Yo Ho and a Bottle of Rum

Keep warm in the winter weather with a historic rum punch!  Below are several varieties of rum punch recipes and traditional pirate toasts.

The Rum Punch was sampled at “Eat, Drink and Plunder: A Pirate Feast” by festively-dressed HMNS patrons on October 31, 2010. All enjoyed a beautiful sunset aboard the tall ship Elissa docked at Galveston Island. After enjoying appetizers aboard the ship, guests dined on a menu inspired by the foods pirates enjoyed while in port at their Caribbean haunts. The event was produced by the HMNS Adult Education Department as part of the Cultural Feast series with the help of the Texas Seaport Museum, Elissa Crew, Fisherman’s Wharf restaurant and culinary historian Merrianne Timko.

A Pirate Feast! [Real Pirates]
The Tall Ship Elissa, site of the Real Pirates Feast! See the full photo set on Flickr.

Rum Punch Recipes

Admiral Vernon’s Grog (1740)
“You are hereby required and directed … that the respective daily allowance … be every day mixed with the proportion of a quart of water to a half pint of rum, to be mixed in a scuttled butt kept for that purpose, and to be done upon the deck, and in the presence of the Lieutenant of the Watch who is to take particular care to see that the men are not defrauded in having their full allowance of rum… and let those that are good husbanders receive extra lime juice and sugar that it be made more palatable to them.” Source

Sir Hans Sloane’s Description of Rum Punch (ca. 1687)
Rum, water, lime juice, sugar, and a little nutmeg scrap’d on the top.

Century Club Punch
Two parts old St. Cruz rum; one part old Jamaica rum, five parts water; lemons
and sugar ad lib.
Source: Jerry Thomas, How to Mix Drinks (1862)

Rum Punch (Eat, Drink, and Plunder – October 31, 2010)
1 oz. Myer’s Dark Jamaica Rum
½ tablespoon dark sugar syrup (made by combining and heating 1 cup of turbinado raw cane sugar and 1 cup of water until sugar dissolves, then cooling)
½ tablespoon fresh lime juice
2-3 drops Fee Brother’s West Indian Orange Bitters
Stir, and add 1 oz. of cold spring water.

Planter’s Punch
3 oz. Smith & Cross Navy-strength Jamaica Rum
1 oz. fresh lime juice  ½ oz. fresh lemon juice
½ oz. Grenadine   ¼ tsp. superfine sugar
Stir over cracked ice and strain into a Collins glass with cracked ice.
Source: http://www.alpenz.com/ – Smith & Cross

Traditional Recipe for Rum Punch
One of sour (e.g., lime juice), two of sweet (e.g., sugar syrup), three of strong (rum), and four of weak (e.g., water, gin, brandy).

Pirate Toasts
Drink battle, murder, shipwreck and hellfire
For old Friendship’s noble sake
Clear the decks for pleasant action
Let us drain a goblet, clink cannikin and toss a pot to
Here’s to a bloody shirt and the Brotherhood o’ the coast
Fair voyage and success
Take what you can.  Give nothing back
Sluice the ivories, drink deep and drink oft
Here’s to ourselves, and hold your luff, plenty of prizes and plenty of duff
Drink up, me hearties, yo ho
Fill that pretty belly with grog and that’s what makes the world spin on its poles, say, I
I know take off my glasses to
To our fortunate proceedings and good success
To our next merry meeting
Here’s luck and long life to each and all
To all my many shipmates lost at sea
Here’s to a good, hot fight …. And the best dog on top
Here’s to you and me again world and damn all I say
Here’s luck and long life to each and all

Sad you missed this one? Check our Upcoming Cultural Feasts!

Source: George Choundas, The Pirate Primer: Mastering the Language of Swashbucklers & Rogues (2007)

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