  248. Toni Harrison says:

    Corpse Christi, or Christi for short.

  249. Scott Cruse says:

    Sally, in honor of Sally Ride. We just lost the Shuttle Program, why not try and keep a bit of it going by honoring the first American Woman in space?

  250. Raven says:

    Lily, like Lily Munster.

  251. Troy Wayne says:

    “Sir David” (for David Attenborough).

  252. Kari Nilsson says:

    Grace (Grace of God)
    Cloris (Flower Goddess)
    Adia (Gift)
    Dora (Gift)
    Dory (Gift of God)
    Sera (Heavenly, Winged Angel)
    Teva (Nature)

  253. Lily says:


  254. Orbie says:

    Ceres – goddess of growing plants and motherly relationships

    Venus – associated with love, beauty and fertility

  255. Kristina Abbott says:

    Sally, the options for alliteration are awesome! “smelly sally,” etc.

  256. Mary says:

    Morticia from the Addams Family
    Or Lily from the Munsters

    Two well known lovely corpse ladies

  257. sue saft says:

    How about Shorty!!!

  258. Patty Ahrens says:



  259. Courtney says:

    Sir Stinks-a-Lot

  260. Holly E. says:

    Lois and ‘Liberty’! Seems to me that any plant independent enough to claim such a unique scent should have a powerful name…’Give my Liberty or Give me Death!~ Seems appropriate to this follower :o)

  261. shawna says:

    Morticia if a girl

    Fester if a boy

    Can’t go wrong with the Addams family names for a corpse flower

  262. EMMY LOU ROBERTS says:


  263. Tatiana says:

    I like Camila, and Summer

  264. Tatiana says:


  265. Holly E. says:

    “Give ME Liberty or Give me Death”…please excuse the typo~

  266. Amanda Davis says:

    Demeter after the Greek goddess of horticulture. Or Persephone her daughter by Zeus who is captured by Hades and spends half of the year on Earth and half the year in the underworld.

  267. Caryn O. says:

    Girl: Francine
    Boy: Francois

  268. Michelle says:


  269. Mel C says:


  270. Diane Douglas says:


  271. Michelle says:

    Centro Trenta-Tre which is Italian for “one hundred thirty-three”; the number of years since the plant was first discovered by Italian botanist, Odorado Beccari, in 1878.

  272. Teresa says:

    Clayton : (Clay + Ton) Since the corpse flower’s name is derived from ancient Greek amorphous “without form” like clay and derived from titan “giant.” Then it should be named after something that weighs a lot. Hence the reference “ton.”

  273. Donna T. says:

    Peppi Le(a) Phew

  274. Roger says:

    Rebekah – with the News Of The World saga in mind and the ‘stink’ it has caused in the global media!

  275. Peter says:

    How about “Odorable” :P. Or “Zephyr” which means “a gentle, mild breeze” (, a surprise for the unsuspecting :P.

  276. Toni says:

    Dahlia, Sage,

  277. Kathy says:


  278. Mary says:

    Rose, because a corpse flower by any other name would smell as….well, stinky! LOL

  279. Mary says:

    Malodory — describes her perfectly!

  280. Mary says:

    Miasama (mee- ahz – ma)

    Pretty sounding noun that means
    1. noxious exhalations from putrescent organic matter; poisonous effluvia or germs polluting the atmosphere.
    2. a dangerous, foreboding, or deathlike influence or atmosphere.

  281. Lorraine Hamilton says:


  282. OBAMA – given the way he has stunk up Washington, it’s only fitting.

  283. Karen Middleman says:


  284. Mary says:


    Miasma (mee- ahz – ma)

    Pretty sounding noun that means

    1. noxious exhalations from putrescent organic matter; poisonous effluvia or germs polluting the atmosphere.
    2. a dangerous, foreboding, or deathlike influence or atmosphere.

  285. Joe Boll says:

    Lenore. (a la e.a. poe.)

  286. Athena says:

    Or Polly

  287. Diane says:

    Audry ….after little shop of horrors.

  288. Romy Currin says:

    Audrey like the plant from Little Shop of Horrors

  289. Jen says:


  290. Jen says:


  291. Judith says:

    July 25th is my birthday that a good time to name the flower. I like the name Ralph. You could say here is Ralph as a matter of fact or HERE IS RALPH! Ralph is a friendly name for a plant who would soon have many friends!

  292. Romy Currin says:

    Or Perhaps a female form of the name Zac… Zaharina,
    or perhaps Zoe as an alternative
    maybe Houston as a name
    Persephone, Ancient Greek ‘Queen of the Dead’
    Mara, means Bitter or death-bringing
    Kalma, ancient Finnish goddess of death whose name means corpse stench
    Ophelia, tragic Shakespearean heroine
    Ayanna, name meaning Beautiful flower
    Abbey or Abigail, meaning beautiful in form

  293. Jen says:


  294. Jen says:


  295. How about “Obamafumes” like the state of the union.??

  296. Jack says:


  297. Stacy Pitts says:

    Cora the Corpse Flower

  298. ana says:

    cadiva (ca-die-va), cadaver/diva

  299. ana says:


  300. Stephanie says:

    I LOVE Clark as the name with “lois and clark” as the background… especially since we have a Houston Superman taking care of them!


  301. Alicia says:

    Name it “Prudencia”, after the grandmother I never met and whom I’m named after.. I don’t like the fact that I’m the only PRUDENCIA in existence in Houston! Or am I? Well, it’s such an unusual name that I got taunted and teased about it and forced me to start using my middle name instead..
    If you guys at HMNS like feminine, unusual, unique names, this one is it. However, “Clark” would work just fine too for those who want a masculine name for the flower 🙂

  302. Elizabeth says:


  303. Sandra says:

    I say we name her “Olores”
    Shorten from Dolores-A funny variation of painfully smelly in spanish…

  304. Rick says:


  305. Valerie says:

    A few ideas:
    Bones (as in the TV character)
    Lilly (“The Munsters”)

  306. I like “Lanie” works for male or female

  307. Mary Jo says:

    Leiche – German for corpse (appropriate, since Lois liked Switzerland so much).

  308. Lindsey Alexander says:


  309. Romy Currin says:

    How about Pandora, so beautiful on the outside but then she opens that box..

  310. Regina says:

    Twettie- because if it were not for the guy tweetering about Lois, and receiving the flower as a gift and then donating it to the museum, there would be nothing to name…

    so TWEETIE should be the name. :}

  311. Betty says:


  312. Apama Mackey says:

    Lugosi (as in Bela Lugosi) – Phonetic Pronunciation: luu-GO-see
    A bit of background on this name:
    Béla Ferenc Dezső Blaskó (20 October 1882 – 16 August 1956), commonly known as Bela Lugosi, was a Hungarian actor of stage and screen. He was best known for playing Count Dracula.

    “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” is a gothic rock song written by the band Bauhaus. The song was the band’s first single, released in August 1979, and is often considered to be the first gothic rock record released.

  313. El Bruche says:

    Frank. Name it Frank because it will eventually smell like rotting franks.

  314. Landry says:

    Marilyn Munster…or Lilymunster!

  315. Apama Mackey says:

    To add to my submission of the name Lugosi, I was wondering about the sex of the plant and Google helped me with this below…
    Both male and female flowers grow in the same inflorescence. The female flowers open first, then a day or two following, the male flowers open. This usually prevents the flower from self-pollinating.

  316. Erica says:

    Sam (Sam Houston)
    Atlantis ( the spaceshuttle)
    STS-135 (last spaceshuttle)

  317. Jim Jennings says:

    Audrey II

    The name Seymore gave to the man eating plant in the Broadway Play and Movie “Little Shop of Horrors” He named it after his secret love Audrey.

  318. Naomi says:

    While I do not think plants should have names other than botanical names, I realize no one is going to call this plant by its botanical name which is Amorphophallus titanum or A. titanum. So, if we have to name it, how about Culture Map or CM from whom HMNS adopted the A. titanum? My other choices would be Naomi, which means “my sweetness,” or Titania. After all didn’t A. titanum at HMNS bloom in the Midsummer Night?

  319. Mr. B. Goode says:


  320. Betty says:


  321. Jerry Resseque says:

    Corpse Christie!

  322. Eva Chappell says:


  323. michael gibson says:

    The Lady GaGa corpse flower. This will give the flower instant fame and your museum even more publicity.

  324. James says:

    How ’bout Pennie?

  325. Aimee B says:

    I assumed that the first was named Lois for the Little Shop of Horrors man-eating plant, so I would suggest Seymour or Audrey.

  326. Charlene says:

    Jinx…beacuse it’s sassy.

  327. Crow says:

    Astro (or it can be feminized to Astra).

  328. Cindy says:

    Lily Munster. She looked like a corpse.

  329. Debbie P. says:

    Lily, what else should it be.

  330. Camellio Contreras says:

    Pepe Le Pew

  331. Bill Zeis says:

    Suma, for Sumatra, where corpse flowers come from.

  332. alicia Leighty says:

    How about naming her Magenta, Rose, or Violet to represent her colorfull bloom.

  333. Vivian says:

    Lucretia (as in Borgia)

  334. Vivian says:

    Or…Morticia (Adams Family).

  335. Kimberly says:

    I really like that Lois is short and easy to pronounce.
    My vote is for Kate/Cate (how ever you want to spell it).

    I also like the name Ruth if Kate/Cate has already been suggested.

  336. E. Hobbs says:

    New plant name – SYBIL

  337. L. D. says:


  338. Julia says:

    Stinky Steve

  339. Vanessa says:

    I like the name Nefferterie (pronounced neffer-teary). In honor of Egyptian Queen Nefertiti, because this flower is beautiful and mysterious as is Nefertiti. It also means the beautiful one has come.

  340. Price says:


  341. Devin says:

    I think Eden would be a nice name for her.

  342. Tim LaMontagne says:

    Loony tunes “Pepe Le Pew”

  343. Peggy Averett says:

    Luci would be a good name for Lois’ sister’s name.

  344. Dolce says:

    Gurdy! 🙂 why not?!

  345. Christine says:


  346. Mandi says:

    Stinker Belle,
    Corpse Christy, or Just Christy

  347. maribel says:

    Pepe Le Pew


  348. Katherine says:

    Lilly! After my favorite dog.

  349. Mary says:


  350. I would like the Corpse Flower to be named Morticia.

  351. Christine L says:


  352. Becky Martinez says:

    How about Delecti as in Corpus Delecti?

  353. Kim says:


  354. Taylor says:

    Leopold…..sounds like a cute pair….Lois & Leopold

  355. Christine L says:

    LOLA….Lois and Lola

  356. Dina L. Parker says:

    Moana…….that’s what we’ll be doing after she blooms in full!!!

  357. laura says:

    Shelley…So we can call her smelly Shelley

  358. Terri Werner says:

    DIE-anna seems to be appropriate – she she is going to die anyway…..

  359. Becky Baranouski says:


  360. susan g says:


  361. Lora says:

    Audrey or Seymour from Little Shop of Horrors.

  362. I vote with Jill, Thelma would be good “Thelma and Lois” a couple of real stinkers

  363. Kyle says:

    Shia LaFleur

    For instance, if it is anything like Lois, “shyly the flower” opened…

  364. Noel Borge says:

    Stinky Beauty

  365. rory daigre says:


  366. Gwen says:

    My suggestions are:
    Sunshine, and last but not least,

  367. Leslie Lopez says:

    LILY is a great name for this little corpse flower. LOIS & LILY – two corpse flowers.

  368. Kathy says:

    Thomson, after the tribe name Thomsonieae. Or Alisma after the Order Alismatales. All names were found with wikipedia.

  369. Candi B. says:

    How about Bella, when you see a picture of the bloom, I think of the “beauty” of it more than the smell.

  370. Jessie says:


  371. Meagan says:


  372. CBark says:

    Zenith – meaning “high point”

  373. J P Leighton says:

    Luisa (Goes with Lois)
    Ivy (I just like that name)

  374. Annette says:

    I think Coco the corpse flower is a good one!

  375. Kim Morrison says:


  376. Gina C. says:

    Zoe . . . a girl’s name is pronounced ZOH-ee . . . means Life . .

  377. Jeff Carroll says:

    Beautiful Death

  378. Vivian says:


  379. Nancy Mowry says:

    Floreek….Flo for short. Or Somell !!

  380. John McCoy says:

    Corpse Christie or just Christie

  381. Kevin says:

    Pepe’ Le Pew, the cartoon character skunk that everyone liked. He just had one problem. He stunk!! Same with the Corpse Flower.

  382. K.Hughes says:

    “Death Becomes Her” – Title from that comedy movie w/ Brue Willis and Goldie Hawn! Or “Bonnie” (shortened for botanist)

  383. John McCoy says:

    Esprit as in Esprit da corpse

  384. Laurie Sturdevant says:

    “Nita”, short for “Hermanita”, or baby sister!

  385. Janet Werner says:

    Lana as in Lana Lang, Lois Lane’s rival for Superman’s affection.

  386. C.HALL says:

    Stink A Boo

  387. MOLLY- (Acronym for: More of Lois Like Yesteryear) Simple but sweet,eventhough she will eventually stink…….

  388. Ginger Graeter says:

    Name her “Bella”!

  389. Delia Cuellar says:

    Kelly is my choice. Can be female or male.

  390. Greg says:


  391. LRodriguez says:

    Lacey…which means mythical woman…perfectly fitting
    LOLA…I love this name…perfect name for little sister of Lois

  392. Tony says:


  393. Ginger Graeter says:

    Dieasa pronounced Die e Sa

    or Kalma (Finnish goddess of death means corpse stench)

    or Desdemona

  394. BECKY KERBOW says:


  395. Judy Hill says:

    Butterfly McStink

  396. Lisa P says:

    Josiah, named after the child kid of Judah

  397. Ginger Graeter says:

    Name her Mercy

  398. Ginger Graeter says:

    Eudicta pronounced: e ooh dikta
    latin for beuatiful death

  399. Elisabeth says:

    Zaconi- after the two horticulturists.
    Hermann or Gilda.

  400. Gwyn Elliott says:

    Phyllis the Corpse Flower! (if it’s a girl)

    Howard the Corpse Flower (if it’s a boy)


  401. MFrench says:

    Corvina- means dark
    Raven- means dark
    Zelia- means zeal
    Dierdre- means sorrowful
    Phaedra- in Greek mythology, King Minos’s daughter (Phaedra) committed
    suicide when her step son refused her advances
    Griselda- means dark battle
    Samara- means night talk
    Hermia- character in Midsummer Nights Dream
    Rajani- means night
    Leonore- Lady lost forever from Edgar Allen Poe poem “The Raven”
    Delilah- means seductive

  402. Angela says:

    Henry or Ocsar

  403. Josh says:

    Name that flower “Casey Anthony”

    Because it reeks of death, attracts thousands of on-lookers, and will safely go dormant.

  404. Teresa Puente says:

    Lil Lolita Stinkbud

  405. Lee says:

    Morticia as in Morticia Addams. Now that is a corpse name.

  406. Susan says:

    Harris (as in Harris County, TX)

  407. Mira says:

    Lois Lane’s mother was Ella. Or how about Mira (merra), then everyone would finally pronounce my name right!

  408. Tammie says:

    Destiny because the Houston Natural Science Museum was destined to get a new corpse flower!!

  409. Robbie Thompson says:

    Elvira, who looks like a corpse

  410. Dana Brock says:

    Cahaya ~ Unisex Indonesian name.
    Means “light”.

    Dwi ~ Unisex Indonesian name.
    Means “Second Child”

    Bunga ~ “Flower” in Indonesian

    I think it is important that we don’t specify a gender because the Amorphophallus titanum does in fact have both male and female parts =)

  411. tracy says:

    Ethel! I just think Lois and Ethel sounds like a good pairing 🙂

  412. Barbara McCauley says:

    Nelly… Smelly Nelly!

  413. CiCi says:

    Stinki Stella

  414. Harold Trimm says:

    I like Beatlejuice

  415. JoJo Escobedo says:

    Osiris – death’s energy
    Yama – King of death

  416. david ruth says:

    Since this thing is alive yet smells of dead flesh, lets call it Zombee.

  417. Kenny H says:

    Lady Capulet
    Lady Macbeth

  418. Lance Bell says:

    Audrey (Little House of Horrors).

    Venus (she’s not a flytrap, she’s the goddess of love!)

    Princess Kate (royalty – maybe they’d come visit!)

    Iris or Lily (flower types)

  419. Vida says:

    I vote for Morticia as well. It’s the first thing I thought of when I looked at the picture.

  420. Billie says:

    Dierdre: She is sorry she is so stinky

  421. suzzanne says:

    I thank thay should name the flower lady gaga .just from when she wore the meat dress .in it look’s like it would smell like something bad .you know that you can’t put purfume on a pice of meat it just going
    smell bad.I thank this is a good name for the flower .

  422. Linda says:

    I thought of Evita, as in Eva Peron,a pretty famous corpse,a pretty name!

  423. Mrs. Miller says:


  424. Lisa Hill says:

    I like Reekeanna…smelly girl!!

  425. Marilyn says:

    Name her Lola. Just sounds good

  426. Tracy says:


  427. Brian Hood says:

    nawsha like nausea

  428. Barbara says:

    Mort, it is a synonym for corpse or for female Mortitia 🙂

  429. James says:

    I still like Penny

  430. Vicky says:


  431. Joyce Eben says:

    I like Lolita.

  432. Judy & Kk says:


  433. Stephanie says:

    I think LOLA would be a fitting name.

  434. Chris Dougherty says:


  435. Chris Dougherty says:


  436. Chris Dougherty says:


  437. Chris Dougherty says:


  438. Chris Dougherty says:


  439. Jessica W. says:

    #1. Lily… as in Lily Munster (The Munsters)
    #2.Morticia as in Morticia Adams (The Admas Family)
    Like many on here, my 1st thought was also “Clark” as in Lois and Clark of Superman.

  440. Taylor Calvin says:

    Wilson seems fitting 🙂

  441. Deron Evers says:

    Delilah or Cleopatra

  442. M. Davi says:

    Pestula Mortimer

  443. Shannon says:

    I think the name:
    Mr. Bone Jangles would make for a fun name for a Corpse flower

  444. M. Carr says:

    The perfect name for the corpse flower is “Morticia” – “Mort” is a French word meaning “dead”. If you ad “n” at the end or “Morticia” and the word would be Mortician.

  445. Marie says:

    1) Morticia – Play on words for the corpse theme.

    2) Dali – Eccentric yet whimsical.

    3) Lady Gaga – One monstrously odorous plant.

    4) Stinky Foo – Opposite of Sweet Pea

    5) Smelly Nelly

  446. Will says:

    My mom was thinking Morticia (like Morticia Aadams) too, so I vote for that one.

  447. Melanie Gonzales says:

    How about “Sally” in honor of the the love interest of the main character Jack Skellington in The Nightmare Before Christmas?

  448. Kyle says:


  449. Kyle says:

    Joseph, Minnie, Steve, Lane, Jimmy, Jake, Rosalyn, Shelley, Lily, Mona, Harmony, Joanne, Emma, Natalie, Tonya, Shannon, Julie, Tyler, Carrie-Mae, Gloria, Elizabeth, Jennifer, Huckleberry, Skipper,

  450. David says:

    How about Clark, lois and clark seems fitting.

  451. Yvette says:

    Given Beauty

  452. Robin says:

    Schatz….pronounced… shots
    It means treasure. If it is a treasure to those who appreciate it then why cant the name say so?

  453. les says:


  454. Marc Williams says:

    Her name should be Cruella!

  455. David McFarland says:

    Our economy stinks, why not name the plant ” Obama “

  456. John Druary says:

    It has to be Audrey. “Feeeeed me!”

  457. Sam says:

    It’s a wonderful name 🙂

  458. Mondia says:

    Madame Stenchy

  459. Avie says:

    I think the prefect name sure be Otis, so Lois meet your new friend Otis. that truly has a ring to it.

  460. Lauren Anthony says:

    I think it should be “Putrid Blossom” 🙂

  461. Rick T says:

    Zoe (it means Life)

  462. R. Taylor says:

    To celebrate the Spanish heritage in Houston:

    Antonella (flower)

    Dalia (flower)

    Dulce (sweet)

  463. brian says:

    Call it “Lane”

  464. Jameleh Elbatsh says:

    How about Caylee– we only had her for a few moments but she made a huge impact on the world and the flower does the same. We can only cherish its bloom for so long and then its over with memories of its experience to last us a lifetime

  465. Cindy Kral says:

    Morticia is a good name.

  466. Kirk Childress says:

    Lilith. a dangerous & spirited name for a dangerous & spirited plant.

  467. MIKE DICKINSON says:

    Because its stinky and it will make you winky your eyes and hold your nose.

  468. Sue says:

    Name her “Pewtunia” as in pewee for stinky

  469. Leen says:

    Gem (if female) or Jim (male) – because she or he will be the jewel of this year’s exhibit

  470. Barry Begault says:

    Since Lois is a super flower with a super stinky aroma, her pal should be named Lane, like Lois Lane.

  471. David Stockwell says:

    Turd Ferguson

    (Norm Macdonald’s SNL impression of Burt Reynolds)

  472. Lilian says:

    Spin off of Lois.

  473. Lisa Roberts says:

    Adele or Adela

  474. mary serra says:


  475. When I hear “corpse,” I think of zombies. And when I think of zombies, I think of: George Romero.

  476. John Wilkes says:

    I think our new little Corpse Flower should have the name O-dor-a for her distinct odor.

  477. Lindsey says:

    Eloise! Just sounds like the sister of Lois.

  478. Joseph says:

    The name should be Stewie so it could be lois’s baby. Like in family guy

  479. Meli says:

    Minerva, for Professor MacGonagall of the Harry Potter series or, Voldemort!

  480. Marty krupp says:

    name it Greusome…….and we can watch to see if it grew some!

  481. Heather Sanders says:


    A variant of Herminia (Spanish) and Hermione (Greek), and the meaning of Hermina is “messenger; earthly”.

    This was my husband’s grandmother’s name. She was a special lady. 🙂

  482. Julie says:

    Her name was LOLA…she was a showgirl…:)

  483. Deborah Cleckley says:

    Pepita Le Pew

  484. Karen T. says:

    Jane Doe
    Baby Jane

  485. Jim Strachan says:

    I suggest “Hope”, after Hope Solo, goalie of US women’s soccer team.

  486. Rick says:

    Elvira, Flower of the Corpse.

  487. Dave Fahy says:

    I’ve always liked “Lucretia Synkavitch”. Kids wouldn’t go for it as a pet name though!

  488. Mercedes says:

    I would go with the name Ira. It means watchful!!

  489. Mercedes says:

    Eleanor is a good name also.

  490. Marcia Clark says:

    Sammi (like Sam Houston but female) so she and Lois can be BFFs

  491. Mercedes says:

    What about the name Seymour?? Come see more of Seymour!!! lol, play on words.

  492. Spence says:


  493. Jason says:

    Vincent, in a nod to Vincent Price of the old horror films. If it’s a Corpse Flower, who better to represent than Vincent Price? And we could nickname the flower Vince, or Vinnie. Good fun.

  494. Randi Hight says:


  495. S T I N K E R B E L L E !

  496. Scott-free says:

    I too want to propose the name “Clark,” as in Lois & Clark … it’s a natural for the news reporters (local and national) to pick-up and run with for great publicity for the HMNS! Also, we’ll get to watch as the mild-mannered shoot turns into: … Up in the sky, look: It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s SUPERMAN!

  497. Mike says:

    name it ‘Lucy’ – the Corpse Flower. it would be Lois’ twin sister

  498. Emily Chapin says:


  499. Chris says:


  500. Heidi Chapin says:


  501. Corliss says:


  502. Maria says:


  503. N. White says:


  504. Cathy says:

    Cousin It

  505. Karen H. says:

    Name her Thomasina in honor of Sir Thomas Raffles. Another possibility would be Lily since she kind of looks like a lily. 🙂

  506. ELISIA says:

    I have a good one – Penelopew (Penelope).

  507. Lisa says:

    The first thing that popped into my mind was Endora, that rare flower from Bewitched fame. She was a real stinker, but had an real enduring presence and she could really clear a room!

  508. Maria says:

    Or Hortensia derived from Hortus meaning garden.

  509. Vicki Smith says:

    Obi (or Obie) for Obnoxious.

  510. Patricia says:

    Female: Andromeda
    Male: Perseus

  511. LaDonna Davis says:

    Hi, as in Hi & lois

  512. Stephanie Blyth says:


  513. RB Cox says:

    Lugosi as in Bela Lugosi

  514. Anna says:

    Charlotte, I think.

  515. poboy says:

    The plant’s native country of Sumatra made me think that “Sinatra” would be a great neame.

  516. Martin says:

    Since my first ex was Lois, that first name rang true. If you pick Lili, my second ex, that would be really, really creepy. Failing that, I rather like Morticia, but can’t say I know her, yet…

  517. BL Brown says:

    StinkaDena…….it could become a mascot for our neighbors to the east

  518. Rita Barrow Poling says:

    How about Hi as in “Hi and Lois”?

  519. Karen M says:

    Grendel (monster from Beowulf)

  520. Allenna Mitchell says:

    Clark. As in Clark Kent and Lois Lane from Superman! just sayin’

  521. Brenda Dealy says:

    I think Morticia or Wednesday from the Addams Family would be fitting.

  522. Julio says:

    Foetida the flower. prounounced Foe-teedah is smelly in Latin

  523. paystone says:

    Lazarus “Lord he stinketh by now”

  524. Jennifer says:

    How about Clark? As in, Lois & Clark. What a pair they will make!
    Other ideas: Sweety, Phyllis, Junior

  525. Patricia says:


  526. Rita Barrow Poling says:

    Houmonas (Hou)ston (M)useum (o)f (Na)tural (S)cience

  527. Knotdoneinyet says:

    Jimmy because Jimmy Olsen was the cub reporter in the Superman Adventures.

  528. Dudley says:

    Flower – he name of the skunk in Bambi

  529. priscilla says:


  530. Crystal Gant says:

    Clark! Lois and Clark just seems fitting. Lois can finally have the superman she always dreamed about! A super “smelly” man that is!! 🙂

  531. Trish McIntosh says:


  532. Ellie Arnold says:

    name suggestion is Patience.

  533. Loli says:


  534. daniel c. says:

    Guano Missile


    Dung Lova

  535. Tim says:

    I think the name Thanatos would be a good pairing for Lois.
    They work well together and since Lois is a greek name usually meaning “Superior” and Thantos for “Death”. I think Superior Death is a good description for the Corpse Flower.

  536. Mamacita says:

    Everyone knows that Lois needs Clark! They’re a natural pair!!

    I got to the party too late. Several of you shared my thoughts.


  537. Carol Hahn says:

    HI (as in Hi and Lois) Could be exotically spelled as Heigh, high,etc.

  538. Margaret says:

    Stinky Pooh
    Pretty Smelly Baby
    Beastly Beauty

  539. doug & sharon says:

    FLORENCE, OLIVE – suggested by my husband

    MILDRED, HAZEL, SWEETPEA – my suggestions

  540. Katherine says:


  541. Suzette Belson says:

    Agnes – just like it, same as my cat.

  542. Matt Fuller says:

    Lola (la-la-la-la-lola) = )
    Matt Fuller

  543. Dante Amadeo Medina says:

    Amor (spanish for Love) short for its real name Amorphophallus titanum. plus the city of Houston LOOOOOOVESSS its corpse flowers.

  544. jackie Londa says:

    I think Lois should have a new buddy by the name of Lulu.

  545. Gil says:

    Clark is good, but how about Jimmy (Jimmy Olsen, cub reporter)?

  546. Geoffrey says:

    Corey – Corey The Corpse Flower

  547. Alan says:

    Aramis (alternative spelling Arumis)- derived from “Arum,” and also the name of a loyal “musk”ateer. Also a little irony given it would share its name with a popular perfume/cologne line.

  548. Diane Reeves says:

    What about Morticia?

  549. Terry says:

    What about Diva….

  550. Corliss says:


    In Germanic legend, Lorelei was a beautiful siren who sat upon a rock in the Rhine River and lured sailors to shipwreck and death.

  551. Michael Whelton says:


    Leilani is a Hawaiian name that means heavenly flower.

  552. Barbara says:

    Morticia or

  553. Angel Enriquez says:

    bertha sounds like a good name, or liliana

  554. Taylor says:

    Connie or Con for short.

  555. Mike says:


  556. Chuck says:

    TED, the acronym for The Essence of Dallas. Dallas stinks!

  557. Julie E. says:

    Glory. Its splendid in its creation and there is dignity in stink, ask PePe Le Pew. Glory should be this majestic plant’s name.

  558. loisfan says:

    Buddy! (it’s budding, and it is a buddy for Lois!)

  559. Elizabeth Cobb says:

    Tish – for Morticia Addams 🙂

  560. Melissa says:

    How about Lane?

  561. Bill Weaver says:

    Greatfull Dead, self-explanatory

  562. Marie says:

    Lula Belle
    Bella La Peux
    Lil Stinker
    Missy Miss – missed the perfume
    Cru Ella
    Simmie Terry

  563. Truett says:

    Nancy, after Nancy Grieg, the Director of the Butterfly Center

  564. Linda says:

    I like the name Clark. I like the idea of “Lois and Clark”.

  565. bill daugherty says:

    ‘Dead on Arrival’. DOA for short. If necessary, you could call ‘her’ Doathy.

  566. Cristin says:





  567. TRELLIS says:

    How about Trellis since most flowers need support

  568. JimL says:

    “Death Star II” after Star Wars Movie

  569. Mary Kay Hemenway says:

    I think a great name would be either Delilah or Elvira!

  570. Janine Chang says:

    “gǎ-gà`” a nice way of describing something smelly or stinky in my language 🙂


    Chòu!Chòu! which also means stinky

  571. Angie says:

    Patience – It takes a lot of patience from an audience to wait and see the beauty of the bloom

  572. Rob says:


  573. BILL:D says:

    Whew! . . . or Whiffy . .

  574. Tammy Locke says:

    “Viande” — French for “meat” — seems appropriate for a corpse flower!

  575. Dawn says:

    Minerva, just because I like it. 🙂

  576. Lana Donath says:


    Imagine… “Lois and Lillian; Corpse Flower Duo Extraordinaire”

  577. Dale says:

    “To Die For” or “Worth the Wait”

  578. Tom says:

    Morticia – She is beautiful, mysterious and has an air of death.

  579. Vanessa says:


  580. Dana says:

    I have it. BLANCHE. Because that’s what people do when they see her — and then when they smell her! It’s a NAME that’s a VERB, too!

  581. Kate says:

    Alberta – it just came to me 🙂

  582. Brittany says:


  583. Aleksandra says:

    My suggestion would be RISING STAR, Perfect taken circumstances!

  584. Anita says:


  585. Gabriela says:

    In honor of Sumatra’s geography how about

  586. Neda says:

    Elvira or Suma

  587. Jeff says:

    Lon Bela

    after Lon Chaney and Bela Lugusi, the best “corpses” in the business

  588. Sarah says:

    Baby Bloomer 😉

  589. Jessica A. says:

    LOLA! Lois and Lola…how nice!

  590. Niki says:

    I think you should name her Audrey like the people eating plant from outer space in the play/movie Little Shop of Horrors…her tag line was “Feeeeeeed Meeeeee”

  591. cynthia matthews says:

    How about, Musty Sam or Stinky Leo

  592. Lanie DeWitt says:


  593. Phil Mataway says:

    The flower puts out a smell of a rotting corpse. Rotting corpses remind me of zombies. Zombies remind me of George Romero, the “Godfather of all Zombies”. The corpse flower is native to Sumatra, which is part of Indonesia. According to Wikipedia, Jaja is Indonesian for George. I think the new flower should be named Jaja after the Indonesian name for the “Godfather of all Zombies”.

  594. Lori says:

    Clark! It definitely fits with Lois!!

  595. Lanie DeWitt says:


  596. SeayFamily says:

    Emily! (Corpse Bride)

    I know people have said this already, but I think it’s a great name, fits perfectly. It was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the flower.

  597. Susan says:

    Maxine or Audrey

  598. Stan says:


  599. Stephanie Love says:

    I think it’s name should be Patience! Houstonians certainly had a lot of patience while waiting on Lois.

  600. Cheryl says:

    BLOSSOM (from the English word meaning flower or bloom)


    CLIA (from the Greek word meaning famous flower)

  601. Linda says:

    Dahlia – as in the Black Dahlia

  602. Erin says:

    You should name her Jeannie…after my mom.

  603. Ron Suder says:

    “Little Stinker”

  604. Dahlia Cortinas says:

    Christi la Corpse

  605. Diamond says:

    Male Gender: Peter, Zachary, Zeus , Marley , Titan , Axel , Clark
    Female Gender : skylar, josie, zoe, ava, maria, pricilla, georgette

  606. Vince says:

    I feel that the name: VALESKA would be a perfect name. Valeska meaning splendid as it is a splending flower.


  607. Susan says:

    ..or Lois and Clark…flowers can be males too!

  608. Jakelyn says:

    Methuselah or Methezulah

  609. Debbie says:


  610. Gabriel says:

    How about Lucinda ?
    From ancient meaning for Light.

  611. rah selmo says:

    Name should be — Victor/Victoria…..

  612. Mark says:

    Peter! This gives plenty of names for future flowers – Chris, Meg, Stewie, Adam West, Greased Up Deaf-Flower…

  613. Marie says:

    Belladonna- poisonous plant with purple flowers

  614. Pat says:


  615. Sheila says:

    Boy’s name – Clark, as in Lois & Clark

    Gir’s name – Rachel, like Batman’s girlfriend (since Lois is Superman’s girlfriend)

  616. Tammy says:


    That’s my mom and grandmothers, all rather quaint names that would go with “Lois.” Saw Lois at her stinkiest last year and still have the buttons to show for it!

  617. Lois says:

    Let’s name her ELLA! My middle name is Lois and my first name is Ella!

  618. Monty says:

    Dingy Jane
    Dortha Kay

  619. Steve Palmer says:

    How about “Walker,” for the zombies in THE WALKING DEAD?

  620. Marie Purvis says:



  621. Juanita says:

    Mirasol –

  622. Mary Ellen Sabrsula says:

    tinky poo….just fits…..

  623. Becky Cawood says:

    I think the flower should be named “Blossom”, like the skunk in the moving Bambi!

  624. Lynn S. says:


  625. Marianne Douville says:

    I think “The Afterlife” would be a great name for this flower.

  626. Jill Mullikin says:

    Ms. LaPooew

  627. William B. Keith says:

    My suggestion as a name for the new Corpse Flower is CLEOPATRA

    William B. Keith
    1302 Pilot Point Dr
    Houston, TX 77038

    281 445-2546

  628. Jennie says:

    My first thoguht was Kelly (yeah, I watched Saved By the Bell as a kid).

    However I really like the Morticia suggestion.

  629. Mermyst says:

    Persephone Goddess of the underworld

  630. Susan V. says:

    A good name for a corpse flower? How about “Stiffany”?

  631. Beth says:

    Pepe la Bella.. Beautiful but smells like pepe la pew!

  632. Jason says:

    Name it Yvonne!

  633. LJ says:


  634. Susan L says:

    Caddy short for cadaver.

  635. Carla Snell says:

    Morticia! Perfect name for a corpse flower!

  636. Nita says:


  637. Tina M says:


  638. Candis says:

    Smell Nellie

  639. Candis says:

    Smelly Nellie

  640. TJ Lymenstull says:

    Stinky Too – lighthearted, punny, and fitting

  641. Maggie says:


  642. Maggie says:

    Libitina – the Roman goddess of corpses

  643. Harris says:


  644. Marie says:

    Tootie (or Tootsie)
    Corpus Christie
    Lanelle (or LaNell)

  645. Laura says:

    Tobias. An unusual and uncommon name for an unusual and uncommon plant.

  646. Andrea says:

    Merci – this benefits both sides — a patient bloomer & a smelly output when it blooms!!!! One can only say “Mercy”…

  647. Frankie Litchfield says:


  648. TY says:

    i suggest we name Ameila after the late great explorer Amelia Earhart. As a tribute to a pioneer & admiralbe lady.

  649. Christine says:

    I have two names..

    The first being: Hadara (ha-DAR-ah)
    Hebrew origin; Meaning: spectacular ornament, adorned with beauty, splendor, & glory.

    The second: Belle or Bella
    French origin; Meaning: Beautiful.

  650. mac says:


  651. Delane says:

    Chloe or Lucy

  652. Stephanie says:




  653. Sherry Hankins says:

    I think she should be named Audry after the flower in Little Shop of Horrors. 🙂

  654. Mary says:

    Name: Stella

    Of Latin origin, and the meaning of Stella is “star”.

  655. Scotti says:


  656. John says:

    Pepe le bloom!

  657. Tone says:

    Ory, after the horticulturist that actually raised Lois. It would be a great tribute.

  658. Frank says:

    Pepe Le Pew

  659. Frank says:

    Hypnotic Poison

  660. Frank says:

    Hypnotic Beauty

  661. Robert says:

    Please name it Adoracion.

  662. Will Orr says:

    “Flora Fatale”

  663. Priscilla says:


  664. Nickcole says:


    It just sounds right for Lois”s Baby sister .

  665. Steven says:

    Stinky or lil stinky

  666. Dayna says:

    Ashley – it makes me think of a forest and also “ashes to ashes”

  667. Lauren says:

    How about Mayat (Indonesian for Corpse)?

  668. Laura A. says:

    Simmy (pronounced like Jimmy)


    Or Clark of course (Louis & Clark)

  669. Melva Suarez says:

    Corpse Christie

  670. Priscilla says:


  671. Sylvia Diaz says:

    Peu de fleur

  672. Allison LeJeune says:

    Tatanga = the Mysterious Spaceman (Japanese)
    Patanga = The sun, a moth, grasshoPPer (Asia, India, Hindu Science)
    Andromeda = Daughter of Cepheus; chained to cliff for monster to devour; rescued by Perseus. (Greek/Roman Mythology)
    Aurora = Same as Eos; Goddess of Dawn (Mythology)
    Demeter = Goddess of agriculture; mother of Persephone. (Mythology)
    Nyx/Nox = Goddess of Night (Mythology)
    Tellus/Terra = Goddess of Earth (Roman Mythology)
    Libitina = Roman myth name of a goddess of corpses, funerals, and the dead. Her name was synonymous with the word “death.”
    Morana = Slavic name meaning “death.” In mythology, this is the name of a goddess of death and winter.

  673. Sarah says:


  674. Holley says:


  675. CAT123 says:

    You should either name Stewie,Skunk ,Poochie lucci,Smelly Nelly
    Thanks hope you might like one for a name.

  676. Amy R. says:


  677. Amy R. says:

    C02 (for Corpse Flower 2)

  678. Gail says:


  679. Alice R. says:


    (it’s got the alliteration thing going on…)

  680. tracy says:

    Morticia (remember the Adamms family?), after all mors or mortis is the Latin word for death.

  681. James H says:

    I’d say “clark”

  682. Ginger says:

    Pepe Le Pew

  683. Dee S. says:

    I suggest “Eloise” – Lois enclosed with “e’s”

  684. Chris says:




  685. Tommie G says:

    I agree with another comment to name the flower: YVONNE

  686. Loudon- as in Loudon Wainwright- famous singer and songwriter best known for “Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road”.

  687. Claudia Barreda says:

    CHIMICHANGA(i have a bucket list and one of the things i want to do is name someting after this food0 =]
    ABERNATHY (the name of my first child)

  688. Rebecca says:

    Apestosa- Spanish for stinky

  689. DJ Jecker says:

    Hermann !

    HMNS is on Hermann Drive (spelled with 2 n’s).
    Also there is Herman Munster.
    And the plant is a Hermaphrodite.

  690. Pam Mears says:

    How about “ROSE”???

  691. Tami M. says:

    “Hortense” would be a good name.

  692. Marilyn says:

    Joie or Josie, short for Josephine

  693. DJ Jecker says:


    Short for CorpseFlowerClark.
    CFC actually stands for”Chlorafloracarbon” which is a volatile derivative of methane and ethane that depletes the ozone.

  694. Garey says:

    As a sister plant to Lois, I suggest Lela or Lola.

  695. Shirley says:

    Lane to complete Lois Lane in Superman

  696. melissa aston-welberry says:

    Deadie Freddie

  697. HARRIET says:



  698. JUANITA R. says:

    As a sister plant to LOIS, I like the name LOLITA

  699. Will Orr says:

    Fleur Fatale

  700. LARRY COBB says:

    My Plant should be named HARRIET because IT looks like a BIG HAIRY PLANT.

  701. Judith says:



  702. Pete says:

    If the new flower is supposed to be the little sister of Lois then name her Lucy which was Lois Lane’s little sisters name.

  703. BILL:D says:

    Pleeease! or just Please.

  704. Mitzi A Shirley says:

    Mitzi. (of course). And M comes after L. So logical it makes my head hurt.

  705. Jaime says:

    Houstons new corpse flower..”MARIZA”….its catchy..and..i love her…muah!!.;)

  706. Trisa says:


  707. bob says:

    I vote for “Morticia” from Adams family fame.
    However, I submit “Stinky”, the long forgotten 8th dwarf from Snow White.


  708. Jason L. says:


  709. Belinda Zapata says:

    Prudence – as in “…Dear Prudence, won’t you come out to play?…”
    Or Prudie, for short.

  710. Reannon G. says:

    Kara Zor-El
    Both from are names for Supergirl in the comics.

  711. Lisa Fay says:

    Since the plant smells of rotting flesh why not Zomflora. Seriously combine a flower – flora and smell of rotting flesh – a zombie , thought it was appropriate:). Actually my son Mike helped me with this one and thought it fit!
    I love flowers! Would love to see this one since I missed the other. Hope it hadn’t been suggested yet. Again Zomflora!

  712. Alison C says:

    Deathly Hallow or just Hallow or you-know-who or he-who-must-not-be-named.

  713. Irmi says:

    Freira – means sister

    Luna – sounds good with Lois

  714. Gina Marie says:

    How exciting! Congrats, HMNS!
    You called the new plant a “little sister.” Does that mean it’s a female Corpse Flower?

    A name… Lessee…

    Wangi, Pronounced: WAHNG-ee,) means “Fragrant” and is of Javanese/Indonesian origin.
    Quite a misnomer 😉

    Anuja (pronounced ahnu-JA) is a Sanskrit word that can mean “little sister.”
    That seems fitting.

  715. Stephanie F. says:

    Here are a few name ideas:

    -Gaia (“Goddess of Nature”)

    -Demeter (“Mother Earth”)

    – Lloyd (I like the name)

    -Mana (an energy source that resides in all living things)

    – Blossom (or Sakura; “Cherry Blossom”)

    – Gertrude ( “strength”. Also,the “previously” world’s oldest living person was named this)

    – Bell

    – Windsor

    – Stayton (horticulturist in the Houston Chronicle where I found the article for this! :P)

    and finally…

    – Alexus (“defender”)

    Good Luck to everyone!!! 😀 Can’t wait to see/hear the finalists and the new name chosen! <3

  716. David Kelly says:

    Since Lois Anne Pfiester was a pretty well known botanist, shouldn’t we reunite her with her husband? I say name the new flower Dee, for Lois’ husband Dee Fink.

  717. Marie says:

    Virgie (or Virgil)

  718. Paula says:

    Morticia, as in the Addams Family is very appropriate.

  719. L.M. says:

    How about Corrie?

  720. Phoenix says:

    I would like to suggest for the newest Corpse Flower name: Dominique (After Local 2 News Anchor, Dominique Sachse)

  721. shelby says:

    Tiny Elvis

  722. Belinda says:


  723. How about (mr.) Cruncher, Dickens’s gravedigger?

  724. zoe says:

    i think it should be the corpses daughter cause its the second one :). i am nine and think all the kids would like it.thanks people!:)

  725. Georges Detiveaux says:

    Peter (other half of the couple on *Family Guy*)


  727. evan says:

    Corpus Krystea

  728. Susan Gertson says:

    Deadbeat, Pepe-le-pew, Rosie, Sweetie Pie

  729. Dara says:

    P.U. (get it?) lol

  730. Ivetecy says:

    She looks like a “Lola” to me. Since she’s still young let’s call her “Lolita” which means little Lola.

  731. Ron Potvin says:

    Soilent Green

    Soil is an anagram of Lois and soil is, well, soil, the home of the plant. The name is also an homage to the 1973 movie Soylent Green, which depicted a planet dying from environmental abuse in which people ate processed food, including something called soylent green. The terrible secret, in the last line of the movie, is that “Soylent Green is PEOPLE”–or made from corpses.

  732. catie says:

    My name suggestions:

    Ruth, Pixie, Viola, Libitina, Isis, Ophelia, Wednesday, Adele, Matilda, Imogene, Elsa, Yasmeen, Lena,Camille, Holly, Ingrid, Prudence, Agatha, Fern, Drusilla, Ursala

  733. vickster says:


  734. eugene says:

    Oceana [osce ana ] the beauty and the danger it poses like the ocean

  735. Jessica B says:

    (Because the flower is a carrion flower.)

  736. Sharon says:

    I like the name Calypso because it means hidden.
    Another name I like is Echo, because this corpse flower is an like an echo of Lois.
    Another possibility is the name Rune because it is a secret.

  737. Minerva says:

    I vote for Clementine. Lola and Clementine sound good togeher.

  738. Lalo montoya says:

    I think you should name the plant after me. My name is Lalo,cuz like me it also has and odor problem like when i finish playing bascket-ball ha ha!! lol!and it fits properly with lois, you can call them lois and Lalo. The big sister and lil’ brother 🙂

  739. Beverly says:

    I love the name Phoebe. I would love for the flower to have a beautiful.

  740. Louise says:

    Can’t wait to see this one bloom. I just think Louise goes with Lois so well.

  741. Jamie S. says:

    Lulu: It is a form of the name Louise. The dictionary defines it as a person or thing considered to be outstanding in size, appearance, etc. And the Thesaurus lists beauty, looker and knockout as related words.

  742. Sharon says:


  743. Christine Wright says:

    Eliza (or Liza for short) after Sam Houston’s first wife, Eliza Allen.

  744. @ZaneJobe says:

    Wow, all the variations on Lois, but no votes for Eloise. Consider this post my vote for that name; pronounced EH-loh-eez – see this site

    I have another idea. Why not, in the name of education, name it a boy and girl name, because these flowers have both male and female parts? Maybe a first and middle name, and then everyone would ask why, and Zac could tell them!

  745. Esskaydee says:

    Vilette (like Violet, but smellier!)
    Awe-drey (like Audrey, but awe inspired!)
    Vita (as in ‘life’)
    Gloria (sure to be Glorious!)
    Haley (from ‘hale’ meaning strength)
    Viggo (based on ‘vigorous”)
    Ripley (from ‘Alien’)
    Flo (from ‘flora’)

  746. Trinity says:


    Foul and rancid smell

  747. Debi says:

    Les’Fione ….. Les – Croatian for Corpse & Fione – Italian for flower

  748. Katherine says:

    Cousin It. Why not?

  749. Eric says:

    Nyson…..Pronounced “Nye-Son”… Because ou want him to bloom nyson easy. 🙂

  750. Ann says:

    Okay, I notice a couple of people have already put in for it, but I’m going to go with Clark – it was the first thing that came into my head after I read the article about the new plant!

  751. Martin says:

    MONA (Malodorous Odoriferous Nauseous Asphyxiata…a little creativity at the end to make it sound feminine)

  752. Dayna says:

    Phoebe – the name of my beautiful female Borzoi – she is sometimes smelly as well. Smelly Plant, oh, Smelly Plant… what are they feeding you?

  753. Marilyn says:


  754. Sandra L. Dear says:

    new flower name:


  755. Lanie DeWitt says:

    Veruca Stalk or Barbarella

  756. Mary Eberle says:

    How about Lolly – short for Lolita, pronounced like holly or

    Smellie Daniellie in honor of my neice, when she was a baby. She no longer smells.

  757. Bryce says:

    New flower name: Natalie

  758. Heather Lewis says:

    Seymour or Audrey! (Since Little Shop Of Horrors was playing in the theatre while Lois was blooming!)

  759. Renee Budd says:

    I think you should name her: Agnes

  760. Erin VC says:


  761. Mary Allen says:

    Let’s name it AUDREY III to help celebrate one of the most well known plants in history, “Audrey II” from the musical “Little Shop of Horrors”, which incidentally was showing last year when Lois was blooming!

    Houston gets so excited over our corpse plants (and rightfully so), that I’m sure our new addition will be “the plant that ate Houston!”

    Let’s give a memorable name (Audrey III)to the new plant and help celebrate the fantastic arts scene that we have all at the same time!

  762. Lindsay says:

    The Undertaker.

  763. Lindsay says:

    Grim Reaper?

  764. Dacia says:

    Putris should be the name:-)

  765. Amanda says:

    Elvira…it just sounds simultaneously beautiful and putrid

  766. Tammie Hayes says:

    Smellvira… like Elvira with a smelly twist!

  767. Marianne says:

    Name the baby corpse flower: Flo

  768. Leigh says:


  769. VEL OLEZ says:

    Name it EDNA

  770. Penny Groom says:

    name for new corpse flower

    Black Swan

  771. Jim Brown says:


  772. Glenda Jordan says:

    Princess Stinkerbelle

  773. Yolie says:


  774. Gail Henney says:


  775. Joan says:

    Lola because it goes good with Lois.

  776. CARRIE CLAFFEY says:

    I would name her “Violetta Stinketta”

  777. Sarah says:

    I would call the plant Benevolent, which means wishing or intended to do good, kindly, charitable generous, bountiful philantropic (from the world book dictionary) I believe it is all those things afterall it is a plant and will share all it has but does not know that it may be smelly in an unpleansant way, it is very beautiful in appearance, teaches the lesson that things are not always as they appear, approach with caution.

  778. Sarah says:

    the words is philanthropic a correction to the previous comment.

  779. I would name here Isis. Isis was the matron of nature and magic and that is exactly what the corpse flower represents…the magic in nature.

  780. Linda Lain says:

    Emily (like the Corpse Bride) maybe we can have a wedding…

  781. CM says:

    Florisel or Flor meanns blooming;flowering in Spanish

  782. Kathleen says:

    Flora ~ (in all her glory…)

  783. G M Godin says:

    Name her Gretchyn.

  784. Mike g says:

    Aurelia. Means “golden” in Latin.

  785. Suzanne says:

    Name her Hi as in Hi and Lois, the cartoon!

  786. lisa says:

    you should name her Diva!! My second choice would be to name her Grace 🙂

  787. Donna Schnitker says:

    Our new arrival should be named Nova. She is a new addition and brings perpetual life to her species.

  788. Rochelle Roy says:

    Puteri… “Puteri is a title inherited by the female descendant of a Megat.”
    You know… goes with pew 🙂

  789. Daniel says:


  790. Jennifer says:

    Abominable Bombshell
    nicknamed Abbey or Shelley

  791. Tim Dugan says:

    oh, two of the best names already taken (Morticia and Audry III)

    Other choices: Thanatos, Exquisite Corpse Flower (a la Exquisite Corpse magazine, game), Frankenflower, …

    #1 choice, some variation of


    (the man-eating plan of the Addams Family)

    (Cleoputrid, etc)

  792. Cheryl Metz says:

    Morticia –

  793. Nikki says:

    Ricci – After Louis Ricciardiello (Louis’ namesake) who holds the record for the world’s largest bloom

  794. Barbara says:

    How about either Elvira or Chrysanthemum… (Chryssi for short)

  795. Kathryn says:

    Miss Stinky!

  796. Harmony says:

    Eliza, derived from lilly or “the flower, innocence, purity and beauty”. Surnamed from Elizabeth “Promise of God”. Isabel is also my favorite variation of this name.

  797. gwen says:

    Claire. Lois was named after a mother and two great tv moms are the Claires from the Cosby show and Modern Family!

  798. Rochelle Roy says:

    I also like “Safiah” something different and Malaysian too

  799. Liz says:

    Persephone…or Sue.

  800. Cynthia Kazemi says:

    My suggestion is XOCHIQUETZAL (XOCHI – pronounced SO-CHEE) for short. Xochi is the Aztec goddess of flowers.

  801. jim says:

    for a rare and beutiful addition to HMNS’s family how about “Amor” for the newest amorophallus titanum. also means love in spanish

  802. Renee says:


  803. anna-leigh says:

    you could stick with the superman theme but shift to the show smallville and name her erica (after erica durance who played lois lane) or chloe..lois lane’s cousin.

    what could potentially be more fun is naming her after one of the sisters from wicked (the story of the wicked witch from the wizard of oz). elphaba is the name of the wicked witch and her sister (who was killed by dorothys house) is nessarose. you could even go with galinda (the original name of the good witch before she dropped the “a” in her name to show her sadness at elphabas banishment (they were once best friends).

  804. Dana says:

    Matilda since it’s from Indonesia and it smells like something dead. The Indonesian word for dead appears to be mati so…Matilda

  805. Richard says:


  806. Elaine says:

    My name suggestion for the sister corpse flower is ” Flora”.

  807. Trish says:

    I suggest the name Kahlo, as in Frida Kahlo. Just like Frida Kahlo’s art, the Corpse Flower can sometimes be gross, but is always beautiful.

  808. VERONICA says:

    Name her Essence

  809. Neil says:

    Morphia (or Morphya)

  810. Cat says:

    The Corpse Bride’s name was “Emily”, which picks up the “l”, but I was really thinking about “Lurch”, like the Addams’ Family butler. “You rang? Uhhhhhrrrrrr.”

  811. Heather says:

    Elsa or Frank

  812. Jennifer says:

    Betty. In all due respect, for the late Betty Ford.

  813. Janet Juban says:


  814. Debbie says:


  815. Stacy Parent says:


  816. Ann C says:

    As not to upstage or outshine her older sister, “Pippa” seems quite fitting. And should she bloom in a more timely manner than older sister, Lois, I’m sure she will maintain her humble demeanor. 🙂

  817. Stacy Parent says:


  818. Constance says:

    Dear Dear. Caracara, after the beautiful, brightly-colored vulture who treasures carrion in a disgusting manner (Darwin’s judgement, not mine. Voyage of the Beagle)

  819. Susan Balch says:

    It has to be “Audrey II”. That was the name of the man-eating plant in Little Shop of Horrors. The main character named it after the girl he had a crush on, Audrey. Hence, Audrey II. This is the 2nd corpse flower…..therefore, the perfect name!

  820. Camille says:

    Corpse Christi

  821. Jill W. says:


  822. Lin says:


  823. Laurie says:

    In honor of Steven Thompson, who brought Lois to life last summer, I suggest Stefanie Lois Thompson.
    The female version of Steven is Stephanie or Stefanie. Stefanie is a female name that comes from the Greek name “Stefanos” meaning “crown” that is appropriate for the terra cotta highness.

  824. Becky N says:

    Laney for the other half of Lois. “Lois & Laney”

  825. Ann says:

    George or Martha

  826. Becky N. says:


  827. Katy says:

    My suggestion: Zola. Easy to say and two syllables just like “Lois”.

  828. Laura says:

    Name her Antoinette…after all, it is Bastille Day:)

  829. RK says:


  830. Derek Brown says:

    Klaire the corpse flower. Named after my beautiful bride to be. So happy that she smells better than Lois but shares the same beauty.

  831. Oliver says:

    I was Lois’s first love before Clark

  832. Carrie S. says:

    For Queen Lois, I propose the museum needs a princess, so my vote is for Princess Buttercup from “The Princess Bride”, or Buttercup for short. ‘As you wish’ Lois and Buttercup!

  833. Kelli says:

    Hulk – The Mean Green Corpse Flower Machine

  834. D. Rosette says:

    I would name the flower “LADY RANCID” or “STENCHY LADY CORSPE”!

  835. Carolyn says:

    Corpus Chris Tee

  836. rose says:

    Lokeilani / Lokei / Rose

    Hawaiian for Rose/ Rose of heaven/ flower of heavenly fragrance.

    We spell it as above/ also spelled Lokelani.


  838. Teresa says:

    Precious. Because it’s kinda funny and because she is a rare and precious albeit stinky flower.

  839. Debbie says:

    I would name the flower “Goldie”

  840. The Jellomonster says:

    How about Mavis for a girl, or Don Cormeone for a boy (because of corm, and insted of Don Corleone from The Godfather)

  841. Jill Moffitt says:

    Three reasons to consider Daisy.
    1. I have no relations, friends, acquaintances or critters that go by that name whom can claim association with that name. 2. The dual syllabic strong sounding name is pleasing, easy to understand and hear. 3 The marketing potential of the uncopywrited nursery rhyme Daisy Daisy and a contest to spin off from it using different words to the poem or creating a new poem has potential.

  842. Joann Saraydarian says:

    Cora…Lois and Cora

  843. Sandy says:


    That’s definitely the perfect name.

  844. Toni Kenner says:


    The name is Indonesian, from her native country, and it means everlasting.

  845. LynnG says:

    How about Titania (pronounced Tih-TAHN-ya), or even Tanya for short….it’s a titan arum, no?

  846. Shannon McNair says:


  847. Shannon McNair says:

    Midge (its as rare a name these days as the flower itself)

  848. Shannon McNair says:

    Rareza (rarity in Spanish)

  849. Susan U M says:


  850. Tracy Supple says:

    TaiChi she is so Ying Yang, all beauty, and stinky terror.
    Plus you need to meditate and wait, wait, wait for blooming.

  851. Savannah says:

    Methuselah – girl
    Lazarus – boy

  852. Sue S says:

    I like Beatrice or Beatrix meaning voyager through life. I also like Beulah or Ethel(noble). Emily means rival, emulating.

  853. Rita says:

    Ray Davies

  854. Rita says:

    Never mind, I thought the last flower was named “Lola.”

  855. oneputt says:


  856. Lynda M says:


  857. dlfTX says:


  858. Monica says:


  859. Reannon G. says:


  860. Helen says:

    Hi (as in Hi and Lois in the comic strip)
    Pepe (as in Pepe le Pew)(accent on second syllable since it’s French)

  861. John Miller says:

    Name it “Delecti” as in Corpus Delecti or better known as the actual “body” (or corpse) of the deceased.

  862. Ellie says:


  863. Hector Ayala says:

    I think Lana as in Lana Lang who was Lois Lane’s sometimes rival for Superman’s attention.

  864. Natalia says:

    Clark as is Louis and Clark. Helped us learn something new.

    Braille as in Louis Braille. Even without eyesight you can enjoy this flower.

  865. Reannon G. says:


  866. Shelley says:

    My vote is for Clark as in Lois and Clark from Superman too.

  867. Teresa says:


  868. pennie Johnston says:

    Julio after Red Shirt Guy

  869. pam g says:

    stinky lady bulb

  870. Vicki says:

    How about Luna – to represent the moon and of course our favorite Ravenclaw girl – Luna Lovegood

  871. Marilyn Burke says:

    EMILY – from “Corpse Bride” .
    or BOB- because that’s a good name, short and simple.
    or Paul. or DAN …

  872. SLou says:

    I think Morticia is the best.

  873. Cookie says:

    So, per #RedShirtGuy, you should name the new flower Julio on account of his monumental act of blocking the online view. He is the Posh to her Becks

  874. Louis Sokol says:


  875. Naomi says:

    Fleure d’Odour (Fleure to her friends…)

  876. Susan says:


    It combines another word for stink, malodor, with the feminine name of Dora.

  877. Kelly says:

    Julia – an homage to Julio, aka “The Red Shirt Guy”.

  878. Lynn M says:


  879. Dr. Katherine M. Brown says:

    Gagatha Christie. It is a mystery when the corpse flower will bloom and her scent will be a killer! 🙂

  880. Martay says:


  881. Mike W. says:


  882. Rosie says:


  883. Krys says:

    What about…..Phoenix

  884. Rosie says:

    Sam,(Sam Houston)

  885. Candice says:

    We like the name Gabbie, named after our little dachshund, who recently passed away, but had the worst breath in the world….like sewage and rotting fish. Due to a liver condition she could not have teeth cleanings, so this was just a part of her we had to accept, no amount of brushing or breath freshner helped. We loved her just the same, she was beautiful and fun but stinky…..our own little corpse flower.

  886. Nina Gutierrez-Garcia says:

    I vote for Penelope!

  887. Flyboyd says:


  888. Rosie says:

    Julio 🙂 or julia, if keeping w the female name trend

  889. Mary says:

    Julio aka RSG

  890. Sally says:


  891. Laura says:

    She should be named after Marie Antoinette because she will receive thousands of visitors to her “court,” has a ruffled neckline and blooms for a very short time.
    She, like her sister, is a queen.

  892. Carol says:

    loisita de Morbidia

    (Little morbid Lois)

    Good luck!

  893. Dalaney says:

    McKinley or Ella

    Taylon or David

  894. Pat Fox says:

    I think this cute little bud should be named “Fluffy.” Since she’s bound to be a stinker when she grows up, I think she needs a soft and gentle name to encourage warm thoughts for her despite her future.

  895. Cliff says:

    Herman Smelville

  896. Ichoose the name Lolicia. Lola is a diminuative of Dolores in Spanish. Lolicia is a very rare form of Lola.
    Gerri Manlove

  897. Joleen says:

    Priscilla, for my mom
    Leticia (my son’s suggestion)

  898. I choose the name Lolicia. Lola is a diminuative of Dolores in Spanish. Lolicia is a very rare form of Lola.
    Gerri Manlove

  899. Sandi says:

    Morticia definitely gets my vote. So appropriate!

  900. Jean says:

    I vote for Laura

  901. Kevin Sayre says:

    My daughter Krista,9, thinks it should be named Victoria,because it is a pretty name!!

  902. yuri garrido says:

    i want sneech like the dr.seuss book! reminds of the little yellow things with the fuss in the middle of there necks (:

  903. Alice P. says:

    La Diva de Stenche’

  904. Marie says:

    Raul,JuJu,Ida, Myrtle, Blanca, Blanche
    Olive, Belva, Wanda, Bonnie, Rudy

  905. Sandra L. Dear says:

    Blooming Gail

  906. Anne says:

    I think either Audrey or Morticia.

  907. Ellie Tyson says:


  908. Toby Hale says:

    Edla. Of my friends, I have two who are named Edla and Lois. Why not? Two four letter names, like mine. Crazy reasoning, right?

  909. Mary says:

    It should be named: Triametin .

  910. Catie says:

    the creative one in our family suggested: Cori the Corpse Flower

  911. Kari says:


  912. Anne says:

    Wow! I just read the whole list! My favorites now, besides Audrey and Morticia, are Libitina, Malodora, Lillith, Persephone, and Kalma for the reasons their original submitters gave.

    I also really like Ophelia, since it is a name associated with death and because Shakespeare in the Park happens so close to the HMNS and I like Dahlia since these flowers have a beautiful purplish black color.

    However, I think the very best name suggested above was Muriel–not a name I would bestow on very many beings, but I think it has a darkly beautiful grandeur that perfectly captures the essense of a corpse flower in bloom.

  913. Wanda says:

    Maximus Stinkus
    Big name for a big smell

  914. Stephen says:

    His name will be Lars. Even if you give him a different name, when I come to see him, I will still call his Lars. So…

  915. Kelly says:

    Taxes! What stinks more than taxes?

  916. sheena says:

    vashti – it is the persian name for beautiful.

  917. Melanie says:

    Julio, after Red Shirt Guy

  918. sheena says:

    zebida – it is a hebrew word meaning gift.

  919. sheena says:

    zina – it is the hebrew name that means ornament

  920. Christy says:

    Since Lois was named after a HMNS staffer’s family member (if I remember correctly), and NOT a movie chatacter, the new one should be named STEVE… in honor of STEVE. The museum now has a 2nd Corpse Flower because of him!!

  921. Christy says:

    Correction : “STEVEN” in honor of STEVEN!!!! I was typing fast and forgot the “N”.

  922. Lisa says:

    You alluded to the fact that she is a Princess, so her name should be Kate. Who knows, she might be so honored to have a flower named after her, she and Wills might come visit, lol!!! Besides, THE Queen just might be amused over this one, lol!!!

  923. Jbs is 12 says:

    Andrew should be the name, after the angle who takes the souls to the jugement place. I think its pretty clever because it smells like death so please vote for Andrew! 🙂

  924. Janice DBC says:

    PRECIOUS… because we are hoping she would give us precious stinky blooms like her sister, Lois. And, it has a bit of an eerie tone, especially if you say it like the way the hobbit did in the film Lord of The Rings — “My Precious”.

  925. richard clark says:

    funk becomes her

  926. richard says:

    funk before death

  927. richard says:

    truxiler the aroma killer

  928. Juan says:

    Kaoru Mami

    In Japanese:
    Kaoru means Fragrance
    Mami means True Beauty

  929. Noreen says:

    Amy…….short for Amorphophallus!

  930. Sandi says:

    PePe as in PePe LePew the cartoon skunk

  931. Cindy says:

    Peppy La Pew

  932. Bobby says:

    Call it Pasadena (aka stinkadena)

    It can be the official city flower.

  933. Rene' Talley says:


  934. Andrew says:

    Stinky Steve!

  935. Cindy says:

    Name for corpse flower “The Living Corpse”. Also the name of a Russian play written around 1900.

    Another option

  936. Kelley S. says:

    Boy name – Apollo
    Girl Name- Phyllis

  937. Cliff says:

    Neville (the star herbology student at Hogwarts)

  938. Mike says:

    Since the corpse flower is so odiferous, I’m suggesting Odi, or Odee, or perhaps “Odi One Come Smell Me”

  939. Kirk Williams says:

    This is a no brainer! The “Corpse Flower” should be named Morticia. Back in the day, there was an afternoon television called “The Addams Family” – remember? It was somewhat of a strange show, but rather entertaining. The mother / wife – well, her name was Morticia. She looked like death! AND, if you add an “n” to Morticia, you get mortician. What does a mortician do? You got it. They deal with corpses! So – I’m suggesting her name be called Morticia. I put this on your Facebook page a while back, but only today did I realize I needed to submit through here. Good luck to me!

  940. RENEE MARTIN says:

    Matilda or Sherlock

  941. Donald says:

    All the names submitted are good names , but this a unique flower and so deserves a unique name. How about….Lysandria

  942. Alice says:


    Hope I spelled it right:)

  943. Hong says:

    Zooey or Ophelia

  944. RONALD KIRKLAND says:

    Well I would like to see us use a name some have used for a city near Houston for it’s smell already. I would like to see —–
    ” STINK-A-DENA ” be the new name.

  945. Cindy says:

    I love the Dr. Suess idea. How about Lorax? As the Onceler puts it he was “shortish, and brownish, and oldish, and mossy, and he spoke with a voice that was sharpish and bossy.”
    The stink is kind of “sharpish”? Wouldn’t you say?

  946. Cindy says:

    Phyllis Diller? or just Phyllis? It’s all about the hair 🙂

  947. Kirk Williams says:

    Wow, I didn’t realize so many people had picked the name Morticia. So, I’m going to suggest that we name the Corpse Flower the following:

    Esproc Flora – How did I arrive at this?

    Esproc – spelled backwards is Corpse.
    Flora – Flower in Spanish

    Let’s see how that rolls!

    Have a great day!

  948. CYNTHIA says:

    I think it should be PUYATI which means something that stinks! 🙂

  949. Kristina Robinson says:

    Limberger as in the wonderful smelly cheese. I was a great fan of Lois

  950. Elizabeth says:

    If it’s a boy, Otis or Peter.

    If it’s a girl, Lila.

  951. Bianca says:

    Peter-family guy

  952. Scott says:

    I think it should be named KATIE in honer of my coworker, because it really stinks to have to work with her.

  953. Algernon…as in “Flowers For Algernon.”

  954. helen says:

    name : LOLA

  955. Nita says:

    Lois needs a sister named Lafleur!!! The name means “the flower” in French.

  956. Mary Ellen Bryant says:


  957. moosecack says:

    As long as there are no copyright infringement issues, I was always tickled by the macaubre name: : “Morticia” (as in Morticia Addams, from the TV show)

  958. Ann says:

    Casey’s Trunk — I think this name is self explanatory, however, it is probably not fair to the flower.

  959. Lisa Linares says:

    Nelly as in Smelly Nelly

  960. Grace says:

    i think Cori or Luna would be a good name.

  961. ASHLEY says:


  962. Terbal says:

    Lady Gag-ga

  963. andy says:

    “Kali” :

    Hindu goddess…The name Kali comes from kāla, which means black, time, death. Kali means “the black one” consort, also means “the Time” or “Death” (as in time has come). Hence, Kali is considered the goddess of time and change.

  964. Toot-toot. Inspiration: I involuntarily “tooted”

  965. Janice Marks says:

    Daniel or Dan (After Dan Duncan who donated 25 million to the museum in 2007.)

    A version of Elton John’s “Daniel” could be used as it’s theme song! 🙂

  966. Elisa says:


  967. Cheryl says:

    Name her “Sentir”,
    definition:to sense, to feel, to hear of something

  968. Stephanie Spencer says:

    My suggestion is: ODORA

    Catchy name for a stinky girl!

  969. Eugene A. Cassell Jr says:

    I think we should name it P.U.

  970. hazel font says:


  971. a.g. says:


    from “putrescine”, the malodorous organic compound within the polyamine family, and a chemical that your body naturally contains and that creates the smells of purifying flesh….

  972. Virginia Smith says:

    just made it up…lol

  973. SGRAY says:




  974. Susan Gaulding says:

    Name her “Flair” as she is a unique lady.

  975. Penelope says:

    Casey Anthony

  976. Lisa Linares says:

    Anita — Anita Shower!

  977. Felton Stelly says:

    A great name would be Pestosa'(Pes-toe-sa) -means Stinky girl….

  978. Olivia says:

    Hee B. GeeBee!

  979. Keith Vyvial says:

    She looks like a Leila.

  980. Jana says:

    Clovis! Lois’s younger brother!

  981. Anita Olson says:

    I think we should call her EFFIE – short for effluvious

  982. Nate Barrs says:

    Stinkerella is the perfect name for such a beautiful, stinky and rare flower!!! Thanks in advance!!!

    Semper Fi

  983. carol peregoy says:

    Lolita! 🙂

  984. Shonne Bass says:

    Agatha, Gertude,or maybe Bertha

  985. Grace and Sam says:

    My boyfriend called me this morning excited about this contest and he asked that I enter the name: “Apestosa” (Stinky in spanish)

  986. Brent B says:


  987. RML says:

    “MUMMY”, it is.

  988. Toni Wells says:

    Well my three yr. old seems to think Lilly would be the best, named after herself because she too has a big sister with smelly breath 😉

  989. Elle says:

    Rancydia (Nickname – Cyd like Cyd Charisse)
    Petra (I was thinking of a female version of Stinky Pete)
    Titania (variant of Amorphophallus Titanum and a Shakespearean character)

    Liking ohter suggestions of Morticia and Stinkerbelle.

  990. Rosemary says:

    Name the corpse flower Ophelia


    I like the name Bella! A bit of irony and fun just the same.

  992. JEANNE DEERING says:


  993. Miguel says:

    Kelly Fartson

  994. GL says:


  995. Karon Colwell says:

    Jackie. Jackie Joseph was the orginal Audrey in “Little Shop of Horrors”.

  996. Jamie Wagner says:

    Morticia – she was always so creepy on the Addams Family.

  997. Carrie English says:

    I was just reading a book for my son called, “A Porcupine Namved Fluffy”, which gave me the idea for the name…

    ROSE (The Corpse Flower Named Rose)

  998. Melody says:

    Lilly (as in Munster)
    Petunia or Sweet Petunia

  999. Kathy says:


  1000. Rose says:

    I like the name Bella Corpsela or La Bella Corpsela

  1001. carol peregoy says:

    Me again – back with the same name – I just think it is perfect – Lois’ Little Sister – LOLITA!!!!! Doesn’t that have a nice ring to it???? Little Lolita! 🙂 She’s sooo cute!

  1002. Sheb says:

    How about naming the new flower after a character from the Gothic soap opera Dark Shadows? They just had their 45th anniversary! There was always something going on that involved a corpse or ghost lol. There are so many cool names from the series, Josette, Angelique, Barnabas, Quentin, Magda, Victoria, etc. And one of the main characters was played by classic film star Joan Bennett. She was such a unique & classy lady, just like the corpse flower! : )

  1003. Baldi McMillan says:

    Morticia it has to be! The others are cute, and Goldie was cool,….but what could be a better fit than Morticia! Thank you sooo much for the gift to our wonderful Museum! No matter what name is chosen she will be loved and enjoyed by all!! (even if we do have to hold our noses)

  1004. Jeanette McClellan says:

    Morticia or Thelma

  1005. Lisa Linares says:

    Ivanna Stinks-a-lot!!

  1006. Maiee says:


  1007. Anita Callender says:

    Miss Stinky.

  1008. Blanca V says:

    She’s Lucy!

  1009. Lisa Linares says:

    ‘Tis but thy name that is my enemy;
    Thou art thyself, though not a Montague.
    What’s Montague? it is nor hand, nor foot,
    Nor arm, nor face, nor any other part
    Belonging to a man. O, be some other name!
    What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
    By any other name would smell as sweet;
    So Romeo would, were he not Romeo call’d,
    Retain that dear perfection which he owes
    Without that title. Romeo, doff thy name,
    And for that name which is no part of thee
    Take all myself.

  1010. KATHRYN BROWN says:

    Morticia seems like the right name for this flower.

  1011. Genie says:

    “Lane” or “Griffin”, Loise Lane was the first thing to come to mind. Or maybe “Griffin”, that way you could get Seth McFarlin to come to the blooming, ha,ha.

  1012. Lisa Carruth says:

    I like these names for Lois’s new friend. Picture two old ladies sitting on a porch in rocking chairs, overlooking a butterfly garden, sipping iced tea, talking about family, old men, and the weather, just passing the time.

    1. Cordelia

    2. Edna

    3. Edith

    4. Betty

    Thank you!

  1013. Ariel says:


  1014. David Whitten says:

    Here is what I would name the Corpse Flower: DeathBreath; Death Lilly; Mephitis; Nosferatia; Churel; Lilith; Lucia; Kali; Aswang

  1015. Anita L Bragg says:

    My money’s on Achlys:Spirit of death mist….(A Greek Mythology personified concept).

    Medusa or Lilith, Morticia, or La Muerte (Spanish for death)…good alternates.

  1016. Amy says:

    My seven year old suggested ‘gilbert’ because ‘it’s just a good name’

  1017. Howard says:

    How about: Ragis or Aloysius

  1018. Penelope Windeldorf says:

    Corpse Bride “Loving you is like loving the dead”!

  1019. Genie says:

    “putrid” would be good considering the smell it will put off. Or “livid”; “malodorous”; “decadence”; “rank” or “rancid” ha, ha

  1020. Vea Pearson says:

    my suggestion is “Amanda”. ZAC will understand why.

  1021. connie says:

    Flatus as in gas of flatulence.

  1022. Rudy says:

    Lady Flor! – flor is spanish for flower

  1023. Marie says:

    Minako, my maternal grandmother’s name.

  1024. Monica Jacoby says:

    The new Corpse Flower should be named Discovery after one of Nasa’s retired space shuttles. Meaning revelation, exploration, and examination, perhaps Houston will have a place for Discovery afterall. 🙂

  1025. Shannon says:

    Gideon or Eduardo

  1026. Mike says:

    My 4yr old daughter would like to nominate the name “stinky little brother” after her 2mo old baby brother.

  1027. Daniela says:


  1028. Myrna Ingham says:

    Agatha Christy (because she is such a mystery)

  1029. Debbie Ware says:

    Scent-er-ella (from Cinderella)

    Pooh-Ella-D-de-Kill (Like Cruella de Ville)

    Lady U-Reeka

  1030. BosshogJD says:

    How about Funkalicious? Yeah, that’s the ticket!

  1031. Chris says:


  1032. Judy says:

    Habeas <-as in 'you should have a body' – but in this case we have a flower.

  1033. Marialovesart says:

    I like the name Vida.
    In Spanish meaning life. A new life and new beginning.

  1034. Patty says:


  1035. April James says:

    How about ZORA ?

  1036. Anjoli says:

    Leia (Lay-ah) Lei is flower in Hawaiian
    Luna -for the moon.

  1037. Johanna says:


  1038. anjoli says:

    Grim for a boy

  1039. Mary W says:

    Name the corpse flower “Ramona Irene Petula” (RIP); suggested by Steve Roley

  1040. Tia Artisst says:

    My suggestions for the new corpse flower – “Apestado!”!

  1041. Sharon White says:

    Lulu.. or Little Lulu or Lola.

  1042. Gus says:

    I would like to name it Karma after my wife. We really enjoyed visiting Lois last year and it will always be a favorite memory of mine. Plus “Karma the Corpse Flower” has nice alliteration.

  1043. Amber says:


  1044. Erin F says:

    Submissions are now closed! We’ll post the top five contenders plus instructions on how to vote for the final name on Monday. Thank you all for participating!

  1045. Usman says:

    How about Sam

  1046. Heather says:

    Millie. My grandmother was Millie and her best friend was Lois. They were roommates, “grown” in Texas and two very colorful southern flowers.

  1047. Laurraine says:


  1048. NANCY says:

    How about BLOSSOM!

  1049. Tina Marie says:


  1050. myrna says:

    Cadey…as in cadaver-like smell!

  1051. DAVID B THOMPSON says:

    “PETUNIA” of course…..

  1052. Carrie says:


  1053. Stinky Stella says:

    my name for the new plant

  1054. Rhonda Thornton says:


  1055. Joyce Parker says:

    Ella, meaning “beautiful”, from the umbrellalike foliage
    Cormy/Corma, from the underground corm
    Spike, which it is now, just a 12″ tall, fat green spike
    Bud/Buddy, a buddy for Lois
    Hal, from amorphophallus

  1056. Rikki Shaw says:

    Marlie or Marlo

  1057. Delilah!

    That’a a good name !

  1058. Beverly says:

    Muerto –

  1059. Crystal A says:

    1. Thelma
    2. Stink-er-ella ( like Cinderella)
    3. Stink-a-bell
    4. Casey( to represent the little girl Casey Anthony that passed away)

  1060. Jez says:


  1061. Cindy says:

    The Lorax…..Dr Suess character
    I entered yesterday, but do not see it on the list of entries

  1062. Sandy Whitley says:

    I think MORTICIA would be the perfect name!!

  1063. Charlene Johnson-Kegler says:

    Name her Marie Antoinette for, ” she will soon lose her head”.

    If it is a male- “Earl” he’s gotta die.

  1064. David Fullerton says:


  1065. Joyce Parker says:

    What does “Your comment is awaiting moderation” mean? This site is very user unfriendly. I sent my suggestion several hours ago for names for the new flower and got this awaiting moderation message.
    Joyce Parker

  1066. Erin F says:

    Hi Joyce,

    We moderate comments on the blog to block SPAM and keep the dialogue family friendly. Your comment was approved shortly after you posted it. Here’s a link directly to your comment:

  1067. Heather says:

    Sharon – My reason: Captain America’s girlfriend is named Sharon Carter and Superman’s girlfriend is Lois Lane. Both of these superhero’s are American Icon’s. 🙂

  1068. Lorena says:

    Bellatrix. The name Bellatrix is Latin for female warrior. It is the name or the star also known as the amazon star

  1069. Caroline Ordener says:

    You Reek Ah

  1070. Eileen Blanchard says:

    Morticia as in The Addams Family.
    She always held a large bloom when she slept.

  1071. Rosary Cortez says:


  1072. Keith Bodine says:

    I think the name Pew-Pew would be appropriate name.Kind of French. 🙂

  1073. Julie Smith says:


  1074. Cindy says:

    Bonita Muerte (Beautiful Death)

  1075. J T Walston says:

    I think the name should be Zacson after the horticulturists taking care of it.

  1076. Pam says:

    This is perfect…Secretsha….secrete means to “give off”

  1077. Lou says:

    Samella or Samelltha

  1078. I would name her “Louise”. A complementary name to Lois.

  1079. Sara Shaw says:

    How about Lil Knits…..that is stink lil backwards…

  1080. Tim Cleghorn says:

    My name for the gal would be “Hortence”.

  1081. Linda Urbanek says:

    Phewnelope — kinda like Penelope, with just a little extra “aura”

  1082. mike says:

    My choice for name: AROMELLA
    A combination of Aroma (distinctive odor) and Ella (Spanish for woman)

  1083. Ken King says:

    How about Clarice? Probably smells about the same after you eat a big bowl of fava beans!

  1084. Ken King says:

    Maybe Flo (or Florence). Because you will probably hit the “Flo” after you catch a “whiff” of it!

  1085. Ken King says:

    I think Lucy or Lucille might be cool. As in Lucille Ball. Cause your balls are liable to retract after you catch a whiff of this thing!

  1086. Trudy says:

    My daughter and I like the name “Daphne” a nymph who preferred to undergo transformation rather than suffer the embrace of Apollo.

    We also like “Leola” which goes well with Lois.

  1087. Jacqueline Ross says:

    Name the little sister “LANE”. Like “Lois Lane”.

  1088. Kim Hoffman says:

    My suggestion is Hortense.

  1089. Elena says:

    Morticia ,, I hope with all my might that the Lois’s new baby sister is named after Morticia Gomez. She is such a goddess of death! I CAME I SAW I SNIFFED!!!

  1090. zinc says:

    Layla (or Leila) – it kinda goes with lois but sounds like a younger sister. But perhaps one that is a bit gentler and quietly observant (at first appearances) but quite spunky, perky, and excitable when you get to know her. A good compliment to a strong determined leader like Lois. I think the 2 will provide a nice balance for each other – keeping them both on their toes (or bulbs rather). I also think Layla/leila has a beauty to its sound but one that’s somewhat uncommon (like this flower).

  1091. Kristi says:

    Libitina..Roman myth name of a goddess of corpses and the dead. “Libi” or “Tina” for short. Perfecto! 🙂

  1092. zinc says:

    or it could be something completely wacky – like Sheboygan, something that just has a really unsual spelling or fun sound. like: ebulient, snuffleopogus, gubernatorial, kabuki, ecesis (which is rather appropriate actually)

    or better yet: Tallegio – a stinky cheeese from italy that only gets more pungent as it comes to room tempature yet is still appetizing and intriguing. You can’t help but be drawn in despite its intense smell.
    Per wikipedia “Taleggio (IPA: [taˈleddʒo])…has a strong aroma, but its flavour is comparatively mild…”

    Or the stinkiest of all cheeses that follows the requested for more accents- Epoisses (one of Napoleon’s favorites, classified as the “king of all cheeses”, and supposedly banned from public transport vehicles all over france according to a hotel blog – fact not checked).

  1093. zinc says:

    I also particularly like Rosalind – from shakespeare’s As You Like It.

  1094. Norma A. says:

    I think she should be named “Phoebe”.

  1095. Ucky says:

    Name it Ucky
    Or Bucky.

  1096. Terri says:

    Lil’ Stinker

  1097. C.Page says:

    she should be named Cruella

  1098. BJ says:

    “Scent-tennial” as in it only seems to bloom every 100 years and when it does – LOOK OUT!

  1099. Melba Orosco says:

    MAYBELLINE – Just like the song.

  1100. David says:

    Call her “Della The Smella”

  1101. this name is cool but is really brings it out they twins and they should so be name realted or sound alike but mean diffrent like stinky its stinky corpse its a corpse and orseana its just a name to me that brings out

  1102. Paula Wohnoutka says:

    I think that the baby sister of Lois should be named Priscilla. That way her big sister could call her Prissy if she got on a high horse. Besides, Priscilla makes me think of a frilly, sweet little girl…doesn’t matter how she smells…she is still a little girl.

  1103. Jeff says:

    I think the name should be Bessie.

  1104. Scott Young says:

    How about a ‘yuckalyptiphew’?

  1105. Diane says:


  1106. Cheryl says:

    Lulu and, of course, Lois!

  1107. rosie says:

    since her big sister name is roseville high corpse her little sister name should be rosie so their like twins but names are diffrent

  1108. BRob811 says:


  1109. Sarah says:

    Name should be Silo its a mix up of the name lois and its silent with a low profile until that day.

  1110. Syreeta says:

    Siole’ (pronounced so lay) It’s Lois spelled backwards with a little flavor added.

  1111. Mary DiGiovanni says:

    Name her PewTula or Dyna for Houston Dynamo

  1112. Carolyn says:


  1113. Emily Jane says:


  1114. Mark says:


  1115. Alice says:

    I think you should call her Twyla.

  1116. Cindy Lee says:

    Her name is Bloomhilda. She is mysterious like broomhilda, but will bloom when you call her Bloomhilda.

  1117. Michael Given says:

    I kinda like Corptisha.It is a one of a kind name for a one of a kind young lady.

  1118. Megan says:

    Erna, Ernesta or Ernestine; all meaning ‘battle to the death’ or ‘serious business.’

  1119. Myrna I says:

    I like the idea of naming the flower after Dan Duncan. If it is female, it could be Danielle

  1120. matt boelsche says:


  1121. Clare says:

    I vote to name her Azrael or Azraella (if you want it to be more feminine). Azrael was known as the angel of death…flowers themselves are beautiful and angelic and the death takes care of the corpse correlation.

  1122. NJL says:

    From the perspective of a born-and-raised Houstonian, and someone who reported on the events every day of the oil spill last year, I think you should name the new flower Macondo or Maconda.

    Lois’ blooming marked the end of a poignant era: on July 15 of last year, the Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico was capped and our recovery on the Gulf coast and in the oil and gas industry could begin.

    Countless engineers, professionals, business owners and residents in the Gulf Coast and Houston area worked day in and day out to find a way to cap the insidious well after the tragic event. It took the highest levels of science and the passion of many people at this time in 2010 to overcome what happened and I think that is no coincidence that the new flower will bloom within 10 days of this milestone.

    My vote is to name the new flower in honor of the event that changed history and brought out the true spirit and comradery of our community, which I am proud to be part of, in the face of the worst of the worst.

    Just a suggestion.

  1123. Hazel Ford says:

    Rancee : As in rancid smell.

  1124. Lucy Aldrich says:

    I have to say Lane.. like Lois Lane from Superman

  1125. Myra Guillot says:

    Looks like I may have missed this by a few days. The name should be MORT. This is the french name for EXTINCT.

  1126. Sheryl says:

    Fefe la Pew

  1127. sheila bryan says:

    My submission is to call her SMELMA

  1128. Audra says:

    Lil’ Stinker




  1129. VEL O says:

    Watch me! Smell Me! Call me EDNA!

  1130. Cheryl Frazier says:


  1131. Sallie says:

    Lydia from Beetlejuice.

  1132. Jane says:


  1133. Sallie says:

    Gollum from The Lord of the Rings

  1134. Anne says:


  1135. Debbie S. says:

    I know that the name suggestions are now closed as stated but I just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to let us all help pick the name. There were so many great names. I read them all to my husband as I went. Our favorites were: Odiferious (not sure of the spelling now), Ditto, Corpse Christi, Fester, StinkerBelle, Stinkadina and Prutricia. I also liked the plain and sinple like: Bob, Ida etc.

    again, thank you !

  1136. Sheila says:


  1137. Jasmine says:


  1138. joel de souza says:

    I like the name “Odora” because of it’s stinky odor..

  1139. Erin de souza says:

    I like the name of “Fedora Odora”

  1140. Martha Margarita Tamez says:


  1141. Jason Giorgetti says:


  1142. Kay Marx says:

    Maybe Smellarilla would be a good name.

  1143. Sandy VanTubergen says:

    Aurora – she will grow beautiful and strong with a name that is a unique as she is.

  1144. Kay Aldridge says:

    Lily Rose is a Great name!

  1145. kathy says:

    Hematose is a great name.

  1146. Tricia Neske says:

    Thanatos – in Greek mythology the personification of Death. Anything that smells like decaying flesh gets my vote for this name.

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