Tiny HMNS! [Expansion Update]

Come one, come all…marvel at the world’s most elaborate construction model!

Tiny HMNS!
Tiny HMNS is brought to you by…Clark Kellogg via Twitter .
See more on the HMNS Expansion Flickr Set.

Just kidding. This photo – taken of the actual HMNS construction site using the tilt-shift technique, which makes big things look small – was shared with us by Clark Kellogg on Twitter over the weekend.

We’re thrilled he agreed to let us share them with you here as well. You can see the full set of tilt-shifted photos here as well as some other fun examples of what the technique can do.

As you can tell from the photos, lots of progress is being made on the site! Check out our Expansion Flickr set, and view the photos in order, t see what’s been happening at the construction site! (I think my favorite are the Concrete Zambonis.)

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