The Wildest Dream: Conquest of Everest Opens Friday!

There’s a reason people say something is “my Everest” when they mean “I’m embarking on an uber-ridiculously-difficult task.” And actually, compare pretty much anything to this epic trek and you’re undoubtedly exaggerating.

Conrad Anker and Leo Houlding wearing
replica 1924 kit. Their clothing included
six layers of wool and silk with a gabardine
oversuitand leather hobnailed boots.

Here is what it means to actually climb Everest:

–Temperatures so low that exposing any body part to air results in frostbite.

–2/3 less oxygen available to breathe by the time you reach the top.

–The final 848 meters are actually referred to as the “death zone.”

–As of 2009, 216 people are known to have died in the attempt to reach the top.

Makes that 5K you’re training for seem a little less daunting, huh?

Now – imagine dealing with those conditions in the 1920s – before anyone had ever been known to summit the mountain. George Mallory disappeared just a few hundred feet from the top in 1924, and the mystery of his death persisted for decades.

In 1999, explorer Conrad Anker found Mallory’s body on Everest’s north slope – with tantalizing evidence suggesting he made it to the top almost thirty years before the celebrated expedition of Sir Edmund Hillary.

The Wildest Dream: Conquest of Everest – opening Friday in IMAX at HMNS – chronicles Anker’s discovery of Mallory’s body and follows him in an attempt to summit Everest with 1920s era equipment – to see if it would have been possible for Mallory to have done it.

You can ask him how tough it was yourself – Conrad Anker will be here at HMNS for a lecture and film preview on Thursday, March 10! Get Tickets.

Can’t see the video? Click here.

Conquest of Everest Contest: Enter to Win!

Conquest of Everest Giveaway!
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Want to go on your own outdoors adventure? We’re giving away two North Face backpacks filled with gear + tickets to see Conquest of Everest here at HMNS!

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Here’s how to enter:

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So, you can enter to win up to three times (comment + tweet + blog post = three entries). 2 winners will be selected randomly.

You have until Thursday at 5 pm to post! We’ll announce the winners here on Friday, March 11 – the day the film opens at HMNS!


Thank you to everyone who commented, tweeted and blogged about Conquest of Everest! Our winners are:

Jordan Dailey

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95 thoughts on “The Wildest Dream: Conquest of Everest Opens Friday!

  1. Like completing an Iron Man triathlon, scaling Everest (or climbing any mountain, for that matter) seems a feat so grueling it’s hard to comprehend why anyone even wants to try, which of course makes it that much more fascinating to uninspired schlubs like me. Can’t wait to see this film in IMAX!

  2. you can go anything whatever you put your mind into!
    anything is possible, just dont give up.

  3. Love HMNS and IMAX. Will definitely be taking the kids over Spring break!

  4. I definitely cannot wait to see this IMAX. HMNS never lets me down!!! 🙂

  5. Mount Everest is to me the most fascinating place in the world. I saw in National Geographic channel how it was formed and how it is still growing. I collect pictures of Mt. Everest and use them as wallpapers. I can’t wait to see this new movie and experience how it would have been in the 1920’s with Mallory climbing to the top!!

  6. @secka_shee
    Debra Hibbard
    The Wildest Dream: Conquest of Everest – opening Friday in IMAX at HMNS – Houston Museum of Nat Science!
    1 minute ago via web Favorite Reply Delete

  7. I can’t wait to see it! I know it’ll make me miss mountains, one thing lacking in flat Houston!

  8. I just moved back to Houston and haven’t been to the IMAX since I was a kid! So excited to see the newest addition!

  9. So I guess Mallory made it to the top but died on his way back down? It does seem like it would be more dangerous coming down.

  10. Very exicting opportunity! Can’t wait to view the film and hear the star himself discuss.

  11. I’ve always been fascinated by the thought of what goes through the
    Minds of those that take the journey to the top of Mt.Everest. This movie will be amazing to see! I’ll definitely make a trip out there to see it!

  12. Always wanted to hike Mount Everest! Looking forward to hiking a mountain in Houston!

  13. Sounds like a great story…and I’m sure the movie will be amazing! Looking forward to seeing it.

  14. I’ve been needing a good excuse to take my fiance to HMNS! (he’s never been! unbelievable!)

  15. I believe George Mallory was the first to make it to the top! looking forward to the lecture and the film!!!!

  16. I’ve always wanted to climb it, but that whole “brain starvation due to lack of oxygen” thing got me down.

    Watching it on the big screen is a better way than killing some neurons 🙂

  17. So thankful for great filmmakers, climbers, and HMNS IMAX that allow us mortals that will likely never make it to 29,029 ft up in the Himalayas, experience the adventure of Mt. Everest!

  18. Everest + IMAX = AMAZING EXPERIENCE!…we are going to feel that we are right there! Can’t wait to see the movie! =D

  19. This movie sounds amazing! I’m very excited about seeing it. And though that’ll probably be the closest I ever come to Everest, I do enjoy hiking.

  20. So glad to have the opportunity to ‘take in’ one of most exciting journey’s via IMAX…Can’t wait!!

  21. I’m slightly obsessed with Everest and the people who make the life choice to try and climb it. Can’t wait to see the film!

  22. Just got into hiking a few years ago with my fiance and this definitely looks like something we’d both love!

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