Rice hosts Space Frontiers Lecture Series! [Free]

Find out what’s happening on the Final Frontier in a new series of free lectures offered by Rice University! The first – The Adventure and Wonder of Space Exploration with former astronaut Loren Acton – is tonight at 7 pm in McMurtry Auditorium at Rice’s Duncan Hall.

Busy tonight? Never fear! Subsequent lectures will be given by noted individuals who are experts in their respective disciplines and will highlight different aspects of space exploration from the drive to send humans to Mars to the dangers and risks posed by the space environment. You can check out the other upcoming lectures here.

From Dr. David Alexander, Rice Professor of Physics and Astronomy and creator of the Space Frontiers Lecture series:

More than any other city in the world, Houston is synonymous with the Space Age. In this first decade of the 21st century we have the luxury of taking space exploration for granted, from our use of GPS, the internet, and cell phones to monitor an incoming hurricane, to communicate with business partners, friends and family around the world, or simply to find a nearby restaurant or the score of the Rockets game. But, we have only just begun our journey into space.

The future is alive with possibility, whether it be human exploration of the Moon, Mars and beyond, tourist trips to the space station, or the opportunity to open up an escrow account on the timeshare on the lunar habitat.

The next 50 years promises to be as exciting as the first. Hope to see you at Rice tonight!


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