Celebrate Earth Day 2011 at HMNS!

Atlas, it's time for your bath
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How would you show our beautiful planet Earth how we appreciate the resources that she provides for us?

Write a song or create a dance to teach others about conservation?
Plant a garden or tree – or both?
Pledge to conserve energy and resources?

Send your ideas to ecc@hmns.org and we will share them on the Energy Conservation Club website and at the HMNS Earth Day celebration on April 30.

Earth Day 2011
Saturday, April 30
10 am – 2 pm

Celebrate Earth Day at HMNS with fun activities to learn about energy and natural resource conservation and honor Mother Earth for what nature provides us.

Earth Day is not just one day of thinking about being a responsible citizen of Earth. It is a day to create new habits that will make an impact on our future.

Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970 in the US to promote learning about the environment. It is now coordinated by the Earth Day Network and celebrated in 175 countries.

For more ideas on how to celebrate Earth Day this year visit the HMNS Energy Conservation Club website. Also check out “A Billion Acts of Green” at act.earthday.org for ideas on how you can play your part as a steward of the Earth.

Sponsored by the HMNS Energy Conservation Club, generously supported by Marathon Oil.

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